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  1. Pick MY Driver

    I agree with the above.Have a clubmaker test your swing speed and launch angle. I had my Ping G-5 shaft changed out,weighted and cut to fit me. I`m still lovin it.Good Golfin Depending on your swing and budget, I like the Taylormade R 9
  2. Pick MY Driver

    I would agree with the above. Custom fitted clubs or clubs tuned for your swing is the key.Right now I`m still hitting my Ping G-5 9 degree and loving it.I had the shaft changed to my specs and then weighted and cut to fit me. If you go to clubmaker make sure they test your swing speed and launch angle. Just trying to help. Good Golfin
  3. 2009 Open Championship conversation

    When I was younger I got beat by a couple of older gentlemen.I could pound the ball a mile but they were right down the middle everytime and did not miss a putt.With Tom coming close, I think it still shows you, that golf is played by all ages.And getting older might take away some distance off the tee.But it`s the distance between your ears that makes the score.Still was a great Open to watch! Good Golfin