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  1. jimnm

    Why Do You Play Golf? A Two Option Poll

    Over the past couple of years, I would say lower scores. When I think of "having fun" I think of playing with family and close friends. And I have a blast when I do. It's some of the best of times regardless of how I score. However, my old golfing crew has either lost interest, had other priorities take over their life, or no longer live close enough to play with me regularly. Out of my last 10 rounds, I've only played 2 rounds with friends/family. Playing mainly as a single, I would say the majority of joy I get from golf is challenging myself to improve with lower scores. The better I shoot, the more enjoyable golf is. I don' t play as often as I'd like. Maybe once a month. Twice if I'm lucky. This makes me always anxious to play. My anxiousness is driven by me wanting best my prior score regardless of whether I'm coming off a bad round or a great round. In between rounds I practice at minimum twice a week and will often have a lesson or two. Both efforts bring me joy, but again, that joy is driven by trying to become a better player. I think if I had a regular group to play with again, my answer might change to "having fun". I also think my scores would take a hit due to the alcohol! 🙂
  2. Yes, mine is nearly auto calculating. When I add a new round, I just copy and paste all the existing data one row lower. Then I write over the top row of data with the score for each hole of my latest round (hidden in my snapshot I posted) along with the course slope and rating. I also keep track of the date and course names. It's quick and serves it's purpose. Sum up the Out/In/Total (I just realized my labeling for In/Out is backwards). I have a simple equation in the differential column. And I basically use a sliding window of the last 20 differentials to calculate my index history. =AVERAGE(SMALL(AG8:AG27,1),SMALL(AG8:AG27,2),SMALL(AG8:AG27,3),SMALL(AG8:AG27,4),SMALL(AG8:AG27,5),SMALL(AG8:AG27,6),SMALL(AG8:AG27,7),SMALL(AG8:AG27,8),SMALL(AG8:AG27,9),SMALL(AG8:AG27,10))*0.96 Where "AG8:AG27" are the differentials for the previous 20 rounds of interest. And then I just have a scatter plot of date vs. index for an easy visual.
  3. jimnm

    Torrey Pines Local Rule

    Completely agree with everything you said. I've dropped in the rough, just to end up advancing my ball 20 yards into the rough in front of me and having to take another lost ball drop.
  4. I like Castle Creek and the Vineyard. I think I have played Eagle Crest a few years back. We are lucky to have a lot of good options here in the San Diego area. That and the golfing is year round! Yeah, I don't belong to any club to get an official GHIN. But it's easy enough to calculate using Excel. GameGolf is great for tracking all of the stats too. My GG Index shows 18.3. But I use my Excel workbook as my metric. As I only count my 18 hole rounds. My GG has a few rounds of exec courses where I was practicing and playing more than 1 ball on any given hole.
  5. An update on my progress. I broke through to the teens! I'm now a 19.4. The GolfTec lessons are still paying off. My lesson plan and access to their facilities is good until March 2019. I'm still continuing to see improvements and it is showing in my overall scores. The main focus is still the full swing. Currently focusing on club path. But I do occasionally get lessons in both putting/short game. I hope to sign up for another lesson plan once my current plan runs out. I'll just have to wait and see if it's in the budget... Cheers!
  6. jimnm

    Post Your GAME Golf Rounds

    Shot 86 at Goose Creek in So Cal. A personal best for me. I have never played there before, but it was a fun course. That and I played with my 2 brothers and an old high school friend, which made it memorable. Highlight of the round was driving very close to the green on the 14th. I had a new shaft put in to both my driver and 3W and they were working! Also had much improved play with chipping and less than full swings. I have been working on this with my golf coach. https://www.gamegolf.com/player/jimnm/round/2459697
  7. jimnm

    Torrey Pines Local Rule

    Yes. They do this every year around December/January. The rough is VERY thick and VERY tall during this time of year. Very punishing. It seems as though they let it grow more than tournament tall rough, then cut it down right before the tournament. I say this because I played there last Jan and noticed how tall it was. I lost like 4 or 5 balls that day on shots that would be very findable otherwise. Fortunately no penalty. When I went to the Farmers and standing near the ropes, I noticed that the rough was still tall, but not as tall when I played it earlier that month. From Feb to Nov, the rough is not nearly as bad. I plan to play there later this month. If I remember, I will take a picture of the rough both when I play and during the Farmers. To see if my memory serves me correctly... I'm curious to know if other courses prep for PGA events this same way?
  8. jimnm

    Do You "Slow Drop" the Flagstick?

    I usually place the bottom of the flagstick on the ground then lower the top end of it and let it go once my hand is about knee high.
  9. Yeah you will definitely be able to get at least 2 rounds out of it. I make it a habit to always charge the night before playing so I'm never in any risk of running out of battery.
  10. I recently bought the Garmin S20 and I really like it. Only used it a few times. It's lightweight and seems to be accurate when I compare yardages with my Bushnell range finder. Battery seems good too. I suspect it would last 2 rounds with some battery life to spare. I'm not a fan of the proprietary charging cable. But a replacement cable can be found on ebay/amazon for $6 or so...
  11. jimnm

    Draw vs Fade: Which is Cooler & Reliable

    Equally reliable. I voted that a draw was cooler because for several years I had only been able to hit a fade/slice. And I was always envious of golfers who hit draws. After taking lessons, my stock shot (for now) is a draw.
  12. jimnm

    What are Your 2019 Golf Goals?

    I would like to break 85. I will continue to take lessons, focus most of my efforts on my full swing and hope to resolve my glaring short game struggles.
  13. jimnm

    Golf Rangefinder Recommendation

    I have the Bushnell Pro X2. It was a bit pricey but it's seriously built like a tank. Metal case and water proof. So long as it's well taken care of, I imagine it will last for several years. They are well worth the investment.
  14. jimnm

    Excel Formula for handicaps

    This looks right to me. When I compare to my spreadsheet with the same inputs, we get the same exact Handicap Index. 👍

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