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  1. I am new to playing golf seriously. 1- So far this year I have gone from a 120s golfer to a low 100s golfer in 3 months. I should be and plan to be a mid to high 90s golfer this year. (I know where I am losing strokes and actively working on the shortcomings) 2- I played with a friend who golfs regularly. At the turn, he was up 3 strokes and was riding me a bit north of friendly, which awoke my competitive side. He suggested we end it there, since he was whooping me. I told him we were playing all 18. I turned it up and beat him by 5, picking up 8 strokes. 3- I am playing in a Wed night league. I am in last place.(expected) But I am near the top of the money in skins. I seem to win $ every week on the last hole.
  2. I am too new to be a snob about anything. That being said, since I wanted to be competent this year, and was willing to put in the effort, I was willing to put in the dollars for good equipment as well. I shopped a lot of the 2-3 year old stuff. I was willing to buy latest and greatest, but with the knowledge that the best clubs in the world would not change much for me. I ended up with Callaway XR16 1W, 3W, 5W and Ping G30 irons. Good gear, but also a couple years old and saved a lot of $, which I put towards lessons and play. I actually like the feel of my G30s better than the G400s. On the subject of balls, I have found several I really like, but I do lose one or a few every round, so I do not play them. I am using Slazinger Money Balls that I buy when on sale, and they cost $0.75 per. At my level, they hit fine and play fine. Nowhere near as nice as some of the balls I have tried, but a lot cheaper to let a $0.75 ball go than a $3.50 ball, and the $3.50 ball is not that much better for me. Once I stop losing them so much, I will move to the better stuff.
  3. I have no delusions of adequacy. I know how far I have to go to become decent. On the flip side, I have played with more than a few people who say things like "I usually shoot in the 90s" or something like that. Then, when you go out on the course, you realize how they "shoot in the 90s". Bad tee shot? Hit another, no penalty. Bad lie? Kick it out to a better lie. 5' putt? "that's a gimme". OOB? Drop, no penalty. etc. And then there is the creative stroke count. They shoot a 7 and record a 5, somehow forgetting how many strokes they took.
  4. When playing for fun, my personal rules: 1 Mulligan per round Double par max per hole If we all agree "your ball should be right around here" drop with no penalty Pants off dance off if you don't clear ladies tees. (requires at least 30 seconds of Rodney Dangerfield like dancing with pants around ankles.
  5. Since this is my first year of trying to play instead of just wandering around hitting the ball: Develop a consistent swing Get into the 90s and stay there (currently about 103 average) Reduce 3 putts by improving lag putting and getting to where 3' is almost automatic Learn and practice chipping
  6. Hey all. Relative newbie golfer. I played on and off for a while, but less than 10 rounds total before this year. Decided to get serious and learn how to play and swing this year. I have about 15 rounds under my belt since March. Took some lessons, bought some recent vintage equipment and practice practice practice. Began the year in the 110s-120s, using friendly scoring. I am down to low 100s right now, counting all strokes and penalties, with a goal of getting into and staying in the 90s this year. Continuing with the lessons and practice and playing whenever I can.
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