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  1. No, the owner of the site made comment that he hoped I was being sarcastic in something I believe in and have an opinion on. He dismissed my thoughts. That is the role of a troll, not the owner of the site. I received a demerit for my comment. Cool. I repeat, to the owner of the Sand Trap .com, Arbiter of All Things, and Knower of all Knowledge. GO f*** YOURSELF. Please, pretty please give me some more demerits.
  2. I had written a long response to your comment. Then I looked at your signature. f*** you.
  3. I would like to add a point. I am a big believer in instruction and training in all aspects of my life, golf included. What many fail to realize is that instruction gives you the tools to practice. Practice, utilizing the instruction, is what improves your skills.
  4. I chose "almost always" for both answers, but in reality it is "always". Even before I knew most of the etiquette rules, it was clear to me, this is how to end a round. It is actually off putting to me when someone does not remove their hat. Especially on the tour, drives me nuts.
  5. Several Federal agencies, the FDA, the EPA and a blue ribbon panel of lobbyists and relatives of Congress were convened and spent $72 Billion dollars on a study that determined ingesting golf balls is bad for animals. Therefore, and from here on out, animals are forbidden from ingesting golf balls, with a fine of $1,000 for first infractions, and $10,000 for subsequent infractions. If an animal is found to be a chronic ball ingester, there will be a new agency established to study the causes of ball ingestion abuse, possible resolutions and treatments and the Fed will declare a "War on golf ball ingestion by animals" that wil run for 30 years, resulting in an increase in animal golf ball ingestion. The only solution will be to expand the war and the dollars spent.
  6. I don't drink much. I do like wine and made my own this year. Maybe a bottle a week, at most. When at a party, I will have some kind of vodka mixed drink if I am drinking at that event. At BBQs, etc, I will have a couple beers, but almost never to drunkenness, or even buzzed. On the course I MIGHT have 1 or 2 beers, but only if the mood strikes. Of course these are generalizations. Sometimes I go weeks or more without any kind of drink, and some weekends I have more than normal. Really varies. As for what my government says, F them and their rules.
  7. Mine is actually very close. I needed wedges. Tried several and within 3 or 4 swings, I KNEW the RTX3s were for me.
  8. another vote for 7 Iron. I can hit anything under 145 with that club, so it would suit me well.
  9. Swing speed - Increase my swing speed by improving my technique. There is a lot there for the taking. I would like to get near or north of 100MPH Distance - Increase distance with my clubs, at least 20 yards for Driver and less as you go down the bag. See above for how. Right now my average drive + my average 7 iron = 350-375, I need that to be above 400 to really be able to chase down pars and better. HCP - Reduce HCP to mid to low teens. Continuous improvement, along with adding length should make this doable Continue my training. Lots of meaningful practice, lessons and task specific drills. Improve course management - I am OK and generally know what to do, but need to get better. Shoot in the 80s consistently - See all above. And finally - Remove the STENCH of the 119 I put up at my course championship.
  10. Consistency is a misnomer. BUt yes, it has improved a lot. Latest GHIN has me at 21.7, with all 10 scores being in the 90s, so yes. Yes, but 3' are nearly automatic in fun rounds, but Match play they make me bite my nails Yes, I have hit well over 2,000 Chips and Pitches in practice and continue to practice them heavily, most range sessions.
  11. I only noticed it because I was doing the same thing and my pro told me about it.
  12. Suggestions: Lift our head up. On your backswing, your left shoulder is pushing your head backwards, off the ball. Slow down a bit on your backswing.
  13. It may be time to quit keeping score and just going out and hitting the next shot. Let the score go and enjoy the game.
  14. I am gaming an XR16 right now. When I went for a lesson this weekend, I had 20 minutes to kill, so I swung the Rogue. Pro asked me if I was thinking of switching, to which I replied "only if this thing adds 20 yards to my drives" I then witnessed it add 20 yards to my drives. Back to back comparison to my XR16, same simulator, etc. Thank god the rest of my game is suffering right now, or I would be $400 poorer. But next year?......
