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  1. Hello, Im new to the site. I just picked up this Scotty Cameron and was wondering if there is anything I can do on my own to clean it up a little. I know you can send them to the Cameron studio but I'd like to game with it a bit and save some money to maybe do that down the road. I'm pretty handy and thought maybe I could try to clean it up myself though. I plan on keeping this putter. Always wanted a Cameron and got a super good price on it. It came with a thick super stroke grip and I had them replace the grip with a new Scotty grip they had sitting in the shop. Can anyone ID the type of metal in this head? I've found ones very similar on the net but having a hard time exactly pinning it down. I did read that there were some made with "carbon steel?" What are your thoughts? I can't wait to game this putter. Hopefully, it works out well. Thanks for your help, in advance. Pete
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