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  1. I'm not sayign the chart is wrong at all, but I'd say it's optimistic. Realize it's assuming perfection, 1.5 smash, spin, conditions, everything is good.......the 30yds of rollout indicates this. I think something a bit more real world, although obviously on the top end of the scale, is to find a tour pro that has a 280yd average and find his swing speed. Yeah, I know, tons of variables based on course conditions, how well he hit it, etc etc etc.....but that's the world we live in, variables. A tour pro is about as close as we're going to get to a "robot" hitting the ball, so just wo
  2. Agree with a lot of what's been said here. Last year, a good drive for me was 260. Made some effort to crank it up a bit more. In a nutshell, made sure that I was "swinging" rather then "hitting" at the ball. Seems simple enough, but it's tough. In general, this will help you come from the inside and hit a draw, play looser, get more turn, and sequence the swing better. All the same stuff stated above. I also lost some weight, which helped with the flexibility. This year a good drive for me is 280, and I've had a lot more days hitting it consistently, had a few over 300yds
  3. I agree to some extent. Granted, plenty of guys seem to "get it" easily, in my experience they're folks that were taught from an early age. Guys that started after highschool or college have a tougher time. Seems that most have an outside in swing, it is just more natural to turn the shoulders around the hips. In many other sports, you're taught to "hit" something. The "hitting" of the golf ball is a major issue for most players, learning how to "swing" the club is tough. I'm not talking about the group of guys on this board, I'm talking just going out to a driving range and watc
  4. I'm not a big fan of gift cards, seems like a lazy gift. I think a set of knit headcovers is pretty cool. Lots of guys seem to like them, and they're in that "want to but don't need to" range where guys don't have them. http://rockettour.com/
  5. Just relating a bit of experience. I recently, for a span of two months or so, lost almost 10mph of clubhead speed and started hitting a big cut off the tee that barely got off the ground at times. Swing just went to crap. Lucky to drive it 240. The thing is, it was pretty accurate, and I hit a bunch of fairways. Ball didn't go as far, so it didn't go as far offline when not hit as well...pretty simple. I shot 79 for the first time and dropped my handicap 3 strokes in that timeframe, playing 6600yd courses. If my goals were different, I could just say screw it and keep that swing, it s
  6. Why would his hcp change, the course rating would change with the length, so he could stay the same hcp playing higher scores.
  7. Selling a pair of nice used Titleist 909H hybrids. These are in 19 and 24* lofts, both have Mitsubishi Diamana Blueboard 80gram hybrid shafts. The 19 is a Stiff shaft, 24 is a regular. Both are in nice shape, just normal wear on the sole and face. They DO NOT have any skymarks or other major scratches. Selling for $50/ea, or will make a package deal for both for $90. [IMG] http://i1009.photobucket.com/albums/af215/chilly460/Sales/280_zpsb6c83c70.jpg [/IMG] [IMG] http://i1009.photobucket.com/albums/af215/chilly460/Sales/282_zpsa72bc849.jpg [/IMG] [IMG]
  8. Because I want to read content relevant to the OPs question, instead of wading through a bunch of posts by guys saying something can't happen, just because they can't personally do it.
  9. At least on the links courses I played, they would be among the slowest courses that you could play in this respect. Every hole is surrounded by the thick grass, any ball off the fairway is a search and rescue mission.
  10. I did a golf trip to Scotland in late August. One of my big impressions is that at least in Scotland, in all aspects, people just have more of a "clue". They drive more aware, they walk more aware, they're more courteous...they just plain have more awareness. Ever stand in line at a fast food place for five minutes, only to have the person in front of you wait until they're at the cashier to make their decision? Stuff like that, just overall doesn't seem as prevalent from my experience over there. So, carry that to the course, people don't act like zombies on the golf course. They
  11. Why do these threads always devolve into a pissing match. Who cares if it's possible, or not possible, or if you think the guy is full of BS. Just move along, or help answer the question. Yeah, I don't swing 125mph either, wish I did...but I'm not going to let that realization push me to say it can't be done by anyone not on tour. I've seen a dumpy looking 5'10"ish guy wing it 124-125 on a monitor, as well as a college age "looks like a golfer" type. There guys out there in the general public that can do it. I'd say pretty simple, look in the WITB on longer guys on tour. To
  12. 110mph SS is going to do 265 carry, 280 total on a good drive with proper numbers, maybe a tad more but not talking about 1 in 100 ballstrike here. I'm not going to comment on the swing, just on your request. Personally I'd say an Adams 9015D is a good choice, Ping i15 as well although it has a bit of a reputation for being hard to hit. If you want absolutely lowest spin, I'd have to say the Mizuno MP 630, I tried one and could only get knuckleballs, I swing 108-110mph and usually have to work with a relatively low spin combo to get to 2500-2500rpm. The Mizuno was dropping out
  13. Congrats, that's a big accomplishment. Nothing prettier then a 3yd draw on a high 7iron!
  14. Have you tried Spring Creek? I haven't been to many Cville courses, but am pretty familiar with the Richmond area. Independance is decent, Federal Club is outstanding if you can still get on (heard recently went back to private but GolfNow has tee times). If you want to go East, Vinaterra is outstanding, Mattaponi Springs as well.
  15. Agreed, hit a lot of clubs recently and loved the CG 16 Tours as more of a players cavity.
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