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  1. Amazon sells a 24-ball pack of Wilson Smart Core for $15.97. I think I saw these at Wal-Mart once too. I haven't tried them so I can't say how good they are, but they are very affordable. Also when I started playing last year I bought two large lots of used balls for cheap on eBay.
  2. I have been using the TD-47 model since I started playing last summer. I have picked up other putters along the way but nothing that has knocked the Teardrop out of my bag. It's not the fanciest looking club and is a bit dinged up, but it seems to putt pretty well for me. When I miss it's usually mechanical (me), or I misread the green. I also like using a club that no one else I play with uses, makes it unique.
  3. I carry 13 in my bag but very rarely, if ever, use all of them in the same game. Most used are my driver, 5W, 6i, 8i, PW and putter. I almost never use my hybrids or 52* wedge and have only used my 58* wedge a handful of times to hit out of bunkers. I usually pick the 5W over the 3W because I seem to be able to hit it better. I could probably get by with 7 or 8 clubs, but even for a rookie it's nice to have options.
  4. Hello and welcome. This probably won't help your iron hunt much, but I play Nicklaus Iron Max Progressives. I got 6i-9i in a used bag I bought off eBay when I started playing last year. They have actually worked out pretty well for me. I can get some solid distance out of them when I hit them square, it's just my consistency that isn't good, which is no fault of the clubs.
  5. Hello and welcome fellow newbie!
  6. I went with 95*. Oklahoma summer makes that feel about 105-110. Humidity is always terrible here. I am scrambling with my co-workers tonight and it's supposed to be just under 90 at tee-time, so probably will feel about 95-100. I'll find out tonight whether or not I change my answer to 90.
  7. I use 'em till I lose 'em. I'm at the level where it doesn't really matter what ball I use as I tend to lose a few each round. I lost 3 in a 9-hole scramble last week. I would like to get to the point where I can play one ball for a whole round or multiple rounds. Although if I had one last a full 18 holes I might have to retire it to a trophy case. 😄
  8. Thanks guys! As far as Paul George goes, he's not gone for good yet. The Thunder just have competition now in signing him.
  9. Thanks guys. That's pretty cool you went to OSU. I went to the kiddie college version in Oklahoma City before transferring to UCO for my bachelors.
  10. Accountant here too, except I got my bachelors and called it good. Since graduating I've been working for a local manufacturing company for nearly 10 years now.
  11. This isn't all that old compared to a lot of yours, but I use a Teardrop TD-47 putter. I don't know when this model came out but I'm guessing it's at least 20 years old. I also picked up a Teardrop mallet putter, I forget the model, but I keep sticking with the old 47. I like the straight shaft (compared to flanged or plumbers neck) so I don't have to bend over as much and I putt reasonably well with it.
  12. I just started playing last year and bought a bag of used clubs off eBay. It had a Callaway Hawkeye VFT driver, 9* and stiff shaft so not the best for someone just breaking in to the sport. Never even got to use it in a game as the head went flying off during a range session right before my groups tee time. Also had a TaylorMade R580 3W stiff shaft which I later replaced with the same club in a regular flex. Nicklaus irons, hybrids and Teardrop putter which I am still using. Only wedge included was a Top Flite sand wedge so I picked up a Silver Scott 845s pitching wedge to round out the set.
  13. Consistency is my biggest problem, pretty much with everything except putting, but especially with the driver. In a 9 hole scramble I might hit 1 or 2 solid drives, the rest just kind of flop out there. I can get some solid shots with my woods and irons, just not quite as consistently as I would like, but more so than with my driver. Basically, being relatively new to golf, I just need more time to practice. My aim seems to be a problem at times too.
  14. I'm another one who's too new to be a snob. Cleveland driver and wedges, TM 3W and 5W (which are about 15 years old), Nicklaus irons and hybrids and a Teardrop putter. I also have a set of Tommy Amour Silver Scott 855s irons in reserve should disaster befall my Nicklaus's. Every single club I have has come used from eBay and have only spent more than $50 on a club once. I splurged a bit on a lightly used Cleveland RTX 2.0 pitching wedge. I suppose the Cleveland wedges could be considered snobbish, but with the TaylorMade woods being 15 years old and Cleveland not being that big a name in drivers, I think I'm in the clear on those.
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