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  1. Not to hijack, but I had some similar things happen to me during my league. I am a first year player and bottom of the league, so I try to stay low key. BUT, I do manage to play OK and score some points. I have noticed that when I am scoring against better players, they get a bit creative with the rules. One invented a drop zone when he totally hooked it OOB on a Par 3. Others have taken drops where their ball would have ended up OOB instead of where it crossed. Differences of 50+ yards in a lot of cases. The first week, we were allowed to "fluff" balls on the fairway because of conditions. Somehow that became OK all season long. Some of the greens have legit repair areas, and we are allowed relief. Some players take this to the extreme, and if where they are in the green is not perfect, they declare it "under repair"
  2. Making good progress. Broke into the 90s this past weekend, followed by an 86! Funny thing is, it didn't feel all that different from my other rounds. Just less errors and a few hero shots that went my way. My Handicap went down 3 more points 6/30. Putter is working better. A lot less 3 putts. Also got my first birdie!
  3. Chopping wood is an all shoulder motion. Driving a nail is a shoulder and elbow motion. So driving a nail is more like a golf swing. Or I could be totally wrong. Either one.
  4. You score better than I do, but as mentioned, go try them all out. I had my mind made up on Callaway this year. All the reviews etc pointed me there. Went into the store, hit 5 balls and hated them. Swung the Ping G30s and loved them. Swung a bunch of others, including the G400s, and decided on the 30s. Certainly not the best clubs, nor the latest and greatest, but felt best in my hands.
  5. Broke 100 this morning with a 99. Broke 90 this afternoon with an 86. Got my first birdie. Good day!
  6. I broke 100 for the first time this morning with a 99! Ate lunch and went back out and shot an 86! Got my first birdie ever in that round. Followed by two more.
  7. Like many, my head gets in the way in my game. I am new and working on just about everything, but have been concentrating on putting the past couple weeks. Lots of reps, getting the stroke right, line right, etc. From 5' out, about 50-60% when I concentrate. When I don't, I am more like 80%. I decided to try a drill. I put a bunch of balls about 5 ' from the hole, all around the hole. I went up to each, addressed, thought it out, lined up, etc and putted. 60% ish on average. I then did the same ball spread, and just went up and immediately putted each ball. Putt, next ball, putt, next ball, with no setup, thought, etc. Around 80%. I repeated this drill for about half an hour and the numbers were pretty consistent. So I have an appointment for a lobotomy. I think it will improve my game a lot.
  8. I recently found what I believe to be an amazing deal. Highbridge Hills in NJ has a "player development program". Cost is $225. For that, you get unlimited range time and balls. You also get $10 rounds of golf after 430 in season and 2 hours before dusk out of season. As an added bonus, for me, the course is right on my commute. Today, as an example, I stopped in, hit a large bucket of balls, played 13 holes, and then went back and spent 45 minutes practicing on a part 3 (no one else was on that part of the course). Total cost for the day was $10. The course is very good, challenging and pretty. This will go a long way towards helping me improve my game.
  9. Heading toward my goal of breaking 100. Back 9 yesterday of 48 Front nine today of 48 Not counting that as breaking 100, but feeling like I am close next time I play a full 18.
  10. I am a new golfer. I actually enjoy playing the harder courses near me. I also enjoy the easier courses, but for different reasons. The challenge of the tougher courses is rewarding. The forgiveness of an easier course is more relaxing
  11. I am truly loving the game. One of the reasons I am loving it so much, is because it is so hard to do well. I normally come into an activity and get pretty darn good, pretty quickly, which makes me lose interest. Not the case with golf. I can see this is a lifelong journey of improvement.
  12. I actually have already started weeding them out. I bought the 65, 59 and 55(?) since the latter two were on sale for $99 for both. Since the 55 didn't give me any useful distance, I pulled it and put my regular wedge back in. The 59 will be going shortly, and be replaced with a gap wedge. I am sure at some point the 65 will go away as well, but for now, as a beginner, it works well for me. Thanks for the link, will check it out and put it into the old memory banks.
