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  1. Playing a short little 9 hole executive course here in CO, Stoney Creek. I was even par going into the par four 8th hole, when I sliced my drive into the water and had to take a drop. On the next shot, I hit my wedge extremely thin sending a line drive zooming past the green, headed towards the road where it took a bounce than hit a 1 inch wide metal stripped fence and bounced back around 25 yards onto the green and was sitting about 12 feet from the hole. I made the putt, got par on the par 3, 9th hole to finish even for the 9 holes. It is the first and only time I ever shot par.
  2. Shot a +9 79, no sixes, however I did take an 8 on one of the par 5s. Been a while since Ive done that.
  3. Inferno2ss

    Pace Problem

    My brother and I played at Foothills in CO for the first time on Wednesday and it took just over 5 hours to play the round because they let the group in front of us go out with a group of 5. No ranger, anywhere on the course either. If you are going to play with 5, you should be cognitive of your pace, not them they took their sweet time every hole. It was a total joke, you can't get into any type of rhythm when it is 5 to 10 minutes between every shot. Seriously doubt I will ever play there again.
  4. Exactly, I use a garmin watch, if I totally shank it I choose the miss hit club because I want to track my distances with normal contact to see where I am at and what ranges I hit each club on the course. My drives typically go from 245 to 285 with an occasional 300 yard drive and some 210 yard ones when I slice it. It all averages out to 267 yards.
  5. That is fine for some one who can work the ball right to left, but some of us struggle with holding the club face off because we use to flip at the ball and are afraid that is what we are doing. One of the things that has been helping me as of late is changing my "release" point. I had been too focused on getting the head square at the ball that I wasn't paying enough attention to the fact my release point should be past the ball instead of at the ball. Trying to release at the ball and keep your hands in front of the club at impact led to me blocking it high to the right or slicing it depending on my path. This video really helped me understand the release much better.
  6. Nope we are in the US and both have Garmin GPS watches that track every shot and record the distance. He has always been a good athlete and pretty strong. He hits his 3 wood about 10 to 20 yards further than my driver and I avg 267. He started taking lessons at the end of last summer and is finally starting to hit his irons a bit better but he still goes through spurts of hitting it off the heal which sends it straight to the right, usually out of bounds or into the water 🙂 I am the opposite, I struggle with my driver, but hit my irons better than most.
  7. My brother is around a 14 handicap and he averages close to 300 yards (287) on his drives. I've seen him hit multiple 340 yard drives in a round with no helping wind. His club head speed is around 116 mph. He absolutely crushes his driver, woods and hybrids, but cant hit a green with his irons and can't chip to save his life. He is also 55, too. Just saying you never know what some one else is good at.
  8. Driver 240 to 290 (267 avg) 2 Hyrbid 235 3 Hybrid 225 4 Iron 210 5 Iron 190 6 Iron 180 7 Iron 170 8 Iron 155 9 Iron 145 PW 125 GW 115 54 Wedge 90 58 Wedge no idea, don't take full swings with it
  9. Frustrating day all around today. Got stuck behind a freaking 5-some, annoying. Took just under 5 hours to play 18. So hard to get into a rhythm when you are sitting around waiting to hit after every shot. Ended up shooting an 88, my worse round in a few weeks. My driver has gone from mediocre to a complete disaster, and for the first time in a while didn't hit my irons well either.
  10. My speed is really good, probably because I am so bad at putting I have been focusing most of my energy on getting it close so I can avoid 3 putts. My biggest issue is I tend to pull the putt across my body which leaves the face open and pushes it to the right. Just can't seem to get my forward path moving towards the spot I am aiming at. It causes me to miss multiple 3 foot putts which is just embarrassing.
  11. The only time I play 9 is when I want to work on my irons, than, I will play an executive course. Other than that I prefer to play 18.
  12. Yes, been taking lessons for about a year now and my scores have dropped by around 5 to 8 strokes. Before last summer my best round ever was an 88, now I am shooting low 80s on a regular basis. Still struggling with my driver and not have to get better at chipping and putting but the game has been more enjoyable as of late.
  13. Get more consistency out of my driver. The club has been my downfall for far too long. It is really becoming a huge drag on my game and my excitement level for the game. It stops me from playing nicer courses because it is a drag looking for your ball in the hazard every couple of holes and just ruins my mood. Every time I think I am starting to turn the corner I end up right back where I started, pushing it to the right with a high fade or ripping it on a line way to the left. Just can't seem to get the club face square at impact.
  14. 16 degrees was the lowest I saw when I was looking for a 2 hybrid. Not sure who makes them though as Ping, Callaway, Titliest etc only went down to 17 degrees. The Ping G410 is adjustable to 16 degrees.
  15. Pretty cool video I saw that breaks down various golf balls by driver swing speeds and with irons and wedges. I had been using cheap Srixon AD333 balls, which actually tested pretty well for a 2 piece and was looking to switch to a better ball now that I am getting better. Ended up going with the Snell MTB-X and really like the way they play, very accurate and best of all under $30 a dozen if you buy 5 boxes at a time.
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