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  1. NM Bruce

    Are you a brand snob?

    I guess I'm a closet snob. I have a mixed bag of high-end brands, but have replaced the OEM driver and FW head covers with generic head covers. I prefer zipped covers over the sock-style ones. The irons wear neoprene covers as well since they're forged, and I want to minimize dings.
  2. NM Bruce

    GAME GOLF vs. USGA Handicaps

    Interesting that your HI's are so close, and mine are considerably different. I wonder how typical this is.
  3. NM Bruce

    Watch or range finder?

    I'll just add that a rangefinder can also tell you if the group ahead of you is out of range.
  4. NM Bruce

    GAME GOLF vs. USGA Handicaps

  5. NM Bruce

    GAME GOLF vs. USGA Handicaps

    With 20+ rounds recorded on Game Golf, I'm seeing a ~3 stoke discrepancy between my GG and USGA indexes. I would expect the USGA one to be lower since I apply ESC when posting, but that's not the case. I've emailed GG asking if/how ESC is applied, but no response. My only other theory is that GG counts 2 9-hole scores as 2 rounds, whereas USGA combines them into 1 18-hole round, which may skew the stats. Puzzling.
  6. NM Bruce

    New (to TST) guy in NM

    Hello all- Been playing off and on for ~30 years, but my handicap has never been below 25. I'm getting smarter with practice and it seems to be working; I'd usually shoot in the 90's on a good day, and now I seem to be shooting in the 90's on a bad day. Onward! My most memorable golf moment to date was a hole-in-one on League night. I'd signed up for "insurance", and no one had claimed it for several years, so I came out ahead even after paying the bar bill that night.
  7. I use a Sun Mountain Speed Cart bag when using my SM push cart, and a SM MCB bag when using a power cart.
  8. NM Bruce

    Your First Set of Clubs

    Palm Springs Desert Classics, and matching steel "woods", plus a Slotline Bullseye putter. The irons were sold to a coworker who used them till they started coming apart.
  9. NM Bruce

    NM Bruce


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