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  1. Vinsk, Thanks for that, and thanks to everyone for listening. Jeff
  2. So, I tried it. We'll see what happens. Thanks for replying.
  3. Don't see a way to edit the post but...I just did a quick look at "Go Fund Me". Anyone have any experience with this? Thanks
  4. Hello. I'm Jeff. I've never? posted here but I feel that this, being a like-minded group, is the spot to get ideas about how I/we might continue on. I live in Port St. Joe, FL (my home is actually just a few miles East of Mexico Beach). And I play golf. And our course is hurting. It was never a great course; shaggy greens, weeds, unkempt bunkers, etc. But it WAS a golf course. The only one available. None of this supersede's the fundamental damage brought to individuals, and never can. It about the future. And, fundamentally it's about time; if we can't clear all the trees (all
  5. Late to the party... but "I do!". I now have a golf swing I can trust. Distance is same (~220-240 carry off tee, 150-yard 8-iron, at sea level; I'm too old to worry about 300 yard drives right now). Misses are less awful unless I mentally 'check-out' mid-swing - no swing method will fix the brain. Jim Hardy's book on the Release is what really fixed it for me. Apparently I was trying (hard, for months) to use a one-plane backswing (just feels natural/good to me) with the age old two-plane through swing idea/instruction/tips, etc. Was months of frustration as I attempted to [re]build
  6. About 4 dozen balls is it for me. I feel I get stale too easily. Have a general sequence: 3-balls per club; short-iron, 5-iron, hybrid, driver, then some short pitch shots. Feel I get into a rhythm if I hit too many of the same shot, with the same club, in a row; prefer to break that rhythm to more simulate playing conditions. I use a camera a lot (slo-mo on my phone) as I'm trying to work on one specific thing (like, forever). Video shows me that I'm still "ball bound" - swing with a ball in front of me is never the exact same. Someday I'll beat this out of me. That's the hardest t
  7. jross


  8. First timer - getting back into this crazy game now that I'm retired and have the time.... So today I play a tricky course in an attempt to learn it for a tournament; a 2-day, no-HDCP (yeah!) thing. After a 10+ year layoff (of once a month play) I've worked at it. Got down to about a 9 index. Front nine my ball-striking, if you could call it that, looked like someone trying to kill bugs. Bugs that were attacking them from all angles. Ran to the range after number 9 (was playing alone and late in the day so nobody in front/behind me) and spent 20 sweaty minutes doing the exact same th
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