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  1. 112 at Possum Trot before I left to catch a flight for work, just now getting back into golf after trying to play 2 or 3 times last year or 2 years ago don't quite remember. Anyways, went to a PGA pro back in June and they helped tremendously with alignment grip and swing issues, went from a horribly out to in swing to now a pretty pronounced in to out. Struggle sometimes with a push slice or just a straight push. Generally still get a big push slice with driver so I decided to not use it very much and teed off the whites with my 5 wood or 4 hybrid. I was very impressed with how well my game has improved off the tees and 2nd shots. I don't know my yardages as they are extremely inconsistent. Sometimes hit my 5 iron 160 other times 195 so very hard to gauge what club to hit, although I'm happy that my irons are generally very straight or with a fade or draw sometimes, I hope this will even out with more time and more lessons. My short game was and is absolutely atrocious, almost always 3 putting and can't chip or pitch to save my life. Big areas I am going to work on which I think should get me under 100 in the next few months. Otherwise had a blast, managed to for the first time in my golfing career get a ball to carry over a large water hazard which was very exciting for me!
  2. If I had the money, was for some reason near one of his courses, and had the time sure. I’m not so into politics that I would let it stop me from playing a good course. If Obama had a high quality course I would play that as well as others have said before in this thread.
  3. Hey man congratulations. I’d love to score an 82 one day lol hope you continue to have success on the course, do you feel like you did anything particularly well or just had an overall good game?
  4. Not sure about Tobacco Road but a lot of courses here have been aerated which gives a good discount. If you are here frequently maybe look into the platinum multi course membership it includes about 20+ courses and also has discounts on restaurants. Other than that check GolfNow for hot deals. Have fun while you’re here but just be warned a lot of greens in this area got wrecked this winter and are slowly recovering most courses I’ve played lately have not had good greens but I haven’t played the big names e.g Caledonia, Heritage etc. Edit: didn’t see this was posted in April SORRY! ☹️
  5. I use Golfnow for the hot deals and otherwise book through mbn.com, its a website for Myrtle Beach courses, they have most of the public courses here. Never played anywhere else except for one time in Lake Geneva and I didn't book that so I just use those two sites.
  6. My first set were some old Kunnan womens clubs that were $20 from a pawn shop. I didn't realize they were womens clubs till I got home but I did get a nice Fila bag out of it. Played with them for like 3 or 4 months
  7. I've been Playing Golf for: 1 year My current handicap index or average score is: Don't have one My typical ball flight is: push slice on driver, push on irons The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: 90 degree push slice LOL Hey y'all thanks for looking at my swing first off! I've been a totally casual golfer just playing with the boys on Saturday drinking beer having fun not really caring about how I hit the ball which has developed some bad habits I'm sure. The problem is I don't know what they are at all. I tend to push my irons except for my high lofted ones 9 and up, I hit those pretty straight and am not worried about them but my irons below 9 I tend to push most of the time no slice. Driving I 99% of the time push slice and sometimes it is so extreme it will take a 90 degree angle and it's frankly just dangerous, if I can I just hit my lowest iron off the tee cause I'm just scared to hit someone with how bad it push slices. I've looked at videos online and don't do the 90 degree as much anymore but I still push right and it slices. I also simply can't hit my fairways and hybrids I always top them or it pushes extremely far right with a small slice. I'm saving to get professional lessons this summer but was hoping I could get some feedback on what I'm doing wrong before then and try to work on it a little. I started a new job and the guys all play golf and I don't want to be a total embarrassment when we play Sorry if the videos aren't the greatest I wasn't even expecting to upload them for anyone to watch! Videos:
  8. Hey y'all! Just joined and seems like a cool forum, hopefully I can learn from y'all and have some fun discussing this great game! Also if anyone is from the Myrtle Beach area and would like to golf with someone who is pretty bad feel free to send me a message 😂
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