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  1. Today's front 44 ended with a back 46. Second best round ever for me.
  2. As for web learning, I am a big fan of Top Speed Golf. As for in person learning, I find it important to set expectations with the instructor from the get go. You are the paying customer. Let them know what you want.
  3. I love golf! I love it so much I can't wait to get it over as quickly as possible. I mean if there is one thing I would change about the game I love, that would be to make it last as short as possible.
  4. Oh it went. Poorly. 56 for a 100. Rushed a few, tried to whack a few, tried to get cute with a few and kerblewie. On a positive note, i got rid of my slice, and had to try to get over 100 instead of having to try to get under, lol.
  5. At the turn, I am having an interesting round. Started with several doubles, finished with several pars and a birdie for a front 44. (Very good for me) Let's see how the back goes.
  6. Top speed golf seems to be very legit and offers this
  7. No one can tell you what you will like, and comfort with the clubs is what you and I should be after. I went with Ping G30s as my first set of real irons this year. They were new, but a lot cheaper than current models and felt great in my hands.
  8. Local 9 hole that plays 18 with 2 sets of tees. 97 from the whites. I am regularly in the high 90s now, which was my season goal, but it doesn't feel as good as I thought it would. Still too many shots left out there.
  9. Mine are always in my car. I have 2 cars I use regularly, and swap the clubs to the car I am driving on a given day. I never know when I may get in half a round or bang some balls, so I want them with me.
  10. I've broken through 100 several times this past month, but today put me back in check..really bad feeling 108. Couldn't do anything right.
  11. Played 27 today. Quick 9 in the AM for a 48 (pretty good for me) 18 at a tougher course in the PM and shot a 108. Probably my worst round in at least a month or two. Could not strike the ball well at all.
  12. Went to a local range that lets you hit off grass and has a bunker to practice out of. These clubs really work for me. Great feel, great spin, easy distance control. Friday will be my first round with these. Can't wait.
  13. There is a course near me that is pretty tough, a lot of people hate because it is so tough and regularly kicks my butt. The first time I played it the words "never again" may have come out of my mouth. I now love it and play every chance i get because it is so tough on me.
  14. Last night I went to the Galaxy for a lesson and with the intent of buying a wedge or three. I spent a fair amount of time in the sim swinging a bunch of brands. I used the 60 from each brand, to maintain consistency of the comparison. Hit the following: Callaway MD4 Ping Glide Tommy Armour GXT Vokey SM6 They were all fine to good in my hands. Callaways were probably my favorite of that group. But then I hit the Cleveland RTX-3. First swing was butter and felt soooooooo good. Took about 10 more swings with the 60, then 10 more with a 52 and a 46. Each one felt great and flew very well according to the computer. I was and am sold. Walked out with all 3 in Black Satin with the M grind, and will be taking my new loves to the range today to get the feel for distances, etc. As an added bonus, they were on sale and I had some store credit and a coupon, so they were basically free!
  15. I have done a good number of activities in my life and have taken a lot of classes/lessons/training in each. One item that a lot of people overlook is that lessons/training are there to show you what or how to practice/improve. One does not improve from lessons. One improves from practicing what is learned from the lessons. To that end, for golf, I am in the same boat as you (started in the mid-high 30s and looking to get into the teens). I take a 30 minute lesson about every other week. But in between those lessons, I practice at least 30 minutes a day, trying to incorporate what was taught, or play at least 9 holes. In 2 months my handicap has come down about 13 points and trending downward.
  16. "super" It is all marketing fluff, IMHO. Find the tools that fit you best and go for it. I am in the same boat as you. this is my first year. I went and hit a bunch of clubs and ended up with Ping G30 irons. Almost half the price of the latest and greatest, but they work well for me.
  17. This past Saturday, on a short downhill par 3, I dropped the ball within 1 ft of the cup and it just stayed there.
  18. A western business man is visiting China for the first time. After arriving, he decides he wants the companionship of a lady of the evening. She arrives at his hotel and they begin. He is really giving it to her and she is yelling "Ding Mao! Ding Mao!". Feeling full of himself he doubles his efforts and she yells even louder "Ding Mao! Ding Mao!". He figures "Ding Mao!" must be a very positive thing. The next day, he goes about his business meetings, and everyone agrees to play golf in the afternoon. On the first hole, his Chinese customer hits a long birdie putt. The businessman yells "Ding Mao!". His Chinese customer looks confused and asks "what do you mean, "wrong hole?""
  19. Shot a 46 on the front 9 of a course I hadn't played yet. Gave up after 2 more hours and 4 more holes. Pace was mudering me. Shot bogey golf those 4.
  20. On Wednesday I shot a 48 in my league. Player I played against had "best round in a year" and beat me. Today I played a new course and shot a 98. Player I played against "had the best round all year" and whooped me by 10 strokes. So if you want to have a great round, come out and play with me, apparently.
  21. Fun - The act of paying money, to go out on a big lawn, hit a little white ball with a crooked stick, go find it, then hit it again.
  22. Anything from Clay Ballard https://www.youtube.com/user/Clayballardgolf
  23. I played 2 balls per hole yesterday (nobody else on course, not holding anyone up.) for 9 holes Ball 1 - 46 (which is pretty good for me) Ball 2 - 55 (which is pretty bad for me)
  24. I am in the same boat. Before this year I played about 10 rounds in my life. I have played every day this week and am playing tonight, tomorrow and the next day. If this is a sickness, I don't want no cure!
  25. Driver 7I Wedge Putter No idea why, but this was my immediate reaction to the thread title.
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