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  1. Hi, i was reading some golf mental books not too long ago, and i took what they said to the next level and actaully tried meditaing and visualizing. It was pretty hard to completley focus on every shot and every hole, so i tried to find a better way to control my mind, than meditation. And i was thinking of taking some kind of relaxation pill before i play golf. Do you think this would help me improve my golf game? by improve i mean, control my golf game.
  2. Hey, I was looking for a good drink to have on the course during play, and i was wondering what you guys drink and why. Does what you drink help improve your game any.
  3. I like what im hearing, but i was wondering more specefically what you do to prepare your selfs for this type of accurate visualization technique, (ex. do you meditate, or do you only play with Pro V1's to boost your confidence) ?
  4. Hey everyone, Ive read in a few articles that it is important to visualize or imagine every shot before you play it, and then once you have agreed on a shot you shut down your mind and take your best swing. I tried this on the golf course and found trouble trying to completley quiet my mind for that 1 second shot, but when i do quiet my mind i get great results. I think maybe i need to focus on relaxation methods outside of golf to be more consistent, what do you guys think? Do you think this is the correct way to think?
  5. Hello, I have noticed in quite a few articles ive read that discuss the topic golf, there is this statistic that pops up every so often. It says that 90% of golfers shoot over 100. I fine this very interesting and was just wondering if you guys have any ideas to why 90% of golfers shoot such high scores. THANK YOU!!!
  6. Hey guys hows it going, I noticed that i only shoot my best golf score when im just feeling it, in which case im really relaxed, or at least thats how i think i feel when i shoot well. I just wanted to know how many of you think being relaxed is the most important thing in having a great round of golf? Abd if you think it is the most important thing, why? Thanks !
  7. Hey guys i play about 2 to 3 times a month i improve little by little but i was just wondering how often the average golfer plays. Thank you
  8. Hi, i am conducting a study about golfers, i wanted to know how many of you play golf just for fun and dont care about your score, and how many of you practice and play with a bunch of golf tips in your mind so that you can improve your score. thank you very much, this will help push my studies farther.
  9. Hey, you know when im about to hit a golf shot, i find that if i focus on not thinking about anything, and have already established where i want the ball to go, most of the time the shot is a great shot, but its so hard to focus on not thinking. So how do you think about thinking or in a sense not thinking, does that make sense, can someone explain that to me.
  10. So I was playing a nice game at my home course the other day and found out that if I play in a certain state of mind, where I don’t think about anything when I hit the ball, and I mean nothing, my body tends to free up and relax and my subconscious mind, or non thinking mind, takes over and hits the ball right to my target effortlessly, but I can only get to that state of mind, "the zone" about 5 % of the time, if anyone’s got any tips on how to get there at least even 50% of the time please let me know, thanks so much!
  11. when you hit through a tree that is 90% air and it goes right through.
  12. well everyoen seems to not be playign their best with that scottish wind blowing but i think you will be amazed at how much better they will all be doing by the 3rd or 4th day
  13. what i think you should do is to think about golf this way, every shot is a new shot, that means that you shouldnt think about the next shot or even the shot hit before, just get up there, think about what you want this ball to do , within reason, be as relaxed as possible, whistle or something and then let it fly. hope that helps
  14. i dont know jack to well but i heard he was definatley one of the best, i think tiger though has such mental confidence and clarity when he plays and i envy him for that.
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