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  1. Tiger won a major from a guy named Roco not one of the top player and another in the Masters from a guy named Chris not one of the top players. Plus asking has he ever won a major when he was behind on the final day? So I vote goes to Jack.
  2. I am not doubting Tiger is great but I am willing to say Jack did not the equipment and and all the medical help as Tiger had Being an ex coach for 20 plus years I have never seen someone come back with so many injuries without golng without major medical help and also being 42 years old seem close to a miracle.. i think his chances are very unlikely for him to break Jack record with chances of recurring injuries! Tiger is living on the the edge. You can take that you the way you want to. I know at less 10 young player plus those that sneak in who play better than Tigers. These player are not discriminate by playing with him and enjoy the completion not like in old days. Where they were beaten on the first tee.. Tiger has not been there yet and we don’t how Tiger can handle it. My personal option Tiger still has a lot of as you might say Skelton’s in his closet . Anyway nice exchanging comments.
  3. I have done agriculture work since I can remember over sixty years . Would not have trade it for any thing else. Cattle ranching
  4. Willet plus 5 -Tiger plus 8 Good night , Vinsk
  5. Ok good night and sweet Dreams of Tiger Shorty
  6. Shorty you seem like a devout Tiger Woods fan and that’s good but I have seen to many times where he has quit and walked off the course after a bad hole from pain or hurt feelings I don’t know and you don’t know for sure. Only what the media wants you to know. You have the right to call me child like names it doesn’t bother me one bit. But grow up and have a nice evening
  7. Could this be the day Tigers back goes out. Just wondering
  8. Tiger is big money and Shorty you do understand that big money rule regardless. And he will get special treatment until he retires from the Senior tour.
  9. Shorty, I have gotten to the point that when they bring Tiger up I shut the TV down. Beside there hardly any positive mention of other Golfers except maybe Phil which is good. Tiger has not won a Tournament in five years and the only Tournaments he plays in are those with a weak field.
  10. Know this has been brought a lot but does anybody think Tiger will win another tournament ? To much media hype about Tiger this or Tiger will do that every time he tees it up. The golf channel should be called the Tiger channel because that’s all you hear.
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