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  1. I hit mine 190-200. I've got TM r7's 4-pw with Taylormade T-step 90 stiff shafts.
  2. Anyone okay or ever tried a gamer? I'm thinking I'll give em' a shot but I'd like to hear some opinions too.
  3. Ok, so I've got a $20.00 rewards certificate for Golf Galaxy, and since I don't need anything else from there, I figured I'd get a dozen balls. Right now I' playing the e7+ and liking it, and will keep playing it, but I'm also gonna get some cheaper balls 20 bucks or less. Right now I'm thinking top flite gamer, but let me hear all of your suggestions. Basically, I want the most spin I can get for 20 bucks or less. Let's hear your suggestions.
  4. I would definitely look at the tm 07 burner (not the tour model). It has a slight draw bias but won't stop your slice instantly, if you slice now you'll still slice with it. I would say if you are looking to improve and are really committed to it, get a regular driver and work on the swing, but if you just want to have fun and don't care as much a draw weighted driver should definitely hide the slice. It's up to you. Another great one is the Cleveland Hibore xls. Pretty forgiving as well. You really can't go wrong with anything out there right now. Just stay away from the tp and tour models etc. And regarding the stiff or regular shaft, how far do you usually hit your drives? If you're hitting them past 250 consistently then you should be fine with a stiff shaft. I have all stiff shafts and I hit my driver in the 275-300+ range and I love the stiff shaft. Again, it's all about what works for you and it doesn't matter what anyone else says.
  5. Only problem is r7's are cast and when you bend cast irons you run a very high risk of them breaking. Forged clubs are easily bent, which is why almost all wedges can be bent no problem. I have the r7's and I don't think the lie is too flat at all, especially since I stand way closer to the ball than most, sort of like furyk lol.
  6. True, Nike is for sure legit. Even tiger, the best player in the world, plays all Nike except for his scotty putter. I think nike's putters are great though.
  7. I'm probably more of a conservative golfer. I love the flop shot but I only use it when it's needed, not all the time. I only try to reach par 5's in 2 if there are no hazards. That's some examples.
  8. Yeah I think it is 2 degrees closed but since I have a tendencey to hit a draw I set up to the ball with the face a tiny bit open, just a tad more than square. It's only 2 dgrees closed when you rest it on a flat surface, you can use it however you want. It is nothing like draw drivers, which are awkwardly weighted and shaped to make the ball stop slicing. Do you like the driver? I love mine. I'll use it till it breaks. I love the 3 and 5 woods also.
  9. Same here. I have no problem with keeping my wrists locked with a thin grip. When I was looking at putters I did about equal with a blade and arc stroke vs. a mallet with straight stroke, so I got the blade because of the exceptional distance control compared to a big mallet. Once you get used to it, a gated stroke feels better and more natural than a square to suare stroke. I hate how with mallets you barely tap it and it takes off like a rocket. In my opinion mallets are only good for short putts say less than 8 feet because of the ease of alignment, but to each their own.
  10. Alright, it's late (almost quarter to 1 here lol), but as promised I've come with pics. So, here it is: And here's a little bit better one: What do you guys think? I tried to get a closer view but my camera just wouldn't let me get it in the frame up close. Oh well, these should do anyway. Like my clubs? I love the way they look in the white red and yellow bag.
  11. I practice whenever I can, which is very often. I try to play once a week, but don't always get out. I usually get to the range if I don't play that week. But most of my practice time is in my own yard. I hit whiffle balls around the yard and I have an awesome golf digest pin with a cup that I got for my birthday. Although I can't putt because my grass is very long, it is great for practicing pitches, chips, flops, and even full shots with wiffle balls. I often set myself up with an obstacle right between me and the pin, and try to hit wiffle balls as close as I can to it. It really helps woth learning to shape shots better. I also spend a lot of time practicing putts and short chips inside, my carpet is very much like a real green. If you have a small yard like me (less than a half acre), get creative with your drills and you'll start improving in no time. Again, you are much better than me, so you've probably mastered everything I'm still working on, but you get the idea.
  12. My dad has an XLS, and the sweet spot isn't grooved. It looks to be, but it's just laser engraved and if you run your finger over it you can barely feel it. I think it's more for looks than spin.
  13. I'm gonna be busy all day, but later I'll be sure to clean up my gear and take some pics tonight.
  14. I have tm r7's. Love em'. Great performance and workability, but still a bit forgiving.
  15. Yes, there is a difference. If you swing harder and/or want more accuracy get stiff. If you are older and/or don't generate a lot of swing speed, then look at regular steel or even graphite.
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