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  1. The last 2 wedges in Winner's Bags are almost always 4 degrees apart for good gapping of short chips. 54 and 58 or 56 and 60. Decades of wedge design have proven this. I don't mind bending clubs meant mostly for full swings, but clubs used for short chips with bounce and all, like others said, I would not bend.
  2. Cool. I would not bend the 54 to 53 because the extra degree of loft helps keep the roll short on those important short chips around the green. Perfect 5 degree gapping in this case is not as critical as having that classic 54 58 combination for a short and a super-short chip for an easy putt.
  3. 43 48 54 58 sounds like a bit better gapping to me. That is 5, 6, 4 degrees of gapping, quite playable. From experience, you need the 54 for most standard wedge play and the 58 for lob or deep bunker shots, so those need to stay.
  4. Try both TS1 and TS2. Your swing speed 88mph is borderline between those two. TS series are good drivers. Not really better or worse than other brands. But they have a nice all-titanium traditional sound and feel.
  5. I have thought about this subject a lot. The answer is how long do you want your wedges (the shortest club) to be? If you need the wedge shortened to suit your height, then the gap between the wedges and 9-iron may be too large a gap and you need all the irons shortened to maintain the gap.
  6. Weightlifting tears muscle fibers, then the fibers heal and grow thicker with rest. Bad idea to play golf in between the tearing and healing phase. Not only will the muscles take longer to heal, the torn muscle fibers will affect your golf distance and angles. A combination of weightlifting and stretching and flexibility training will increase distance. Just weightlifting alone may not increase distance because the muscles become tighter and muscle fibers interlock ("knots") until they actually prevent full range of motion. Tight muscles may actually reduce distance. If you can bench a lot, all that strength does not translate to the swing without flexibility to use that muscle through the full range of motion.
  7. Been through a lot of different injuries and sprains and learned the following: Circulation is KEY. Massage via machine or therapist improves blood circulation clearing waste products from injuries and oxygenating them to heal faster. Stretching is KEY. Muscles have a very bad habit of getting tighter over time/age. The muscle fibers interlock more ("knots") unless stretched. Stretching/yoga rocks. Correct mattress is KEY. If the mattress is too soft or too hard, it will affect healing, especially if you are a side sleeper. Bad sleep means injuries don't heal. These three things can improve physical condition a lot.
  8. The golf swing is a kinematic sequence using ground force through the legs up the torso to the shoulders then the arm and club. A whole chain of muscles have to fire in sequence and be reasonably fresh and flexible for best results. Any weak parts along the sequence, for example tired legs will affect the whole chain of muscle firing, leading to changes in club path and swing speed.
  9. GOATee

    Range v Course

    Turf interaction and slope are a big deal. This is not present at the range.
  10. Its about warming up by stretching the muscles progressively from shorter to longer. Also, grooving in the tempo from slower to faster.
  11. You are lengthening your shafts an inch and half back to regular. This will add a lot of weight to the shaft and increase the swingweight a lot. You need to get lighter shafts if you want to keep the same total weight or swingweight of the club.
  12. You are tired after 17 holes and on the fairway of the 18th hole you need to hit a 4 iron on to the green. Which shaft do you wish is in your iron?
  13. Tiger rules. In the Tiger era, golf courses are far longer than Jack's time so the game has an extra element of difficulty. Apart from needing to be consistent like in Jack's time, PGA golfers now also need to be long drive champions compared to Jack's time.
  14. If you hit a 4 iron to 185 yards and 3 hybrid to 200 yards, then you need a wood to get to 220 yards. If you are looking for a driving iron that can hit to wood distance with iron accuracy, it doesn't work that way, driving irons only go so far. Driving irons are usually 3-4 iron replacements, they may replace your 4 iron and/or your 3 hybrid, but are not really meant to replace your wood or driver.
  15. The lie relates to the length. If you just change the lie but not the length it is not the same thing. The lie of the Edel was ideal for the longer length of the Edel. It does not mean the Edel's lie is ideal for your shorter putter.
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