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  1. DG R300 for me. I like a heavier flexible shaft for feel. The weight and the flex allows me to make a smooth pass and load the shaft every time. I played DG shafts most of my life back and forth between S and R flex. I've tried to get used to the other iron shafts and here's my feedback summary: Nippon - too light and feel a little harsh even on pured shots Rifle - not bad, but the dispersion and distance control was not good enough Project X - boardy, butt stiff and really expensive, I don't get them at all.
  2. Matching Driver and Woods?

    Ascetics over performance?
  3. My dilemma....

    I had to get away from thinking about what each manufacturer called a 2,3 or 4 hybrid and even what loft they were. Irons and hybrids hit so differently that you really have to test them out. Also, I had to think about what I wanted to use my hybrid for. I decided that I didn't simply want a 2-iron or 5wood replacement, but I wanted a club I could hit both off the fairway and the rough (so more of a rescue). My Titleist 21 degree hybrid gets me both, even though technically it is called a 3-iron replacement and I have a 3-iron too. The hybrid goes about 200 yards, where my 3-iron is about 190. Hope this helps.
  4. Matching Driver and Woods?

    I'd recommend considering different manufacturers. For example, I love Titleist drivers and can't imagine playing anything else. The aesthetics feel and playability are great for me. But, their fairway woods were a little to challenging and my V steel 3 wood is the best club in my bag. I agree with the other post. There are too many clubs and not enough time to test them all. Although, if you're just starting out and this is your first big set then I wouldn't worry about it too much for now.
  5. Hybrid or 3-wood

    Good question here. I just got a new 3 wood that I may cut down 1/2 inch for more consistency. I do have a 19 degree hybrid that is great for 200-210. But if I want 220+, or another option off the tee, the hybrid isn't the best option. I will say the 906 F4 is easy to hit off the deck. I've tried lower degree hybrids, I seem to lose the benefit if I go 17 or below
  6. Titleist 906F2 5W

    I owned the 906 F2 5 wood with the Aldila NV stiff 75g. I found that it went pretty straight with that shaft, but your swing speed might be higher than mine. I'm around 95 with a driver. I've hit the 906 with a steel too and didn't like it at all. Same with the 585H. I think these clubs were weighted best for graphite. I used to play steel in all woods up to a couple years ago and I still prefer steel to some degree, but I didn't like it with these heads. On the flip side, I still own a 19 Taylor Made Rescue Mid in stiff steel that is way better than the graphite version.
  7. Golf Shoe Survey

    I have a pair of Ecco Casual Cool Ribbon (gray with a little neon green trim). They are pretty comfortable so far. I haven't walked 18 with them yet. I previously had a cheap pair of Nike's. They lasted a couple years but ran out of support.
  8. Mizuno irons popularity

    One major reason that some pros don't play (but many still do) blades is that they are given a lot of money to play with that company's new club, which is marketed to a broader range of golfers - low to mid handicappers. It really doesn't matter what the pros play. They hit it flush nearly all the time. And they have swing coaches, caddies and their own expertise to give them feedback. I'm a mid handicapper and I play blades because they look better (thin topline, narrow sole), feel better and usually hit better. I got news for you, blades aren't all that tough to hit and they give much better feedback. Also, playing blades forces me to focus on making a smooth pass with good contact. That is my idea of a game improvement club.
  9. Driver Shaft

    Your swing speed may change with a heavier stiffer shaft. I've had mine clocked as high as 107 with a driver and a whippy stock shaft.
  10. Driver Loft...Hype?

    I'm not asking for anyone's help on this issue. I'm just responding to the thread that in my opinion the whole "all about carry" dogma is overrated.
  11. Mizuno irons popularity

    I wouldn't use Tiger as an example that Mizuno irons are great clubs. That guy can hit anything. Besides, irons are very personal and it takes awhile to get comfortable with a set. Tiger probably didn't want to mess with a good thing (for him at least). I've had a set of Mizuno grads and I've demod several of the new Mizunos and I must say they are not the club for me. I find them somewhat difficult to hit and even when I pure it I am noticeably shorter in distance. I will say these irons are very crisp, if you like that feeling. I just prefer softer irons.
  12. Help me pick a LW

    I agree, the 60 degree is ridiculous. Not long ago wedges higher than 56 or something were not allowed. The game was not intended to play with such high lofts. Then again it probably was not intended to have drivers the size of hedge trimmers either. I like Vokey and Cleveland. Look online, I got my 58 degree Vokey for 89.99 free shipping brand new last year. Believe it or not I think Nike makes a decent wedge too and they are much cheaper.
  13. Driver Shaft

    If you are hitting the ball 300 I'm guessing you have a pretty high swing speed. Although I think the stock shaft in the burner is probably 50 grams and the shaft is 46', so even myself at 95mph swing speed could probably get that 260-270 in the air. Anyway, if you want to lower spin and ball flight I'd recommend the UST Proforce V2 shaft. It's going to play much different than the stock shaft, and you may lose some distance but it will do what you want.
  14. I still have my first set. They were hand me downs. Power Bilt Citation blades (circa 1980s). I hit them almost as good as my TA1s (circa 2000). And, if I had them reshafted they probably wouldn't play much different. It's possible cavity back clubs have changed some. I just posted earlier tonight about a thread on the titleist 775. I played with those a few rounds and they are absolute idiot sticks. You can hit the ball off center hit a bit and still get straight high ball flight. That said, I never played cavity back clubs until 5 years ago.
  15. Never hit the other clubs. But I've played with the 775s and they are idiot sticks. THey have extra strong lofts and very low center of gravity. My mom could probably carry a 9-iron 130 with these clubs. Moreover, the lower or mid handicapper won't be able to work the ball well and should stay away from the 775s.