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    2022 Masters

    I spent a couple of decades applying for Masters tickets. Eventually got tired of the endless rejections. Erik, I have a photo I took with a very nice Nikon, of the 9th hole at Pinehurst #2. Been using it off and on for my PC desktop since I took it, just after the restoration. Nowadays it seems to me that most folks bring a "camera" with them to tournaments - their phones. When I see them watching the tournament through a phone, I think, "Isn't the actual tournament better than your phone?"
  2. guitarget

    2022 Masters

    "Taking a camera is overrated." I think it depends on the camera - and, the photographer.😊
  3. "Do they have spectators to find the balls they hit into the woods?" This is a big one, in my opinion. While watching the recent Open, I often wondered how long it would take me or you to find a ball hit into that really long, thick stuff, while pros have spotters and spectators to help out. Course conditioning is a big one too. A while back the city allowed our Donald Ross muni to dry out for a while. When I say that a six inch putt could break six inches, I'm not kidding.
  4. Been lurking on the site for quite a while. I always enjoy great golf discussions, and this place always delivers. I also never fail to learn cool new things here. Thanks to all, and please keep it up. Regards, Don Ward USMC USN/SS Longtime Beatle Musician Retired
  5. "Anyone who drives faster than you is a maniac! Anyone who drives slower than you is an idiot! - George Carlin" Thanks for the Saturday morning laugh, boogielicious. My old golf partner George Zakarian, may he rest in peace, once told a group of officers at the Fort Eustis golf course, "We may suck, but we suck fast." Zak and I used to play 18 holes at Norwich Golf Course in Connecticut in two hours, with a cart. (The 1980's.)
  6. When I lived in upstate NY briefly in 1994, my favorite method of snow removal was the erosion method.....😁
  7. The most fun I ever had with my clothes on was firing the 50 caliber machinegun in 1972 with the Marines. Targets were 2100 meters away, and every 5th (maybe 10th, I forget) round was a tracer. We had so much fun that we actually stole more ammunition so we could keep doing it. Aside from that, we have a Chinese-made 12 gage shotgun, purchased after too many local reports of home invasions.
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