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  1. I've always sprayed my driver all over the place. Pull-hooks and hard slices were the norm. Yesterday I started locking my left elbow, almost hyper extending it on the setup (I'm right handed), and I hit about 12 fairways and hit the ball long (for me that's about 250 yards). I'm gonna try it again next weekend and see if I can get close to reproducing another sub-90 score.
  2. I started playing about 8-9 years ago and I was about 42 years old. It took about a year to break 100, and for about 8 years I would score between 95-103. I was normally close to 100. Today I SMASHED through 90 with an 82. It felt awesome.
  3. I shot about 13 better than I've ever shot before, an 82 on a particular 71. I hadn't shot less than a 94-95 prior to today. I have NO IDEA what I was doing different, other than locking my left elbow when I set up with my driver, and it helped a TON.
  4. I've been struggling to score in the mid 90s for years. Today everything seemed to click and I shot a righteous 82 on a local part 71 course. I really hope today wasn't a fluke and I can start scoring under 90 consistently.
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