  13. I looked through and didn't find much on the C3i, or just about any infomercial club, except a lot of derision. Which leads me to believe I am in over my head and will take some heat, but I have my asbestos Speedo on, so I wrote a song about it. Want to hear it? Here it go! First me: I am a new golfer. I splashed around on the course over the years and maybe played 10 rounds total. This year, I decided to actually learn how to play, swing, etc. I have made good progress and am happy with that. Currently shooting just north of 100 (honest 100, no gimme's, no mulligans, no lie improvements, etc) I fell for the C3I infomercial. Beyond "open your stance, open the club, swing down your body line" I had ZERO idea how to get out of sand, and it showed whenever I was in sand. The club: It really does what it purports to do. The main thing that makes this an easier club to hit, for people like me, is that you just take your normal swing. Out of sand, it really does pop the ball up and out. Tight lies, rough, etc, it does it with great consistency, as long as I execute my swing correctly. I have the 65 and 59. 65 is good to about 40 yards and the 59 is good to about 60. As a reference my regular wedge is good for about 100. It is an ugly club. I do get ribbed about it. But it works really well, for me. I will take the ribbing, while popping out a fried egg, uphill lie, onto the green, every time. The downside of the club is learning how to control distance with it. a 100% swing give me 40 yards. A 50% wing gives me 10. A 25% swing is 9. So there is not a linear progression of distance to swing effort. It really does take some time to get hold of that thought and trust it. As a novice, sitting 30 yards off the green, taking a full on swing is daunting. Thoughts of skulling it and sending it flying past the hole are in my head, but this is from before I tried to learn how to play and what to do. Hitting a fat shot is possible, and I have, but there is a good deal of forgiveness there. Hitting a thin shot is easy to do. If you do not strike with the handle forward at impact, you can make some impressive skulls and send the ball screaming 1' off the ground. So overall, for me, the club does perform and is my go to when in close and in sand. It is not unusual for me to play a round with someone that starts with "is that that infomercial club?" and ends with "you really know how to use that thing". YMMV
  14. Besides voting at the booth, I do vote with my wallet. Would I? Yes Could I? Sure, but I would rather play 6-10 rounds at a regular course before paying top $ to play at a nice or historic course. I wouldn't gain anything doing the latter. Will I? I am sure at some point. But not until I get a lot better.
  15. "Play golf" they said "it will be fun" they said
  16. Nothing new. I am a brandy dandy new golfer, this is my first year of actually trying to learn how to swing, etc.
  17. In my mind, I am just not "ready" for fit clubs. Example: All year, when I hit poorly, it has been a push. So there is a flaw in my swing that I need to correct. Fitted clubs could help remedy the effects of this flaw. Sunday, every single bad shot was a pull. First time I have ever pulled, and every single bad shot Sunday was just that. If I had clubs fit to compensate for my push, and this Sunday happened, those pulls would have been in the next county.
  18. I have to go with my latest round, played this past Sunday. Long par 5, dead straight, wide open. I said to my partner "I'm gonna get every bit of this next one." and promptly topped it for a grand total of 40 yards.
  19. Everyone tells me that I should get my clubs fit to me. I counter that I do not yet have a consistent enough swing to bother with this. My thought is, if my swing is not repeatable at least 90% of the time, how could a set of clubs be fit to that swing? I would say I am consistent about 70% of the time, but I certainly make more than my share of mistakes in my swing. I am of the mind that I need to improve me, before I improve my equipment. Am I off base?
  20. Don't have a pic of my bag, but this is the one I bought. Got it on sale for $99. https://www.dickssportinggoods.com/p/wilson-nfl-new-york-jets-cart-bag-14wilunflnyjetbag/14wilunflnyjetbag
  21. I am new to the sport, so please excuse me if this questions is out of bounds. I believe it belongs in this forum. Like many, I watched the US Open. Caught a lot of Thur and Friday and all Saturday and Sunday. As we all know, some players and fans, etc were complaining about course conditions on Saturday being too hard and Sunday being too easy. My question is a simple one. Why do the pros, who make a very comfortable living playing a game, deserve to have extra special perfect conditions to play the game? When any of us go out and play a round, or a league or a tournament, we expect that we will have to play the course as it is in front of us. I assume the vast majority of us are playing for fun, a couple bucks and a little prestige at best. I have a little BS 9 hole course by me that I love to play. One of the greens is horrible. Hole always uphill, in the corner, with a serious downhill slope. If you miss by more than 6", the ball is going to run at least 20 feet away. And you know what? I play the hole. It is what it is.
  22. At MetLife Stadium, and I believe across the NFL, there is a rule. You can heckle the team, but not a particular player. If, let's just pretend here, you are a season ticket holder, on the 50, and pay a ton of money to go to games, and let's say, your team drafts and sticks with Mark Sanchez, and after a few years you start yelling unkind things to said Mark Sanchez, you will be warned and ultimately asked to leave. Hypothetically.
  23. I just went with a NY Jets bag, because I am, foolishly, a fan. That being said, the Callaway US Open bag is gorgeous.
  24. I am in a similar position and my go to ball is the Slazenger Money Ball. It plays OK and is consistent, plus it is fun when you get up to the ball and yell "Money!". Right now they are $20 for 40. https://www.dickssportinggoods.com/p/slazenger-money-golf-balls-20-pack-16slamslzngrmny20gbl/16slamslzngrmny20gbl
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