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  1. "Anyone who drives faster than you is a maniac! Anyone who drives slower than you is an idiot! - George Carlin" Thanks for the Saturday morning laugh, boogielicious. My old golf partner George Zakarian, may he rest in peace, once told a group of officers at the Fort Eustis golf course, "We may suck, but we suck fast." Zak and I used to play 18 holes at Norwich Golf Course in Connecticut in two hours, with a cart. (The 1980's.)
  2. When I lived in upstate NY briefly in 1994, my favorite method of snow removal was the erosion method.....😁
  3. The most fun I ever had with my clothes on was firing the 50 caliber machinegun in 1972 with the Marines. Targets were 2100 meters away, and every 5th (maybe 10th, I forget) round was a tracer. We had so much fun that we actually stole more ammunition so we could keep doing it. Aside from that, we have a Chinese-made 12 gage shotgun, purchased after too many local reports of home invasions.
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