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  1. Thank you sir, Went to the range this morning and started out with wedge working on shifting weight and getting more weight forward at impact. Worked my way up to long irons and then to the dreaded woods. Everything was fine and swing as well as contact were good. Until of course i got the 5wood out. Im starting to think my mind is getting the best of me at this point. To be fine with the irons and so far from anything even halfway decent with woods is just ridiculous. I could hit a wood a million times better just 3-4 rounds ago and now its gone, just gone. Im at a loss right now. I will work on getting a video up of me actually hitting the ball. on the bright side i was absolutely bombing the 3 iron to the point where i would take those shots off the tee any day. 230 down the middle works for me
  2. Ok so ive gotten the chance to take a slow motion video of my swing from face on and from down the line. I have always sliced and recently havent even been able to get the ball to go more than 50 yards dribbling out of the tee box. So frustrating. Looks to me like i might just have an issue with leaving the face Way, Way open at impact. Any thoughts? Again i cant hit my woods or driver at all right now. Im all over the place and mostly hitting way off the heel and ball trickling left and about 20 yards off the tee😩. Again, irons are playing pretty solid at the moment especially short irons and wedges. This is a practice swing with my 5 wood.
  3. Im sorry the original post was supposed to say “Until recently i was teeing off with a 3 Iron on anything longer than a par 3.” Not “Until recently i was teeing off with a 3 wood on anything longer than a par 3.”
  4. Thank you. I will try and get a buddy to film my swing soon so i can upload here and hopefully get some advice.
  5. Hello Everyone, Browsed sight for a while now. So frustrated today that i decided to join in hopes of some advice on my swing. A little background. Ive been playing golf seriously for a little less than a year now. By seriously i mean golfing once a week and trying to practice a couple times a week. Currently about a 20 handicap and shoot around 90. Lately ive been really solid with my irons and wedges. Putting is decent. Ive always struggled with the driver (slice) to the point where i put it in my bag and it doesnt come out. Until recently i was teeing off with a 3 wood on anything longer than a par 3. I started practicing with a 5 wood that i have and got pretty solid with it. So i started gaming the 5 wood. I got comfortable enough with that that i went ahead and bought a 3 wood to be my permanent driver. Took it to the range yesterday and hit pretty well with it. Until today. Went out today and played best ball with a couple buddies. I hit the first few shots with the 3 wood decent. The rest of my game(irons and wedges) was really good today. Basically using my ball 90% of the time. Untill the 4th or 5th hole! My swing with the 3 wood just completely fell apart! Irons and wedges continued to be rock solid but my 3 wood swing was gone, GONE GONE. We didnt use my drive for the rest of the round all though i carried us the whole way besides that. I was hitting it so bad that i was actually hitting the bottom of the club with the ball. Then i would hit a ground ball that would roll 100 yards. Then i would hit one that barely rolled over the ladies tees to the left. Swing was absolutely gone and had gotten to my head. The rest of my game stayed solid through the round. Does anyone have any advice for me to fix my swing with my 3 wood out of the tee box. It is completely frustrating and i would just like to hit some decent 3 wood shots out of the tee box. Should i just go back to my 5 wood?? I've been Playing Golf for: 1year (seriously) My current handicap index or average score is: 90 My typical ball flight is: Mid The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: fade/slice
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