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  1. Fri ~1000m rower warmup low-bar back squat 5 reps x 3 sets Overhead Press 5x3 deadlift 5 note: lifts do not include warmup sets Sat 32 minutes rowing intervals
  2. ~1000m rower warmup low-bar back squat 5 reps x 3 sets bench press 5x3 deadlift 5 note: lifts do not include warmup sets We had about 3 feet of snow over the holidays. Shoveling the driveway made me very glad I've been doing deadlifts.
  3. Regarding gimmees, unless it's match play, how can a putt be conceded? I also don't see a problem with fixing ball marks with a putter head. Heck, I saw Gary Player demonstrate how to do it on Playing Lessons With The Pros.
  4. With my handicap, I have no business playing from the blues, but gave it a try for 9 today. Fairways became narrower, a few tee shots were blind, and one par 3 required hitting over mature pines to hit the green (I didn't). Back to whites for me...
  5. Another vote for rowing in general and Concept2 in particular. Lots of muscle mass engaged, using a wide range of motion, with low impact. I find high-intensity intervals much less boring than low-intensity steady-state. My current routine is a 4-minute warm-up, a number of two-minute intervals consisting of 40 seconds high intensity/ 1:20 low intensity, then a cool-down. Obvious tweaks can be made in number of intervals, length of interval, HI/LI ratios, etc. 1.8+ million meters and counting...
  6. I played a different course for the first time today, Slightly longer than my usual course, and higher rating/slope. Shot 91, which is phenomenal for me. Shot 43 for 9 holes last week; maybe there's hope for me yet.
  7. While the article linked below isn't golf-specific, I think it makes some good points. https://startingstrength.com/training/strength_is_not_specific
  8. My irons, FW's, and hybrids are ~9 years old. I bought a "new" driver last year; previous years model. The wedges get replaced more frequently. Replacing the grips periodically restores much of that "new club" feel; so does lightly buffing them with 150 sandpaper.
  9. 94. 41 on the front, which is smokin' for me. Cooled off a little on the back, but what really killed me was playing 16 and 17 at 8(!) over par. A pretty good score over all, but oh, what could've been...
  10. I did a quick look at https://valueguide.pga.com and didn't find anything. I doubt they have much resale or trade value, but may well be a decent starter set.
  11. Shot 44 yesterday, a big improvement for me. 8 bogies and pars, plus a triple, thanks to pulling a drive and losing the ball.
  12. The first name I recognized on the leaderboard was Creamer, T23. Cheyenne Woods just made the cut; Wie, Pressel, and Davies didn't.
  13. I saw a little of the first round last night. One of the announcers kept referring to Laura Davies as Laura Davis. I really don't follow the LPGA that closely, but even I know better. I thought one of the other commenters would correct him, but no. The south Koreans were doing well. One of the SoKo's had so many sponsor logos, she almost looked like she should be in NASCAR.
  14. Good article; thanks for posting. I've read a lot of stuff on that site, but that was a new one. I also like the distinctions they make between exercise (the verb), training, practice, and performance.
  15. I've organized several 4-club tournaments. Scoring was Modified Stableford, plus a few non-USGA approved rules. I recall one tournament where I was 1 over par on the first 3 par-5's, and my longest club was a 4-hybrid. I've had a number of players come up to me saying their scores weren't that much different from what they'd usually shoot.
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