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  1. Same thing that happens now, I pull out my 7. I do not hit my 5w nor hybrid very well, so I go to my 7i, as I know I can hit that 150 yards, 90% of the time. Where my 5w is 200 yards, 50% of the time. Where I am in my game, I am aiming to get bogey on 4s and 5s, so the extra stroke using a shorter club more often is OK for me.
  2. This sounds like a blast. I think I would do Driver, 7i, 52. Those are the 3 I use most often anyway. My driver is only a 210 club, so more like a 5w for most of you guys.
  3. When playing, I do my best ot get swing thoughts out of my head. It almost always goes poorly for me if I do not do that. There are times, when my head doesn't cooperate. If that is happening, I sometimes resort to walking up to the ball and striking it right after setting up, not allowing my brain to get in the way, no waggle, no practice swing, no nothing, just set, and hit. Most times that goes well.
  4. The point, for me, is to give myself a goal. If I shoot a 95, but coulda shot a 90, then that means I should be aiming for that 90. But again, the score is not the real goal in this exercise. The goal is to reinforce, in my mind, that I can hit that particular shot well. It's like when my grandmother passed. I did not go to the funeral. My last memory of my gram is her laughing and being the wise ass she was. Had I gone to the funeral, my last memory would be her body sitting in a box.
  5. I like better balls, but I buy them off the used golf ball sites to save $. If I am in a slump, I play Srixon Money Balls, as they work fine and can be very cheap, like 30 for $20 when are on sale.
  6. Generally, this is a no from me. When I play a match, generally, the only time someone concedes is when they lose the hole and pick up. I put them out and expect my opponent to. This came into effect last night. I putted a 1 footer that my opponent said "it's good, don't bother". I told him I prefer we putt them all out. At the 9th hole, he had a 2 footer that was for the match and missed, giving me that match. As long as you are consistent with your style, either one is good. It's like poker and being in the blinds. If it is folded around, I always offer to chop, never look at my cards.
  7. 48, which is about average for me right now. My shipping and pitching really let me down, but driver woke back up. This is a humbling game.
  8. Great responses, thank you. To be clear, I do not count the "coulda" rounds for my score. I count my first ball, all bad shots, OOB, 4 putts, etc. The "coulda" is just for brain training. The only place the "coulda" round exists is in my mind. I am not one to delude myself. My rounds should be in the mid 90s right now, and most are. I put up a stinker here and there and those stinkers get recorded. I also put up a 90 or better here or there, and those get recorded. I know there are players out there who live and die by how low their handicap is, but unless you can prove that handicap out on the course, you are fooling yourself and you look bad. I personally am proud of my 23.5. I was 35+ 3 months ago. Most of my playing partners and league players think my handicap is too high, but as my scores show, it is right where it should be. There are days and holes where I look like the man, and there are days and holes that look like I am a monkey with brain damage. This concept is not intended to make me feel better, rather to assure myself that I can hit the shot I intended. It is purely a mental health thing. Positive reinforcement kind of idea. I am not deluding myself or doing it to feel good. It is to set my own goals and ensure my brain knows these shots can and should be made. My score is the score I shoot with my duffs, OOB, 4 putts etc. The "coulda" is my personal goal. At this point, I wouldn't be a scratch golfer if every single shot I hit was perfect. I do not have the length nor course management skills for that yet. YOu bring up a fair point. The rehits aren't to for the score, per se, they are for the brain training on the shots. Trying to ingrain in my head "if you have a 125 yard shot, that is your 9 iron", rather than "the last time you hit a 125 with your 9 iron, you duffed it. Don't duff, don't duff....duff"
  9. I frequently play in the late afternoon, and often am alone or near alone on the course. I DO NOT do this when there are golfers behind me. But, if I have the time, I will rehit bad shots, and keep that as a separate score if I make better contact, etc. My score is my score, bad hits and all. But if I hit a bad shot with say, I don't know, THAT MFING @&^%^*&W*&%S Hybrid I have in my bag, I will drop a ball and hit again, with the intention of having a better second shot, so I can get used to the feeling of making a good shot with that club. I will then play out both, and score the "replay" shot, just for my knowledge. When I say bad shot, I am referring to a duff, 25 yd worm burner, etc. I am not referring to a shot that went a little off or wasn't "just right". This is an exercise for me to train my brain and my confidence, so I know what I "could" shoot, if I hit all my shots as planned. I do not count the "coulda" score. In a given round, I may never do this, or I may do it 5 or 6 times. Usually the "coulda" score is a solid 5-10 strokes better. So that score is my goal, my real score is where I am at now and use for my GHIN, etc.