  15. I went from infomercial rescue clubs to a set of Cleveland wedges. I have little experience, but I can say with confidence that I LOVE these wedges and they allow me to attempt shots I couldn't think about without them. They do their job very well when I do mine.
  16. If I have the time, here is my routine: Chip with 3 wedges, all putter to 9'oclock swings, starting with the easiest first. Half swings, working up through the bag. Full swings with 60, 7, 5 iron, driver Putt, starting with 2 footers, then 3 footers, then 4 footers, followed by some long lags to get speed control, without aiming at a hole. Strictly distance control. The idea is to get myself used to success with the short putts and short chips. This whole routine is only about 20 minutes.
  17. Try to not go so far back on the BS. My fiancee was having this problem over the weekend. I gently coached her into taking a smaller BS and she straightened out her shots and picked up distance. FWIW
  18. This past weekend, I was on an empty course, and three holes away is a fivesome blaring good old southern rock. While I do enjoy the genre, the volume was a bit much. So I asked them to lower the volume. And by ask, I mean I yelled "turn that shit off, no one wants to hear it!" They complied.
  19. I have a 46, 52 and 60. I bridge the gaps by opening up the lower lofted clubs.
  20. I am a high HC, so take this FWIW. I have made it my goal to develop a good technical swing and improve my results as a benefit. In all my competitive endeavors, this has served me. I have raced motorcycles, flown gliders, done technical scuba diving, long distance riding, skiing, the list goes on. In all cases, I spent a lot of time becoming technically proficient, which resulted in excellent results after the learning period. I liken the mechanical vs feel to skiers. There are two types of skiers. Both can ski any mountain and handle any terrain. One of them does it by sheer will power and years of skiing badly (mechanically), but can handle anything. The other is technically proficient and can ski anything and looks fluid and smooth. Both end up with the same results, but the technically superior skier is having an easier time of it and probably enjoying it more. I have seen this at my home course, in league play. Of the top 5 or 6 guys, only two of them have something that looks like a traditional swing. The other 4 have some really interesting mechanics. All 6 of them can whip my butt any day and twice on Sunday. But I believe that when I get my mechanics in place, and can do it with consistency, I will produce better results. This will take longer that just going by pure feel, but I am betting the end results will be better.
  21. millsan1


    I am very new to the game, but also was in a slump a month ago. I went back to my pro, and he said, lift your chin and even out your weight at address. Bang, right back at normal for me. Like has been said, it can be something very simple.
  22. I play the whites, because, I don't know. Seems like the thing. Funny thing is, I played the reds with my Fiancee and another couple this past weekend, in the interest of expediency, as we teed off after 4 and wanted to be sure we got 18 in (we did), and the course was not only shorter (obviously), it was a completely different course. The reds were not just pushed up, but some were offset, different sides of the course, etc. It totally changed the course and was a lot of fun to play. I was able to try some hero shots on some pars 4s and almost drive the greens. That being said, at this course, red is too easy for me, while white is plenty of challenge.
  23. In this week's league, I was down 3.5 to 0.5 and came back to win 5-4. Weird to quote yourself, but here we go: 1- I expect to shoot in the 90s now. 2- This buddy can't hang with me on the course, not even close. 3- I finished the league in last, but in the current season I am near the top.
  24. I dislike them equally. They both suck. These guys are good is just dumb. Live under par literally makes no sense. But some ad agency was well payed to come up with it, and I wasn't, so I guess I am the dumb one.
  25. Put everyone's name in a hat and draw teams. Even if a team ends up with two A players, they will be the target for everyone else. Or, split the group into two, A and B players, and put all teh A players names in one hat and all the B players names in another, and draw one from each hat. Same deal, some teams may be better than others, but it introduces a bit of a challenge. At my home course league, when we play the front 9, it is easiest to play 10 coming in, rather than just coming in. I always try to play the top dogs on that hole for a beer. Two top dogs vs me and one of the little dogs, scramble.
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