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  1. a simple reply with no smart assery. And yea i was closing the face slightly but the worse thing was my swing plane it was more straight back over my head and then down away from me ending up infront of my body and above my head (which is where the wrist pain came from. Just slowing down and bringing the club back in a better plane fixed it for me.
  2. No disrespect to the older crowd. I already who my scramble team is and my grandpa out drives our other two team members. And I out drive him by 30 yards or more. And I just got back from the range. Simply slowing down my swing put everything back together. I guess I’ve been trying to hammer the ball too much. I wasn’t looking for a “simple bandaid” I was looking for advice from somebody that had similar problems as me. And anytime you get a bad feeling in your wrist you’re obviously doing something wrong in ur swing. Unless you have bad joints. And the duck hook was from my swing plane being pushed out to the left. Like I said. I had a decent swing. Everything just needed put back into place That’s what Ive done since I started golfing. Just working on driver at the range. But I figured eventually I needed to bite the bullet and hit the course with a driver.
  3. I would stop rotation as soon as I hit the ball. That gave me a horrible slice. So I used to have to compensate. Then I started making a full swing and completing it. Which would get me either on or near the fairway. And now for maybe a week or two I’ve had a duck hook and a horrible feeling in my wrist when I swing. I’m not sure what’s going on. I started hovering my driver after reading an article and ever since then I’ve had a terrible swing.
  4. Full rotation was killing my aim. I’ve got that problem solved.
  5. Well said sir. Good thing it was a dull hack saw in a bench vise so it wasn’t that dangerous. I was helping my grandpa the other day change his grips. And I kept telling him not to cut the grip towards him.... so you all know what happens. The blade slipped out the grip. Went in his stomach and made a 3 inch gash. It was a roofing/hook blade. So you already know it made some damage. Had to go to the er and get it glued. I added some weight to mine. The big one. I think it was a 17g weight. Titleist 915D2 come with a weight port than can be changed during fittings. It was a 6g when I got it with standard shaft length. I noticed I lost a few mph in swing speed with 2 inches trimmed off so I added some weight to the head and it brought it back up. Now I think I’m driving longer than ever. (Until I got in this funk I’m in with severe duck hooks)
  6. I used to be able to hit driver. It wasn’t always accurate. But I still hit it. Now something has gone wrong.... my swings off and I can’t figure it out. I can feel it though. In my wrist. It’s like it’s rolling. But I can’t find a swing plane that keeps the wrist from rolling. I was wondering if anyone could give me pointers? I have a scramble tomorrow and I would like to be able to carry my team on drives because they’re older gentleman(40-60) and I’m 21 so I’m hoping to get this dialed in by tomorrow. If I can get the swing plane and wrist down right I can get the accuracy down quick. All my other clubs are accurate. 915D2. Even though it doesn’t matter. Just thought the Titleist guys would help me quicker
  7. ive got a story for everyone. i was a little loopy on pain meds. (wisdom tooth extraction). I cut 2 inches off my 3 wood instead of my driver. not hard when you have a 915d2 and 915f2. I wont be able to hit it for a couple days. You guys think ill be okay or should i order another shaft while im down and cant play?
  8. Thanks for the help folks. One more question then I’ll leave y’all alone. Since I’ve only been fitted for driver. Im assuming I should probably go ahead and trim my irons down 1/4 to 1/2 under standard length. I know it’s not exact but I’ll just start with the 1/4 and hit some shots and go down to 1/2. But what does everyone think I should go with?
  9. the 915D2 driver has a weight kit that can be added anywhere from 4-17g depending on preference. Its got a 6 or 9 in it now. i plan on putting a 17 in.
  10. yes sir im 5'7. so i can set the club in normal hitting position and put a tape measure on the ground and measure up 43 3/4? in your opinion do you think that this is the right length for me
  11. im fitted for 43. the one now is like 45 i believe. im not home right now to check. so i add the adapter and measure from the end of the adapter up to 42 3/4? and im thinking of using a dremel or a grinder? i know i have to tape it a few times to prevent splintering
  12. So im going to be buying a new shaft for a driver i bought. dont like the shaft at all. its a 915D head. When i cut the shaft how should i measure it? I need a 43 inch shaft, thats what i was fitted for. So is that measurement from the tip of the adapter to the end of the shaft before i put the grip on? Or do i cut the shaft at 43" then put the adapter on? Thanks in advance
  13. that was my next question. My swing has came a long way this year. Im finally able to pick a target and go . My only problem is i cant pick a club up and go. I have to hit 5 or so shots before i get back in the rhythm. I dont think my muscle memory is exactly where it needs to be yet.
  14. Thats exactly what i do but somedays when i play i forget to choke down on the grip and end up with a terrible shot. Thats why i figured fitted clubs would be more natural. And by staight i mean i can get my ball flight aligned with my target. the ball doesnt always literally go STRAIGHT
  15. I prefer improve what's there. Until I'm in the US Open there's always room for improvement. No matter if it's clubs,swing,etc.
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