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  1. I had the same issue, none of my friends play golf and I was a bit apprehensive about going alone. At some point you just have to say screw it and go play. Now I enjoy it, you meet some really great people of a really wide range of skill level. 99% of the time they are just out there to have a good time, just like you.
  2. Fairway woods are by far my biggest issue lately. I can hit my 3 Hybrid 230 yards off the tee, the moment it is on the fairway I get turrets and am am lucky to hit it 195 yards and 1/2 the time I push it left or right. Same with my 3 wood, blast it from the tee box but can't seem to hit it from the fairway or rough. The funny thing is when I hit either club off the mat at the driving range, I hit them really well. It is has gotten to the point where I dont even try for par 5s in 2 anymore. I just hit my 4 iron knowing I will be 10 or 20 yards short of the green to avoid having to take a drop.
  3. I choose the course player, mainly because I find I hit the ball much more consistently when I am at the range or hitting into a net. It takes time to convert that swing to the course with variances in the lie and conditions. Plus there is no consequences for a bad shot on the range.
  4. I use a Garmin watch to track every shot I hit, takes the guess work out of things. I am averaging 257 yards with my driver this summer. I think the OP is forgetting to factor in variables like slope, wind and altitude. On Tuesday it was windy and I had 5 drives over 300 yards with a helping wind. Of coarse 1 of them was on the fairway of the next hole over, but still only 95 yards to the pin, lol. My driver swing speed is usually 102 to 107 mph. Heck my brother is 54, his is 115 mph and he shoots in the 90s. Can't hit his irons to save his life but I have seen him hit his 3 hybrid 250 off the fairway. I on the other hand hit my irons really well, but not too far, only carry 160 with my 7 iron. A lot of real high handicap players I get paired up with, will hit 2 out of 10 past 250 yards cause they swing as hard as they possibly can every swing.
  5. This! I usually play at around 6300 to 6700 as well depending on the tees available and how hard the course is. I usually end up playing every club in my bag which is a good thing to me as well.
  6. Same here, I play once or twice a week, M thru F, as a single and rarely run into anything but nice people just looking to have some fun. If anything most of them seem to error on the side of being overly polite in my experience.
  7. Finally starting to hit my driver reasonably well, after struggling with a high cut that was killing my distance and control. Starting to hit a nice little draw now and though it is still missing a bit to the left, at times, it is at least a solid distance and not missing by a ton. So well in fact, I finally got my first eagle today. Hit a great drive 297 yards cutting off part of a dog leg left, then hit my 6 iron to about 2 1/2 feet from the hole for an easy tap in. Took around 20 years, but it felt pretty damn good to finally make an eagle.
  8. I have a similar issue, at home or at golfgalaxy etc, I hit the ball flush with a nice draw over and over, than I get to the range or course and I will suddenly start to cut or pull almost every shot. I recently figured out a lot of my issues at the range were caused by poor alignment. At home or on a mat, everything is square and I subconsciously use the lines to get everything set up correctly, plus my target line is the same every shot. Where on the course or range, everything is different, from my alignment, target and swing path which is causing the issues. Try using alignment rods etc when you first get to the range and see if that helps.
  9. Top Flite 3 Wood thru SW with graphite shafts. Graphite probably isn't the best option for a newbie, after about 6 months the shafts started to break near the head. Probably from hitting the ground before the ball over and over.
  10. I recently started to take lessons and try to stick to courses and tee boxes that are appropriate for my skill level. There are some really nice scenic courses in the mountains here in CO. I don't mind occasionally playing them, but not on a regular basis as I get too frustrated and it tends to bring out my old bad habits. This is especially true of longer courses as it makes me feel like I have to swing harder so I am not hitting 4 irons and hybrids into the green every hole. Clubs I struggle the most to hit consistently off the fairway. I try to stick to 6600 yards max.
  11. Chipping and pitching. When I miss the green I am looking at a bogey at best as I can't seem to get anything close enough to give myself a realistic shot at making the putt. Just can't seem to get my distance control down.
  12. Shot an 85 on a relatively easy course. Hit the ball well but my lack of pitching skills is killing my score. Just can't seem to get any distance control at all, everything is 20 feet long or 20 feet short. Makes it almost impossible for me to get up and down.
  13. When I hit the ground it is almost always because I am flipping my wrists, which releases the club too early sending it right into the ground.
  14. Get better at chipping and pitching Break 80 for the first time
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