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  1. I have an old set of MacGregor 1025m irons that I've about worn out the grooves. They are shafted with the original Precision Rifle (pre-Project X) Flighted in 5.0. These are a muscle blade but very forgiving for that style. Still well thought of. I am a very consistent ball striker but not a power hitter. About 150 carry on a full 7 iron. Driver 215-235. I tend to hit my short irons a little longer compared to my driver. I go at them and my tempo is a little quick. But I still have much trouble elevating the long irons and typically go hybrid below the 6 iron. I have since replaced the Macs with a Maltby muscle blade (the PTM) shafted with their stock TT Score from their club paks. I like what I'm getting, love the heads, but really miss the ability to flight the scoring irons down. When I go at them in the same way as I do the Macs, they go a mile high. Which is good in some cases I guess, but I almost can't bring them down without letting off the swing, in which case I lose distance. Recently I purchased a set of brand new Mac 1025 heads from a guy who bought out the old MacGregor stock when they closed. My thoughts were to build out a nice set similar to my original set for special occasions, but maybe with a slightly weaker flex since I'm now 57 and likely won't be getting stronger. I had a few choices and wanted some opinions. I'm thinking of soft-stepping these once (or twice) to bring the flex a little below 5.0 and give more "kick" to my 6 and 7 iron. These heads are .355 tapers. Here are the options: 1) The newer KBS Flighted designed by Kim Braley who also designed the original precision rifle flighted. I've heard these give great distance and more spin (which I need). These may be the best option, but also the most expensive. They'll run about $225 for a 4-pw. Even though I'm only starting with a 6-iron, I'll still need the 4 and 5 for potential soft stepping. Or maybe these wouldn't need soft-stepping since I've heard the KBS launches higher. (?) 2) The Project X Flighted in a 5.0. I can get these on ebay for about $100 or less. But I've heard the PX feels stiffer than the original rifle with a lower ball flight. I definitely don't want that in the mid irons. 3) Pull the shafts from my old Macs (in this condition they wouldn't sell for much anyway) and re-insert them into the new heads, soft-stepping once or twice. This is obviously the cheapest option and I'll know exactly what I'm getting. Has anyone hit the KBS Flighted? Are they worth the premium from the PX Flighted? How do they compare in trajectory to that or the original Royal Precision? I read a lot about KBS, but it's always about the Tour or Taper. I haven't found a single thing (other than marketing blogs and an interview with Kim) about the KBS flighted. Which is why I'm starting a new post. Thanks in advance everyone.
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