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  1. I work at USMA. I have played West Point only once this past summer but it is a great course and cheap for me because Im DoD. It has alot of slope, but its really fun. A bit challenging. Next summer I hope to play there alot more. I live in Jersey so thats why I did not play there more.
  2. Very interesting theory!!! Never thought about it that way.
  3. Alright, I picked up a couple boxes of the Top Flight Gamers and will test them out next weekend. Hope I like them.
  4. I'm new to golf, been playing only for about 2 months now. My club set came with a 3, 4 and 5 hybrid. At first, I was struggling with them and could not hit them for anything. I hated them, but did not give up. I went to the range and worked on them every week. Now, I feel like I need them more so than my irons. I hit all of them really straight, great height, great off the tee, fairway, rough, whatever... They work well anywhere probably except bunkers.
  5. I changed my mind.... I guess I will try to play the course without the driving range. Who knows, maybe I dont need it. Never know until I try. I guess for warm up, I will hit the chipping/putting green, stretch and take some full swings. Thanks for the advice everyone.
  6. Hmmmm, seems like most people don't use the range. I guess I will try to find out if there is a range somewhere really nearby. I don't really want to change anything with my swing prior to playing, I think I just want to hit a few balls so I can be warmed up and loose so it wont take 5 holes to get to that point. Golf is too expensive for that.. lol
  7. Do you all avoid these courses? I am planning on playing a course without a driving range, but I have never done that. I like to get those warm up shots in before tee time. How would you warm up without the range? I was thinking about not playing the course just because of them not having a range. What do you guys do?
  8. I'm not really a fan of using my hybrids off the tees. If its long enough and I don't want to pull out my driver, I use my 3 wood which gets me 225-250. If its a short par 3 (160 or less). I will use a 6 iron. If its a long par 3 (180), I have no answer for that. So, I guess I better practice using my 4H off the tee. I average about 200 with my 3H and 150-175 with my 5H. Don't hit the 4H much but I think I will work on it this weekend.
  9. Has anyone here ever hit Nike Mojo's? Thats what I hit. I was curious if that is a good ball for a beginning golfer?
  10. When you say "hit the greens", what exactly is meant?
  11. I will be playing a par 60 course with just under 4,000 yds total in a few weeks. There are only 5 par 4's and all the rest are Par 3's of all sorts. I am hitting my 3 wood off the tee really well lately at the range (about 200-240) and plan to pull that club out most of the day when I hit the course. My 3 wood is by far my favorite club.
  12. Careyst

    Y.E. Yang

    Going to be pretty interesting how he plays next to Tiger today. He beat Tiger in some tournament last year.
  13. Just came in from Amazon. Can't wait to start it really soon!
  14. Careyst


    I love my hybrids... I have the 3, 4 and 5 Hybrid and my irons go from 6-PW. My 3 hybrid is very powerful. I have hit it about 220 before and I know it can be hit even further. My 5 hybrid hits around 120 and when I used it on the course, it came in very good use in the rough. I have not even hit my 4H before, but I see people talking very good about it, so I will break it out the bag my next trip to the range.
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