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  1. What course is this? Is it in San Diego?
  2. To me, winter golf looks a lot like spring, summer and fall golf. Here is a picture from two weeks ago...
  3. Time. I only play once a month if I'm lucky. I get lots of practice in. Because I can get that in within an hour or so and my absence doesn't disturb home life too much. Playing 18 consumes the better part of a day during precious weekend/family time.
  4. That looks very reasonable. And from what I hear, Austin is a cool city to live in. Good luck!
  5. I have only ever lived in So Cal. So I can only speak to what your money will get you here. It definitely has the weather you are after and great golf. But it comes with a cost. It would probably require you to get a roommate or two to live in a relatively safe neighborhood. And your golf budget of roughly $38/week could get you on a decent course once a week depending the day you play and tee times. For example.... if you were living in San Diego, you can get a resident card ($25/year) and play Torrey Pines North for $42 (weekday) of $32 (weekend twilight). Most other courses that are worth playing in San Diego are going to be more expensive than this. Torrey Pines Golf Course Fees | Parks & Recreation | City of San Diego Official Website Torrey Pines Golf Course Home Tee Time Reservations and Fees Course Information Tournaments and Special Events About Torrey Pines But.... you would be playing all year round. Just not as often as 3-4 times a week. By the way, if you find a place with year round golf, where you can play multiple rounds for ~$38/week, please let me know! It'll be something to keep in mind once I get closer to retirement.
  6. I've only had one push cart. Clicgear 3.5+. I've had it for about 5-6 years now. No maintenance required so far. As other's have mentioned, tons of accessories and also parts for repairs/maintenance are readily available if ever needed. I suspect I may eventually need new tires once mine are completely bald. No remorse. I was curious how the 4 wheel carts would work, but it sounds like they are not as stable as 3. I have the steering knob on mine.
  7. No I don't ever give unsolicited advice. If I'm asked, I'll do my best to help... but I don't have a lot of insight to offer. On the flip side... I absolutely do not like being given unsolicited advice.
  8. I'll be there Friday! They are on the north at 930am (local). Rory, Rickie and Adam Scott have the 920am tee time. I'll end up leap frogging every few holes to get a decent spot and watch both groups. Excited to see Rory play in person too. I'll probably hop over to the South once I'm done fighting the crowds following Tiger and see Snedeker/Day/Rahm followed by Rose/Horschel/Spieth. And... if I can squeeze it in, I'll try to find Champ. It'll be fun to see him drive. It should make for a good day!
  9. I look forward to watching him play Torrey in person every year! Go Tiger!
  10. Players: Ricky Fowler (-12)Masters: Tiger Woods (-17)PGA Championship: Brooks Koepka (-9)U.S. Open: Tiger Woods (-7)British Open: Justin Rose (-10)FedExCup: Tiger Tiger Woods Y'all
  11. No, it would not be a grand slam if he won the next two majors. He needs to hold all 4 major trophy's at the same time.
  12. jimnm

    Tee or No Tee?

    On a full length course, I always use a tee when it is allowed. When on an executive course, I'm usually practicing and will typically not use a tee. I treat my tee shots as if they were approach shots on par 4's.
  13. At Torrey Pines north, I played with a woman who played as a single. I was put in her group (we were 4 singles). She's is married and her husband plays golf as well. From conversation, it seemed as though they were both retired or near retirement. She walked with a push cart. She was very nice and friendly. She hit from the forward tees while the rest of us hit from the back tees. She was proficient with hitting from a different tee from the rest of the group and was a very solid golfer too. I suspect she broke 90. When I played there again about a week later, I bumped into her again at the clubhouse and she was there as a single. I briefly spoke to her to see if we were going to be paired up, but this time she was playing the south course and I was playing the north. Very nice lady.
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