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  1. Didn't do much scoring but hit the ball really well with my driver and irons which led to a solid 39 / 39 / 78
  2. Shot an 81 yesterday. Left the driver in the bag most of the day, opting to use my 2 hybrid off the tee on most holes.
  3. Punishment for past sins 😀
  4. I play a 4 iron at 205 carry, 3 hybrid adjusted to 20 degrees 220 carry and a 2 hybrid (17 deg) instead of a 3 wood at 235 carry
  5. Last summer I got my first eagle ever, added another one on Sunday. Hit 3 good shots on the hole.
  6. I usually play 6300 to 6700, sometimes I will play closer to 6000 and leave the driver at home. Good way to mix it up and hit some different clubs. Sunday I played as a single and got paired up with 3 guys who thought they were a lot better than they are so they played the tips at 7000 yards. A few of the par 4s are over 450 yards and they were lucky to get their drives out to 225. I doubt any of them broke 95 it was moronic.
  7. $40 to $75 on average with a cart depending on the day here in Denver.
  8. I have noticed a lot more women golfing this year, which is great to see.
  9. Chipped in 3 times from just off the green in my last 2 rounds which is about 3 times more than the last 2 years.
  10. My first set of golf clubs had graphite shafts and the exact thing happened to them. The clubhead went flying about 40 yards down the fairway on a par 3. After 3 of them snapped I finally said screw it and switched to steel shafts.
  11. From 215 out, under a tree I hit a low draw with my 4 iron to about 10 feet from the pin. Also, knocked in a pitch shot from just off the 2nd green to save par.
  12. Almost shot myself yesterday after a 5 hour and 15 minute round. Was playing great til about the 12th hole then the wheels came off. Just lost my patience and got out of rhythm. Ended up shooting a 39 / 43 for an 82
  13. Playing Arrowhead in CO a while back ran into these guys.
  14. Had a shot to break 80 in 20 mph winds, and blew it. The 15th was the only hole with the wind at my back, hit a great drive 314 yards up the middle of the fairway. From 80 yards out I hit my 2nd shot over the green, then proceed to chunk 2 easy pitch shots and ended up taking a triple bogey. Finished with 81. The worse part was I had been pitching really well up to that point.
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