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  1. We use golf GameBook really handy for live scoreboards
  2. I remember a couple of years ago I felt I was never going to break 100, it was on my mind so often! Keep playing, maybe get a few lessons and it will come and once you get down there the 90's cards will come thick and fast, good luck
  3. Morning, I've always thought 'high hands' at top of backswing, it seems after a couple of weeks away due to work commitments which is often, my hands actually don't go very high just more wrist. I had a pro take a look and he has told me to think of wrists locked in position, and turning with the shoulders. Whwen I do manage to do it I'm striking very well, and getting good distance if I remember to get a full shoulder turn. I'm struggling to replicate thisas many times as I would like to though, especially in transition I have far too much hand/wrist action. Does anyone have any advice for a 'feel/thought' to help get this more often? I'm thinking of picking up one of those yellow 'Swingaide' things to clip on the club at the range, no matter how damaging it may be to my pride! Any advice appreciated Cheers
  4. Sounds good, thanks for all the advice guys. Looking forward to trying the centre of the green approach. @saevel25 I’m sorry I wasn’t very clear there, i definitely think it’s something physical with my swing when I’m on the course I’m just wondering what’s mentally making me change it from on the range, frustrating!
  5. @Shindig I think I probably go for the flag more than I do the green. That article is a great read, and although in my machismo mind I still want to go at flags and think it will help I think I'll put faith in the people who know more than me and give the centre of the green from 60 yds out philosophy a go next few times out! @pganapathy I think this is part of it, however the vast gap between my range and course quality has even been noticed by playing partners who've been tipping me to win the weekly comp beforehand at the range as we have little competitions on range to warm up beforehand only to watch me notch a 100-105 score and go to bits. I'm wondering if it's something mental which is affecting it
  6. It's a weird one, I've had a few lessons and they've improved me greatly.... In the bay! He used SkyTrak and I achieve 195-200 with my 6 iron and I don't feel like I'm trying too agressively, just swinging with good confidence and can really get at it. Same with drives, around 280 average. Yet get on the course and it goes to pot!! He's around £220 for an on course lesson so it's a huge payout, but I feel I may need to do that with him just to see what I'm doing different with the swing out there compared to in the bay and on the range. With regards to checking strike on Trackman and SkyTrak, the pro says the way I strike it according to the SkyTrak is standard of a 10-12 handicapper for all my clubs. My course game seems to vastly disagree with him!! I like the idea of playing a course in my head on the range and see how many over I end up through a few holes to compare, thanks.
  7. I feel it's pointless as we're going for a 10 day holiday and I'm only sneaking one afternoon round in! Will just have to hunch over a bit with the shorter clubs
  8. Hi Bill, Yes it's off a mat - I must note it feels much easier and I feel much more confident hitting off one. The low point issue makes sense actually as my main problems are a steep angle of attack, and bending the elbow at/after impact too soon (Chicken wing?) Am I right in thinking both of these are linked in with low point issues? I'd say I hit a maximum of 10-12 shots with each club consecutively, if I try a certain shot with aclub it depends how many times it takes for me to be happy that I've hit it right before I'll move on to another. Thanks
  9. I have the adidas knit 360 and swear by them, real comfortable golf shoe
  10. Thanks @boogielicious will take a look into that course too, how was the difficulty? I'm really worried about using rental clubs as I used a set in Indonesia and they were tiny in length and mine are really long, I thinned it around the whole 18 holes and hated the experience!!
  11. Hi Jay, That's the strange thing, I seem to be able to do it on the range no bother. As you say, it must be to do with the added pressure! I wasn't aware that was the tour average, thats helpful info thanks. An issue for me is a steep swing, I don't use anything higher than my 5 although i Have a 3 and 5 wood I can't hit them off the deck it's a guaranteed OB so I'm always thinking if I could get my 215-220 range distance on the course it would be a huge help on some of the longer par 4's which our course has a lot of! Especially if I hit a poor drive, I get in a right knot walking to the next shot as I know I can't recover from it as the next longest shot I can hit is 190-195. I hit my handicap last game, with two quadruple bogey's and a triple and these were on 2 long par 4's and a long par 5 after a poor drive on all 3. I was 10 over the other 15 holes, I feel if I can get that part sorted my scores will drop! Cheers J
  12. Hi, I'm looking at playing Sandy Lane golf course in Barbados in a couple of weeks. The country club course, not the green monkey course. Has anyone played there before, any thouhgts on the place if so? I have 1 and 1/4" longer clubs because I'm really tall, and I'm a high handicapper so worried if I'm going to enjoy it and with rental clubs. Don't want too hard of a challenge, and I'm taking my other half as a none player so hoping they'll let us get a slot where can get our own tee time if not busy, as the nerves of playing with someone will just wreck my game! Cheers!
  13. Hi guys, I noticed a post from @iacas regarding what % you hit a ball at on the course. I've had a track man set up at the range, and can confidently hit a 5iron 210-220, quite a nice draw on it, same story with driver albeit further. When I get out on the course I feel my dispersion is huge if I try hit at the tempo I can hit with at the range, and I have alot more fat, thin mishits. I therefore end up having to dial everything back, resulting in a 190 yd 5i. A huge loss if wanting to recover or get further down! Does anyone else have this, and has anyone overcame it? It seems my course confidence is quite low at the minute, yet range confidence at an all timer high - I know people usually have this but the huge gap between quality for me is shocking!! Cheers
  14. A bit late to the party but I must reiterate - The 'tee strike' shot worked for me perfect when struggling with shanks. At range use a small rubber tee under the mat, sit the ball the far side of the tee, and concentrate on hitting the tee flush worked for me. If I found a few shanks creeping in on the course I just imagine another ball where I would have the tee by comparison and strike that, then voila!
  15. Driver - 260 - 345 yds (Ok, I only got 345 once but I'm counting it! 3W - 220 yds Ping crossover 4i - 195-210 yds 5i - 175 - 190 yds 6i - 160 - 170 yds 7i - 155 - 160 yds 8i - 145- 150 yds 9i - 130 - 140 yds PW 115 - 125 yds SW 100 - 110 yds Putter - 3 yds past the hole
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