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  1. I see what you are saying. Yeah it’s the standard 3 wood I own. I was just curious. I am getting a new shaft but I will just leave it the way it is. I thought I could put an adapter on. Thank you sir.
  2. Hey everyone I was just wondering if you are able to install an adapter onto a fairway wood. In this case I have a taylormade Rez stage 2 3 wood and I am interested in installing an adapter on it. Thank you.
  3. I’m not sure if it’s meant to be removed or not, but the two posts on the end of it drop into the hosel to fit into the two holes and then the shaft goes into the piece with the two posts. This driver is not adjustable to all it has is a nut to tighten or loosen to take apart. It’s a shame if I have to buy a new one because this driver head is in good shape. I removed it from a forget what size wrench but I loosened it up with the wrench because that’s all it takes to take apart the driver head from the shaft. Plus he epoxy wasn’t strong enough which is why I believe it snapped at the t
  4. Hey everyone, I am pretty new to golf and a buddy of mine gave me his Ping i20 9.5 driver. Unfortunately, the shaft broke just at the head of the driver leaving the graphite jammed inside of this piece that has two ridges on it that mounts into two other holes inside the driver head opening. I need to buy this piece, however, I’ve researched all over and am not sure what the name of it is. I asked a dicks sporting goods associate and he said it’s a ferrule, but it doesn’t look like a ferrule.
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