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  1. A bit late to the party but I must reiterate - The 'tee strike' shot worked for me perfect when struggling with shanks. At range use a small rubber tee under the mat, sit the ball the far side of the tee, and concentrate on hitting the tee flush worked for me. If I found a few shanks creeping in on the course I just imagine another ball where I would have the tee by comparison and strike that, then voila!
  2. Driver - 260 - 345 yds (Ok, I only got 345 once but I'm counting it! 3W - 220 yds Ping crossover 4i - 195-210 yds 5i - 175 - 190 yds 6i - 160 - 170 yds 7i - 155 - 160 yds 8i - 145- 150 yds 9i - 130 - 140 yds PW 115 - 125 yds SW 100 - 110 yds Putter - 3 yds past the hole
  3. I opted for the Ping G series as this included free custom fitting for them, and quite forgiving, I still love them after 3 years!
  4. Great thanks for the replies guys. I think @iacas makes a very good point, some days can be getting sloppy after 30 balls another can do 150 full concentration no bother
  5. Hi guys, Just wondering everyone's opinion on how much practicing per week people feel is optimal for progress, I've noticed a few varied opinions on here? I work away for a month at a time but then have a month off work, I get itchy feet and find myself on the range or course most days. After two weeks of 2x10 holers and 1x18 holer with one range session I improved from mid to high 90's to low 90's, scoring x2 90's and x2 91's the following two weeks. I then, invigorated by the progress, next time hit 50-75 balls every day on range with atleast 6 holes after it, and 3x18 holes per week. My striking quality decreased hugely in the latter period, swing felt poor! Is this just too much golf!? Cheers J
  6. Its comforting to hear others struggle with this as i didn’t know anyone else did! That’s spot on, when not swinging well then try swing easier my usual 155 yard 7i drops to around 145!
  7. This is exactly how I feel, when I'm swinging easy and using my whole body striking is improved and it's less effort. After a few bad shots turn into bad round of hacking with rushed upper body/more arms, my striking has been terrible and I leave the course exhausted!
  8. I posted a while ago but haven't been online, the kicking of the right knee in towards left heel makes alot of sense and I look forward to trying it out when I can get back to the range! It seems the faster i swing the more my knee / right hip moves towards the target line instead of towards my left foot - causing heel shots, especially with my driver, causing a weak high slice shape. It's even happened before when I've tried to really rip my driver and barely clipped it with the inside of the head and the ball has gone just a few yards to my left and behind me! I'm hoping this right knee kick in feel will help and will try provide feedback
  9. Ok mate will get one of those clamps and get another uploaded ASAP
  10. Hi b101, thanks for the reply! I posted about that in the other forum, when I try using my body more I move more towards the ball and this produces an even worse heel shot and even at times a complete miss! i only have my iPhone for filming purposes but i’ll Try set it up for better angles atleast!
  11. I've been Playing Golf for: 3 years My current handicap index or average score is: 25 My typical ball flight is: high and right The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: heel shot / Slice Videos: [Delete this, Embed Videos Here]
  12. Ok thanks guys, I guess I’m best waiting until I’m home and can up load a vid, got plenty to fix I think! My issue is I work away for a month at a time then have a month off, so I have a lot of time to practice when off but after a month at work it’s like learning to swing all over again. Can get quite frustrating. New faults all the time.
  13. Hi Iacas, thanks for the reply. Basically in the backswing if you’re viewing from behind (down the fairway) I was told my left hip at impact, and after,should end up on the same line as my bottom was at the start of the backswing, however it is a lot more right (towards the ball) at impact and after. i was told this is the cause of my heel shots! I hope this clears it up
  14. Hi, New member here! Hoping to upload a video when I can to the other forum. I've searched the internet and can't seem to find help with an issue I'm having. My bad (and often) shot is a heel strike, even worse with driver and wood. To the point I can't evenm use my driver as causing huge high spin slice it's so out the heel. On filming my swing from behind (looking down the fairway) I can see i 'shunt' towards the ball in the video. I'm struggling to get a feel for fixing this. Has anyone else ever had this issue and know of a way to remedy it? Unfortunately I can't upload a video for the next couple of weeks Thanks JM
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