  10. I am in a similar position. I started playing this year and am down to a 23.5. I can put together some very respectable rounds (for me), but I can also put up some stinkers. Lately, my driving is very disappointing after being pretty good for weeks. My solution is the same as yours. I am going to my pro this weekend. I try to get lessons with him every two weeks, but I can only get there on Saturdays, so it can be sporadic. But he helps me every time I go and my game gets better every time, except when I forget what I am supposed to do.
  11. I use my Driver, 5 wood for 200yd Par 3s, my 7 for 150 shots, for my wedges, I live and die with my 52, and of course the putter. I do use almost all my other clubs at times, with my 3 wood being the exception. Probably should pull that from my bag.
  12. I really like my XR16, but like most things, what is comfortable for you is most important.
  13. It was restored 9 years before I purchased it.
  14. I have a 1978 280Z in pristine condition. It is an bright yellow, which I could live without, but it underwent a frame off restoration about 10 years ago and I picked it up this year. Really like it for cruising.
  15. Shot a 46 to win my match 6.5 to 3.5 last night. Felt good.
  16. My first set is and was Ping G30. Great irons for me, a high handicap player
  17. I shot myself in the foot today. I could not hit any club. If I had 10 good shots, that would be a lot. I know it will all be OK and everything will work out, but I walked off the course ready to sell my equipment. I actually stopped recording my score after 6 holes because it was going so badly and said to myself "just hit the next shot". Nope. On a positive note, my Fiancee beat my ass and she had a great day.
  18. It is both inbounds and out of bounds until observed. Ask the cat.
  19. LOL. I guess I am getting better because the rule bending is getting more creative. As I said, I came in last the prvious league. I have improved my game and last night was the first night of the new league, same guys, basically. "That ball is in an unplayable lie" I said, OK, but that is a stroke penalty to move it. "You sure?" Yep. "My ball is right near that hole in the rough" Yep it is NEAR it. It isn't in it. Tees up forward of the tee box. Me: "Thanks for the hole. Teeing up outside of the tee box is loss of hole in match play" I didn't stick to that, I just did it to needle him. "We can fluff on the fairway" Nope, that was a rule from last league for week one. Lost 5-4 because I failed to execute on two holes.
  20. Played round 1 in my league today. Played against the guy who won my flight last time, where I came in last. Lost 5-4, but had every chance to win, except I didn't take them. Shot a 51, with two snowmen. Yuck.
  21. I am a better golfer than I was a month ago. I am very heads down and working on improvement this year. Prior, I played maybe once a year. This year I play 2-5 rounds a week and practice just about daily, along with regular lessons.
  22. During friendly rounds, people I play with generally agree that if several of us believe the ball should be "around here" you can drop without penalty instead of all of us searching for a $2 ball.
  23. I can only speak to my experience. I started playing for real this year. Started as a 30+, currently trending down and looking to be sub 24 with this revision. I practice or play at least 3 days a week, sometimes 5. Recently, I have been sub 100 for just about every round. Something recently clicked and I can put most of my swing thoughts out of my head and execute a swing. I have broken 90, but that was a one off on a shorter course (5700). My goal 2 months ago was to break 100 and stay in the 90s. Have broken 100 regularly now and am mostly in the mid to upper 90s. My new goal for this year is to be in the low to mid 90s consistently and break 90 on a "real" course. I believe I will meet these goals. I am not special, I just have put in some work, taken some lessons, and pay attention to what I am doing. If I can you can!
  24. I don't knwo if I am better or worse, but I do like having it and checking the suggested club. Came in handy today when the card showed a 120 yrd par 3, that I thought looked like a 150 and was actually a 165.
  25. Shot a 95 today. Bad penalty on a par 3, but great par on a very long par 5. trending 24.3 right now, but one more round and a 122 drops off.
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