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  1. Didn't get the chance to play today but I did hit the range and found about the same success, I'm ecstatic. Seemed to just be a hands issue that will obviously take more than a few range visits to perfect, but I seem to be able to replicate pretty nicely. Literally itching to try it out on the course, maybe tomorrow.
  2. Had a quick question. I've been working on my swing, trying to shake the slice I've had since I started. I volunteer at a course (free golf and range but finally Gettin on the payroll! :)) and was on the range after my shift today. I had probably half my bucket, slicing as usual, then for some reason started coming down like faster and harder. Not sure if I can explain correctly, but I tried to hit left almost, and throwy wrists through, squaring up. Worked to perfection, straight as an arrow. Then I tried to replicate with irons. Never hit better. Smashing my irons, loving my 3 wood distance, all is well when I don't swing too hard. I'm the happiest man alive, hopefully playing tomorrow to test the swing the only place it REALLY matters. Anyway, my question: Is this just a stroke of luck (awful pun intended)? Will this work long term? Can serious slice issues be fixed that quickly. I've only really started golfing seriously fairly recently so I wanted some veteran advice. Overall, it feels great and will be tested tomorrow, just want to know if things like these can really be quick fixes. Thanks, Mike
  3. Thanks so much, Jesup! I will definielty work on that, especially the feet, I never thought of the right to left foot action. And thanks for the compliments, but yes I did play baseball. Haha I will work on everything and post another in a while :)
  4. Decided it was time to get some tips from the pros... :P Here is my swing, I adjust it seemingly daily and on every shot, I'm sure something not advisable. The first two are a 7 iron and the second is my 3 wood which I typically hit off the tee. I slice my 3W pretty badly and my irons tend to block or come off badly. I'm trying to find a slice-cure yet have been unsuccessful. However, my irons hit pretty darn straight today for some reason. Also, I'm hitting of the second deck of my local indoor driving range, gotta love Ohio weather... I am taking golf much more serious than ever now and may try out for the team if I feel I'm good enough, even though I'm a junior, will be a Senior by next year. Lastly, I'm 6'5", so if I'm crouching or something like that, I know I need new/longer irons, I'm working on it... I'm 17. haha Any help will be more appreciated than you know, thank you in advance! :)
  5. Well, hopefully these can be some good words for anyone struggling. Yesterday I went out to play with 3 buddies of mine and one of their dads, just a practice round for a little fun. As we walked up to hole one I was expecting to be disappointed and almost wished I had taken my girlfriend up on swimming in her pool! haha Well, after a pretty bad but somehow-on-the-fairway tee shot, I was thinking it may be OK. I got a 6 on the par 4 first and drove to hole 2 wishing I hadn't putted so poorly. After almost putting down a 5 on the first hole, to make myself feel better, I hear my friend's dad say "Man, I don't cheat in golf." It hit me. As simple as it is, cheating in golf is maybe one of the dumbest things you can do! You know what you shot and if you're just out there to have fun and maybe get better, there is no reason to cheat. To finish up, my friend's dad told me to tee up my ball lower on hole #2 as I was using my Cobra 3W (Gotta get that oversize). I crushed it, a great shot. For the rest of my round, I was focused but not worried, just having probably the most fun round of my life. Ended up birding a short par 4 (my first!) and parring both par 5's. I had shot a 45 on the par 36, a score am very happy with as I am normally an upwards of 50 guy. It is an amazing feeling to see your game you have worked on come together! Hitting the range to make sure it wasn't a fluke. My work is never done. Not sure if anyone cares, just thought I'd share some encouragement for any depressed golfer. Keep working, it'll come! Thanks, Mike
  6. Ok, so I need some advice on whether to go for a nicer new putter that I really like and can get for a darn good price, [Cleavland Classic Putter #2 $70] or to go for an oversize I also need. I mean, I will eventually get both, but I want to know what to get first. I have a very hard time getting off the tee box without a driver, and that is one of my main flaws, not having one at all. But I realllllly like this putter and feel like it would make me more confident around the green, I putt it well, my other putter is short and garbage, etc. I'm rambling.... Simple and not so simple question: Driver or Putter? Thanks :)
  7. Been lurking a lot on hear, reading what to practice most. Most people say 100 yds and in, and having played again a few days ago, these people couldn't be more right. Example: First hole of the day. Finally think its THAT day. I tee off, 3W sliced pretty bad. When I walk up, it's not too bad and bring out the trusty 5W. From about 220 out, I hit a bomb [for me at least] about 15 yards from the green, middle of the fairway. I'm pretty pumped, hopefully gonna start the day off with a rare par. Walk up to my ball, pretty confident, pull out the SW and give it a whack, just trying to get it close. Of course, I shank it way left, sputtering along the ground into the rough around the green. Chip out and two put turns my par into a double bogey. Conclusion: I'll be practicing chipping, putting, and in general shots from inside 100 yds more often. Thanks guys, you were right
  8. You have no idea how good that would feels. Edit: WILL feel. Haha
  9. Ok, so I got some Nike Super Fly balls today for $15 for a dozen. I was pretty happy about the deal [just wanna try some Nike's] so I texted a good friend of mine who I play golf with a lot. I tell him about it and, long story short, he says in dumb and that I should have gotten cheap used pro v1's/ix's. He ticked me off, cause it was my choice and he tends to think his opinion is law, but does he have a point? I was under the assumption the ball was all opinions/feel. Are some balls just better? Is there that much diffrence? Thanks
  10. I'm right handed and am having some trouble. I think its either my wrist or my grip that is messing me up and causing me to hit a few dribblers to my left, like 20 feet... Anyone have a good diagram or tips to help the problem? Thanks, Mike
  11. haha thanks man. That's normally my rule of thumb...
  12. Hey guys, probably gonna go out for my first ever 18 holes today. I normally just play 9 and am wondering if anyone has any tips. I think I need some tips on focusing as I sometimes lose focus on 9, let alone 18... And I'd like to break 100. Haha sooooooo any tips? Thanks, Macmike
  13. 1. Nicer, free courses around me 2. Have sponsors for clubs, etc 3. Have better ball striking.
  14. I actually do have a costom Ping dealer right down the road. Haha is that what the g5s cost?!! Cause I would def do that! Haha
  15. I am looking at these 4 sets of irons, all $399.99. Was wondering if anyone had any of these and could give m their pros/cons, durability, etc. Here they are in the order I am thinking Callaway X18's- Leaning toward these because of Callaways known quality. Cobra FP2's- I hit Cobra's well. Adams IDEA a3's- Really like the idea of hybrids but question quality. Taylormade r7's- Don't know why these are last, the other ones are so good I guess. Any help on exp with these would help a lot. Thanks
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