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  1. The golf swing is a kinematic sequence using ground force through the legs up the torso to the shoulders then the arm and club. A whole chain of muscles have to fire in sequence and be reasonably fresh and flexible for best results. Any weak parts along the sequence, for example tired legs will affect the whole chain of muscle firing, leading to changes in club path and swing speed.
  2. GOATee

    Range v Course

    Turf interaction and slope are a big deal. This is not present at the range.
  3. Its about warming up by stretching the muscles progressively from shorter to longer. Also, grooving in the tempo from slower to faster.
  4. You are lengthening your shafts an inch and half back to regular. This will add a lot of weight to the shaft and increase the swingweight a lot. You need to get lighter shafts if you want to keep the same total weight or swingweight of the club.
  5. You are tired after 17 holes and on the fairway of the 18th hole you need to hit a 4 iron on to the green. Which shaft do you wish is in your iron?
  6. Tiger rules. In the Tiger era, golf courses are far longer than Jack's time so the game has an extra element of difficulty. Apart from needing to be consistent like in Jack's time, PGA golfers now also need to be long drive champions compared to Jack's time.
  7. If you hit a 4 iron to 185 yards and 3 hybrid to 200 yards, then you need a wood to get to 220 yards. If you are looking for a driving iron that can hit to wood distance with iron accuracy, it doesn't work that way, driving irons only go so far. Driving irons are usually 3-4 iron replacements, they may replace your 4 iron and/or your 3 hybrid, but are not really meant to replace your wood or driver.
  8. The lie relates to the length. If you just change the lie but not the length it is not the same thing. The lie of the Edel was ideal for the longer length of the Edel. It does not mean the Edel's lie is ideal for your shorter putter.
  9. At least you know for certain your exact spec now. Getting the Edel would still be worth it for removing any doubt about your fit. If you adjusted your putter, apart from fixing the lie, you would need to lengthen the shaft as well. Lengthening the shaft is complicated because it changes the swingweight, and different swingweights suit different lengths, and the replacement putter shaft may not be available in the weight you want.
  10. 6 meals a day will mess with your Ghrelin, the hormone that governs appetite control. When you eat at regular times each day, you train your glands to secrete Ghrelin at the same time to make you hungry. Now imagine eating 6 times a day, probably at irregular times because it is too hard to keep track. Your glands will be confused, secreting Ghrelin in an irregular timing, causing overeating. Not only that, but your Insulin levels have less downtime, and this will block your fat-burning.
  11. A SAM Puttlab fitting is they let you try a bunch of different putters with different heads, necks, shafts, weights and markings until you discover which one gives the right data and performance. An Edel fitting is they keep switching heads, necks, shafts, weights and markings on a modular putter until they narrow down the exact configuration that works best for you. Both can reach a similar place but I think the Edel system is a bit more thorough unless the SAM Puttlab fitting has such a wide range of putters that it covers all the different possibilities.
  12. Aldila NV 2KXV Green Shaft Review - Plugged In Golf Years after the original NV made aftermarket shafts cool, Aldila is back with the sequel, the NV 2KXV Green. Project X HZRDUS Yellow Shaft Review - Plugged In Golf What's different about the bold new HZRDUS Yellow? It's all about weight and balance. Get all the details in this review. The Aldila NV 2KXV Green is the tried and tested more conventional 68g shaft. About 3.0 torque in the X flex. The Project X HZRDUS Yellow is the newfangled counterbalanced 78g shaft. About 2.7 torque in the X flex. The Project X HZRDUS Yellow is a very strange shaft. It is thick and heavy and very stiff but it has an extreme softening in a very narrow region in the middle of the shaft. Definitely get fit. I would not mess with either shaft in X flex unless swing speed is over 105mph. The torque ratings are very low.
  13. After learning more about fitting, I realized that putter fitting looks very simple and straightforward but is actually very very very very complicated and should be left to the experts. The number of dimensions such as putter length, toe flow, face technology, MOI, how the markings influence aim, head weight, total weight, swingweight, grip shape, neck design, offset, loft etc. is ridiculous. I consider Edel to the be top fitting experts for putting because during the fitting they test modular putters with all kinds of putter heads, necks and even markings, which is a level of fitting that few or no other fitters will test you for.
  14. Great looking putter, congratulations. It would be great if you could provide some feedback on how that interesting looking face technology feels or performs compared to a standard milled face.
  15. Not advisable, woods come 42-43" for a reason and hybrids around 40.5" inch for a reason. It has to do with the delicate balance of shaft to head weight ratio, total weight of the club and swingweight. You can get away with 1/4-1/2 inch shortening at the most, but 2 inches is 12 swingweights, which would really mess up a club. If you really don't like woods or long-shafted clubs, sure why not 2 hybrids, as long as you find the 17° gives you enough distance gap over the 20°. I am more confident with hybrids than woods, but I still carry a 4-wood and try to get better at it because it is simply the best club for its distance.
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