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  1. I didn't realize they made those kind of grips! I'll look into it! Thanks!
  2. I've been using neon green MOJO golf balls lately, and I really like them. They're usually pretty easy to spot, but yesterday I hit one onto a heavily wooded hill on one hole. I was pretty sure I'd be able to see it among the pine needles. It must have rolled into the vines and crap at the base of the hill, because I never found it. But, I found 4 white balls! I'm sort of the champion of finding balls in my group! I fish balls out of creeks all the time. But..... I lost 2 of my own neon green balls yesterday! Go figure!
  3. I have osteoarthritis in both hands. It's worse in my thumbs and wrists, especially in my right hand. I'm looking for advice on golf gloves for this condition. I wear a regular golf glove on my left hand, but I'm wondering if I need to wear one that helps with the condition. Yesterday, I tried wearing my bulky neoprene brace on my right hand, and I think it actually helped! But, it was hot and the brace got sweaty and gross! Any advice?!
  4. Update: I sent a group email to players in the league asking for their thoughts on the clubhouse manager's rude behavior and the love or leave it email she sent out last week. I've gotten a few responses. One player did not agree with me. But 3 players did agree with me. Add them to my 5 friends in the league and myself, that's 9 who are in agreement with me. So, I'm optimistic! Unfortunately, someone emailed me privately to tell me that due to a huge outage yesterday, Comcast users may not see all the replies. I am a Comcast user! GRRRR! She sent me a screen shot of her reply to the player who did not agree. But, I understand there may be more I'm missing. I'm hoping that some of my friends will be able to send me copies of the other comments that I've missed. We'll see what happens!
  5. I found this Yelp review from last year. Wonder if they've read it?! This place is the absolute worst place in New Hampshire, buyer beware!!!!! As far as customer service is concerned, the manager is the most rude, insensitive person I have ever dealt with. I will not ever be returning there, nor referring any of my clients to this place ever again. I was completely disgusted today.
  6. We are a very casual league and most of us don't use handicaps, so I guess we don't "dig deep"! Ha ha! I did call 3 other golf courses in the area to see how they handle their leagues, specifically setting tee times and who plays with who. Since it's mid-season, there are no openings for us at 2 of the clubs. One club didn't have anything to do with setting up tee times or groups. The players in the league handle that. The other club uses software to make tee times and groups, so friends generally didn't get to play together. But, they're probably not the right fit for us anyway, because they require handicaps to participate in the league. Then, I spoke with a gentleman from a third club. I mentioned that a small group of my friends were unhappy about the league we were in and thinking of finding somewhere else to play, he got very excited! They have a Tuesday morning ladies league, but not an evening one. He said if we could gather 12 players, we could start our own league at his course! He even offered to let us try the course for free to see if we liked the place! We'll see if that works out! We are still trying to see if we can meet with the clubhouse manager to see if we can work things out. She has not responded to our requests for the meeting. I seriously doubt she's going to set up a meeting. So, some of us are considering going to the general manager and asking him if he approves of her encouraging players to leave if we don't like the way she's doing things. He'll be losing money! And, money talks!
  7. This woman insists that we let her know the Thursday before if AREN'T going to play. Unfortunately, she doesn't send the tee times out until Sunday, the day before we play. Some people don't see the email until they get to work on Monday morning. In the last few weeks, she has been assigning 4:46 tee time to players who work until 5:00, despite those players telling her, repeatedly they can't play that early. So, players start responding to the tee time email asking to be given a later tee time. Yesterday, there were 12 emails from people trying to change times. It's just crazy. Unfortunately, this woman has repeatedly freaked out on people who have to cancel, especially the same day. She threw a major fit about it the clubhouse several weeks and one of my friends got the brunt of it. When you call to cancel, she shames you. One lady had a huge business deal pending and had to cancel last minute. The manager shamed her on the phone, and she's not sure she will be coming back to play. Her behavior is costing the course money! So, today, I called and left a message with the pro who used to run the league. I hope she can help us..
  8. We've asked for a meeting, via email, but so far she hasn't replied. I seriously doubt she'll agree to a meeting, because she knows that a lot of the players are angry about the way she's running things. Oddly, there is a men's league on the same day that we play. She does not have any say in how they run their league. They make their own tee times like we used to.. The clubhouse manager is essentially the league official here. We're not affiliated with any outside group. BTW, how do you bowl?! I live in New Hampshire and I play in a candle pin league. Smaller ball and slender pins. It's a lot harder than it looks! No one has EVER bowled a perfect game!
  9. Thanks for the quick responses! This is from the email that the club house manager sent out yesterday with today's tee times. She then spent most of yesterday afternoon and this morning changing tee times, because she put people who work in 4:46, 4:54 and 5:03 tee times that they can't make. She's done it numerous times despite these players telling her repeatedly they can't be there that early. This part of the email ticked off a lot of people! Your thoughts?! I'd like to mention to everyone that if this is not what you expected the league to be: i.e.; meeting new people, playing with different ladies each week, getting the earliest/latest tee times every week, then I apologize for not getting across the overall goal with the Ladies league! I have mentioned numerous times that this league is being handled differently than it has in previous years, and we certainly understand that leagues aren’t for everyone, so if you’ve come to the conclusion that you would rather not participate any longer with this group, please let me know! It is important that you all enjoy yourselves, and while we do our best to make that happen, unfortunately it doesn’t appear to be enjoyable for all players, so you are more than welcome to back out! Let me know, and I will be able to refund your league dues! If you will in fact continue with this league, please know that I will be making tee times based on those players that CAN play each week, and I will be MIXING the groups up! The tee times and scoring methods will continue to remain the same, as well as the cancellation requirements! Several players responded to her comments, suggesting solutions and that we should have a meeting to discuss the issues. She did not reply to any those emails publicly. She only responded to all the people who needed to change their tee times. Ugh! I had dinner with 2 of my friends tonight and I shared your advice with them. We decided that we will contact the pro and see if she's aware of these issues. She gives lessons at the driving range down the road from the golf club, so she may not know what's going on. Thanks for the advice. I'll keep ya'll posted! I like that idea! It would be nice to be paired with a friend. Thanks!
  10. Thanks for the reply! I've been trying to find an email for the owner. The course has been run by one family for 4 generations. I'm not sure I want to send a complaint to the "contact us" link on their website. Not sure who would actually see it. I've composed a letter to the club house manager, but I haven't sent it yet. I'm a little afraid of her! Maybe I need to snail mail it to the owner. I've played with 5 other friends for years. They are as annoyed as I am with this woman!
  11. I know this is long, but I'd like some input on how other leagues set up their tee times and group players. I have been golfing with a local women's league for 7 years. It's been so much fun, until last year. The first 5 years were great, lots of fun. We were able make our own tee times and who we played with. But last year, a new club house manager took over running the league from the course pro. The pro just got too busy to handle the league. The new manager decided to mix things up and decided she would set up tee times and would group us with new players every week, not with friends. She claims that there are players who want to meet and play with new golfers. But, the reality is that most of the players are swapping tee times so they can play with friends. I don't think she is aware of this! Recently she's been freaking out about cancellations. If you call her to cancel, she shames you! People are now afraid to call her to cancel! She screamed at a friend in the club house full of other players that she was tired of all the cancellations. In her last 2 emails with the weeks tee times, she went on and on about the cancellations, and then basically encouraged anyone who isn't happy with the way the league is being run, we should leave! This is causing a lot of tension in the league. Some people have left because of her actions. So, 2 questions.... What is the norm for setting tee times and grouping players? Is this woman nuts?!
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