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  1. if they can't keep up proper course conditions with fans on it then don't hold the tournament there...
  2. PGA making up for no Tiger by screwing over Johnson. What a load of horseshi*
  3. big 10 college town golf course road trip, that would be awesome and the university courses are cheap. Penn State and UW-Madison have awesome campus courses.
  4. I played with a guy who had TM logos all over his hat, shirt, glove, all his clubs, putter, etc. last weekend. He hit a drive semi-close to mine but his was in the rough, mine in the fairway. Went to hit my ball and he asked if it was his. I said no, its a taylor made im guessing? And the fact that I could infer that he was using a TM ball solidified the idea that I stole his ball. He was really rude the rest of the round.
  5. par 4 off the tee. hole was a dogleg left with a thin line of trees and a lake to the left. Tried to play a fade with my driver instead of using my hybrid or a 4 iron and clipped a branch on the tree. The ball ricocheted directly down, bounced off the cement cart path, went right back into the tree, got caught up in the tree, then fell in the water. not bad
  6. Moving to Pittsburgh in the fall, only played two courses there, blackhawk and Sewickley heights. Can anyone recommend some good, fun and reasonably priced golf courses?
  7. I prefer North because of the gorgeous scenery, but I wouldn't go at all lately they have been just packing people onto the course. Last time I was behind a 5-some of seniors who were walking.
  8. went to uw-madison, go badgers!
  9. usually just flip him/her the bird and tell he/she that they are both a horrible golfer and human being no I usually just shake hands.
  10. I have the 9.5* Diamana 65gram stiff and love it, perfect weight and feel. I do launch a little high sometimes but its more on me than the club. Personally I prefer it to the voodoo
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