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  1. PW, because it seems disproportionately shorter than my other clubs.
  2. If you're happy/content with what you scored great, keep doing what you are doing. But, in my opinion, you're putting a ceiling on your game by limiting yourself to those clubs. If you are wanting to eventually shoot low, you will have to incorporate the longer clubs in to your game.
  3. AP2s would be more forgiving. I'm not sure you could find any of the aforementioned iron sets in your price target, though. You may be able to find a set of MP-57s within that range by now, those will be more forgiving than the 32s, but are still not close to over sized. It's what I have been swinging for about two years now..
  4. Their website is actually very vague on the differences between the two. I wish I could help more, other than I have a Newport 2 in the marketplace right now..
  5. Just go out , have fun, and drink as much beer as you possibly can (..err I mean, "network"). If you try too hard, someone will post a 55 and ruin your day.
  6. If this question is in reference as to whether or not you should think about taking/intentionally not taking a divot... I will say I routinely take divots with my woods, so don't be afraid to with a hybrid.
  7. Oops, I thought I did that originally. Should be posted now, Thanks.
  8. Owned for about 1.5 years but never actually put it in the bag full time. It's in great condition, with slight wear/cut on the grip, as seen in the attached pictures. No dings on the putter head or shaft. I think it retails for ~$300 $180 Shipped to the 48 States OBO Please let me know if you have any questions! Thanks Trying to get rid of it, make an offer!
  9. How do search forum threads in tapatalk (iPhone)?
  10. If you want to look cool like me, Burberry Golf sells a protective cover for things like this.
  11. Your driver shouldn't go past parallel to the ground at the top of the backswing. On your follow-through, about a foot after you make contact with the ball, your left arm should be straight, not all bent in like that. Right arm is chicken winged on back swing. -Cheers
  12. Where do you think a TON of your power comes from? The hips..... Thus the reason for my post, rarely can you blame the club for "lack of distance", especially with two modern clubs. Improve your hip turn, in my opinion, and you should be able to increase your distance, thus stopping your bi%&hing; about loss of yardage and "not getting the most" out of your club. Its not the Arrow, it's the indian.
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