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  1. so i had the worst meltdown, ever...

    I had a pretty bad meltdown yesterday. I typically shoot in the 90's and have flirted with the high 80's on several occasions, only to lose it on the last couple holes.. I was playing pretty well on the front with the exception of the 8th when I tripled a par 3 and then doubled a par 4 (left me with a 45 on the front). I started off the 10th with a ball in the woods and went 4 over on that hole.. Calmed down and birdied the next hole which was a long par 5. After that I settled down a bit with a par on the 12th which was a shot over water on a short par 3, then a couple bogeys and another double on a par 5. So, I'm at the 17th (I needed to have been off the course 15 minutes ago at this point, so I'm rushing to get done). I hit my 6 iron right of the green on this par 3 and then it all crumbled.. I was basically playing ping pong with myself going back and forth over the green trying to finish this hole.. Long story short, I finished 5 over on this par 3 and then doubled the 18th.. What started out as a pretty good day ended up with me throwing my putter in the woods and a 97..