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  1. Then this is your pool https://www.golfdigest.com/hot-list/golf-clubs/players-irons
  2. GOATee

    Gapping? Rogue 4H-Rogue 5i.

    See if your hybrid hosels can be adjusted to increase loft.
  3. Driver swing speed 110mph for sure needs at least 60g shaft. KuroKage silver Tini Stiff 60 is a well-known shaft, mid-stiff and low-launch, which may or may not suit you, try out first before buying. 2014 New "Paragon Pro X2" 85grams never heard of it, sounds more risky to try a lesser-known model with such a large weight jump. Iron shaft weight for sure is important too. Too light too whippy. Too heavy too tiring.
  4. Yes there are many differences other than shaft weight/flex and driver head weight that matter. For the shaft, look at the torque difference. The 4.9 vs 5.3 torque shows the newer shaft is actually stiffer. You probably need the stiffer shaft for a 270 yard driver swing. For the head, the G400 vs G15 head has a ridiculous number of differences. MOI higher, CG further back, smaller head more aerodynamic, probably lower spin than older models. MOI means the face twists less on off-center hits, achieved by putting the CG further back through using lighter materials. The more aerodynamic smaller head may feel easier to control in the swing and give higher clubhead speed. Newer models usually have lower spin than older models. Maybe your spin was too high on the older models and this was losing you distance.
  5. MP-18 needs high swing speed. MP-64 slightly smallish. So MP-15 vs MP-25 depending on whether you like the Boron in the MP-25.
  6. I would advise the average swingspeed player to avoid anything too blade-like in the long irons (even the SC version). The 7-iron will be great in the shop, but if you get the full set, you may find the long irons are hard to launch and hit far enough on the course.
  7. GOATee

    3 wood to 5 iron gap

    19* 3 hybrid with adjustable hosel shifted down to 20* loft.
  8. MP-64 and MP-15 not very different. MP-25 has Boron, try it whether you like the feel. MP-18 blades be careful not to get out of ego then regret it later haha. Definitely get fit with flightscope. Very important, get the right shafts (weight, flex, launch/kick point) as the best head with the wrong shaft will still give the wrong trajectory.
  9. GOATee

    Lower back Pain

    Don't go to gym. Go for a medical checkup to see if it is a structural problem. Usually there are 4 main sources of back problem and different ways to treat. Structural problem such as spine or nerve issues, see the doc. Chiropractor also maybe. Lack of blood circulation slows recovery. Hot bath/Sauna, Massage, Inversion/elevation of legs. Tense muscles slow recovery. Stretching/Yoga, Foam roller. Weak lower back muscles not supporting the body well enough, recover first then do barbell rows. But check first if there is a structural problem.
  10. GOATee

    Lower back Pain

    Short term fix is lower back stretching exercises (google images for "lower back pain exercises" and find some that work for you), hot bath, massage. Longer term fix is barbell rows to build some lower back muscle and stretching to make sure it does not get too tight and the blood is circulating well.
  11. GOATee

    Jack vs. Tiger: Who's the Greatest Golfer?

    Tiger is GOAT.
  12. GOATee

    How to get a Lean Body?

    I used to look a lot at scientific studies for diet advice. I stopped when I realized how much they disagree all the time. So in the area of diet, I would not simply believe something works on basis of a study without self-testing it. This is actually quite similar to golf, isn't it? So much different advice out there, it is up to yourself to figure out what works for yourself. I just suggest there are three possible diet levers that can control weight loss. Amount eaten, food groups and meal timing. Believe or not, whatever works for your genes, it is down to self-testing your own success approach. Why not try different variations of each lever to see what works for you? Why only use or test one lever when combining two or three could be your personal fastest way to weight loss?
  13. GOATee

    How to get a Lean Body?

    Good job losing weight. Those who understand diet as just being HOW MUCH to eat are like high-handicappers at diet. They can effectively control weight through diet. Just not that precise. Weight loss is slow and often ends up being temporary. Those who also understand WHAT to eat are like mid-handicappers. They can lose weight FAST. And keep it off. Those who understand HOW MUCH to eat, WHAT to eat and WHEN to eat are like low-handicappers at diet. They can lose weight whenever they want FAST, enjoy whatever they want to eat at certain times, and easily keep weight off. So many people just do not realize what is possible if this level of understanding about diet is achieved. It is just like a high-handicapper not understanding how a scratch player does magic shots. It is not impossible, it is knowing how.
  14. GOATee

    Weight loss and golf

    I reduced my weight 70 pounds and had to make adaptations to my golf swing. When you are lighter, you need to pay more attention to your center of balance because it can shift more easily. In particular, pay attention to which leg you are putting more weight on and avoid swaying. Keep your head down and check the slant of your body. On balance, it is better to have less unnecessary weight in the golf swing. The golf swing is rotational in nature, so the less fat you have in the way, the smoother the rotation. If you were using your weight to stabilize your motion before, now you have to use technique and learn how to use your muscles to achieve stable movements.

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