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  1. Once people come to terms how they really hit the ball. They will become better golfers. I think i average 230 to 240 off the tee. sometimes when it comes together once or twice it will go 260. Far and very few between. Most people i play with really think they hit it a ton. most can't hit it father than me. the one that do are only a few yards ahead. Figure your true driving distance then play the right tees. for me i always play 6100 to 6400 and change courses. anything 6500 and above my short game need to be perfect. Only time i play a course longer is when i play the Black at Bethpage. I believe 6500 to 6600 off the whites. Its always funny when people tell me they hit 280 but for some reason they can't out drive me. When i tell them how far they hit it. They come back and say it was a miss hit. You'll never play good til you come to terms how far you can hit each club
  2. I predict Tiger get more TV coverage than anyone else. even if he misses the cut. They will show him practicing.
  3. I played in an outing in Florida. The caddie we had came from Doral. he caddie in many pro am's and said if Kuchar was in the foursome and it came time to tip the caddies he was already in the parking lot driving off. He said he was the cheapest person on tour. Kuchar figured he can get over on the poor Mexican. As a bonus Kuchar gave him a coupon to Taco bell
  4. Just Imagine Speith, JB Homes and Jason Day playing together. I know i would rather watch paint dry.
  5. I can't stand watching players on the tour play slow. Play like its only about them. You do have to remember they are walking very long courses. (Torry Pines was 7700 yards.) Usually never flat. Hills make it worse. Still they rarely are not far from the fairway and they have spotters watching where their ball lands. The tour should have golf carts only drive them to their ball off the tee. then they walk it in from their.
  6. I don't like the guy because he's a very slow player. has no consideration for the golfers hes playing with. The Hat don't help. He's a great ball striker but slow. Slow golf will be the death of golf. Please don't play a course over your head.
  7. The funny thing about this thread is you would never and i mean never have this discussion about a Liberal owning a golf courses. Why? Because they don't know the first thing about running a golf course let alone running a candy store. They only know government money. Sorry to sound political but just reading the title of the thread makes it political.
  8. I guess you never played Trump in the Bronx. It's a fantastic golf course. Just cost too much.
  9. All i know they need to do something. How much further can you stretch and build golf courses for the Mens pro tour. Stop rolling the fairways do the pro doesn't get 50 yards of roll. They also should make all the players play equipment that anyone can buy at the store. No more prototype clubs and balls. When Tiger played Nike Black golf ball. It was a prototype ball. Not sold to you and me. To me The USGA is corrupt and could of done something about the distance the ball goes years ago but let the equipment companies dictate which way professional golf go. Now their scratching heads wondering what to do.
  10. To use the system for weekend times you need the fastest internet connection known to man. When i tried it never showed the first two times and when it showed me the 751 am time by luck i couldn't click fast enough cause after i clicked on it it said time not available. I have tried several times with same result. After i see that message their is no times anymore. this is all done with in a minute. .
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