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  1. Favorite beer? Man. That's a tough one. My favorite TYPE of beer is an IPA. A very strong, bitter, hoppy IPA. For the winter months, though, I like to turn to Porters and Stouts, and generally heavy beers. My favorite brewery for a very long time was Dogfish Head. I absolutely love their beer, and have never had one I didn't like, but they stopped shipping to Tennessee. The Dogfish 60 minute IPA was my standby, and the 90 minute IPA is still one of the best beers I've ever had. My new favorite brewery is Stone Brewing. Their Stone IPA is one of the better typical strength IPAs. Their Ruination IPA is a great stronger IPA, akin to the 90 minute IPA. The Sublimely Self Righteous Ale is another great one from them.
  2. I'll wear whatever, really, but one of my favorite shirts is a Cutter and Buck I got on sale for next to nothing. I'm too cheap to buy Under Armour, though I love everything else they make. The cheapo Wal Mart brand shirts (George?) are surprisingly good, too. They are thin and light. They are my go-to for the really hot days.
  3. If Golf Pride is on your radar, they have a grip fitting thing on their site. It will direct you to your best grip from their line. You might be able to then find comparable grips from other manufacturers.
  4. Welcome! West Tennessee, here. Soon to be Knoxville, though.
  5. I played Thursday and had a 50 for 9 holes. This is the first time I played out of the 40s in a while. I had been at the driving range earlier in the week and a pretty bad high slice had found it's way back into my swing. I guess I convinced myself to get rid of it, because for the first time in my life, I was hooking the ball on nearly every shot. I went from a high slice, to a low penetrating hook. Especially with my driver. I'm usually pretty inconsistent with my longer clubs, but I bail myself out with my wedges/low irons. Not Thursday. For the first 6 holes, I was playing the worst round of golf I had played in a long time. My score would have been much worse, but I saved it a bit by finally finding a groove over 7, 8, and 9, when I played those three holes at +1.
  6. I played thursday, and didn't have a great day, overall, but I did hit one great shot. My playing partner and I were on the 8th hole, a short par 4. We both hit good drives, I was maybe a foot behind him and a foot into right rough. I was left with somewhere between a PW and a SW to the green with a front pin location. There was a really strong wind from left to right. I aimed left of the green, and took about a 3/4 strength swing with my PW. I hit it nice and high and the wind carried it back right. It hit the front edge of the green, rolled up and stopped about 2 feet left of the cup. I tapped in for my only birdie of the day.
  7. I'd really love to see him do it. He's one of my favorite golfers. I think he definitely has the game, he just has to put it all together for 4 rounds.
  8. I'd rather my playing partner chew gum than smoke a cheap cigar or something. Not to say I don't like cigars....
  9. I played a couple weeks back. I had a good round. I made good contact and didn't fight with my old nemesis the slice all day. My short game was a bit off, and my putting was absolutely atrocious, though. Too bad it's been too wet to play here since then. I'm hoping to get out this thursday.
  10. If you've literally JUST began, it probably doesn't matter a lot. I used to buy bags of the used balls and just hit whatever. Once you start to realize what you need to correct in your game, you can buy balls to suit your game. I'm an inexperienced high handicapper (though not as high as my profile says, probably, haha), and my big problems were slicing off the tee and wanting a bit more distance. So, I started buying "straight" balls. I like Top-Flite XL7000 Super Straights, Top-Flite D2 Straight balls, and right now, I play Nike Crush balls.
  11. I've used the D2 Straight and the XL7000 Straight balls. I liked the D2s, but I couldn't tell enough of a difference between them to keep spending the extra few bucks. You may be able to tell the difference, and for the minimal price difference, it is worth trying out. Now I just buy Nike Crush from lostgolfballs.com.
  12. 1. Break 40 on my local 9 hole course. 2. Play around 45 more consistently. 3. Increase my overall distance.
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