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  1. jimnm

    Winter Depression Thread

    No, not that I know of. Occasionally it can get windy at Torrey. But the weather is very mild around here. People that move here from other states will often talk about how San Diego doesn't have any seasons. Which I guess is true.
  2. jimnm

    Winter Depression Thread

    I'm thankful that golf (and all outdoor activities/sports for that matter) is a year round thing in my area. 79 and sunny today 🙂
  3. My Driver and 3W might be on the chopping block. If I can find something with newer technology that can outperform them I will probably replace them. Looking for improvements on both distance and left/right dispersion. All my other clubs are less than a year old.
  4. jimnm

    WITB Photo Edition!

    I actually really like my Nike driver/3 wood. Cost has nothing to do with it. I tried testing M3/M4 and new Ping drivers and they were on par with my Nike. I was never fitted for the Nike, but maybe I got lucky and it just suits my swing. Until I can find something that outperforms what I have, I'll stick with what I have... I actually have a free fitting for TS2/3 with Titleist tomorrow. The money for the PXG's were about the going rate of new Mizuno's or any of the other big manufacturers. Since they are gen 1. Not as expensive as most would think...
  5. jimnm

    WITB Photo Edition!

    Thanks! I really like the covers. I plan to add to my collection over time. I got the white one on eBay. The others are from the Scotty Cameron gallery. I REALLY like the PXG's. I just got them a couple of weeks ago and only have 1 round on them. And a lot of range practice as well. They feel nice and soft on good strikes. The MSRP was out of my price range, but PXG had a 50% off sale on the gen 1 irons. I was about to buy some new Mizuno's but once I found out about the PXG sale, I had to test them with my fitter and fell in love with them. I highly recommend! I believe the sale is still on until they get rid of all their Gen 1 inventory.
  6. jimnm

    WITB Photo Edition!

    Driver: Nike Covert 2.0 (Tour Issue, OHT Serial, 2 dots), 9.5* Neutral, Mitsubishi Kuro Kage 50 Stiff 3 Wood: Nike VR Pro STR8-FIT, Project X 6.0 3 Iron: PXG 0311 X Gen1, TT DG X100 4-6 Irons: PXG 0311 XF Gen 1, TT DG X100 7-W Irons: PXG 0311 Gen 1, TT DG X100 Wedges: PXG 0311 Gen 1 52/56/60, TT DG X100 Putter: Titleist 2016 Scotty Cameron Newport Irons and Wedges have been FLO’d. Irons have been MOI’d. Putter covers are on a rotation. Scotty Cameron gallery is close to where I live, so I pop in every once in a while.
  7. Coronado Golf Course. The picture doesn't do it justice. This course has great views of San Diego.
  8. jimnm

    Post Your GAME Golf Rounds

    Shot a 94 at Coronado Golf Course. My first time playing there. I loved it. Very beautiful course. I need to go there more often. $25 for a Friday morning (greens were punched). Played with my GolfTec coach. He now knows I have a glaring issue with pitching/chipping near the greens. And with putting speed. Also, first time playing my new irons and wedges. I REALLY like them. Still working on understanding my yardages and if any adjustments need to be made for better gapping. Highlight was a birdie on 16 despite a poor worm burner drive. I hit a nice baby draw 5 iron and drained a 10ft putt. http://www.gamegolf.com/player/jimnm/round/2416579
  9. Have you read Lowest Score Wins (LSW)? The section on game planning is very good. Without getting into too much detail, it talks about shot zones and how to incorporate them into your game plan in order to help avoid penalty(s) and other spots that will result in more strokes. The GIR and nGIR that @DeadMan is referring to is also in LSW. You beat me to it!
  10. I'm not familiar with the lesser known brands. But I have purchased used clubs (if you are okay with used) through the globalgolf.com and have been pleased. I would recommend getting fitted, but if you already know your specs you can try global golf. Sometimes they offer like new or open box clubs at a great price. Although you may need to buy a tool (if club is adjustable) and head cover separately. They offer both at reasonable prices too.
  11. Welcome to TST! I would recommend adding a putter. 🙂 Also, you might want to consider a 3 wood. You may want to add either a hybrid or 5 wood depending on your gapping and preference. Also if you have a yardage gap between your SW and PW you can always add a gap wedge (or some call it an approach wedge). Basically, I would try to get yardages for all your existing clubs and try to fill the gaps where the need is.
  12. jimnm

    Provisional Ball Ruling

    The answer to this question is no. As I stated in a follow up post (quoted below), the provisional ball landed short and right of the tree that the original tee shot was likely to have landed.
  13. jimnm

    I Think Its Time for Lessons

    This is very true. I just started reading LSW a week ago and realized that GolfTec and LSW (5SK) march you down the same path. Good stuff!
  14. jimnm

    I Think Its Time for Lessons

    I am currently taking lessons at GolfTec and have been pleased with my results. I first started off with a swing evaluation. At the same time, I looked at yelp reviews for the golf coach that gave me my swing evaluation. My swing evaluation went well and the reviews of my coach were very favorable, so I ended up committing to a 12month/25 lesson plan. I'm glad I did. The cost wasn't cheap, but I signed up in March during their "March Madness" sale and paid for the plan in one lump sum, which saved some money. That and having access to their facility (simulator/video etc.) for practice sessions 2 to 3 times a week has made the cost well worth it. If I can manage to find the money in my budget and continue to see my scores improve, I will continue to take lessons. Here is a thread with data on my improvement. I haven't played a round since August. I hope to get out playing this weekend or next and will update my progress.
  15. jimnm

    Irons or wedges?

    If that is the case, I would ask your coach for a recommendation on if/when you would benefit from getting fit for new irons. Since they know your swing best.

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