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  1. The faster the ball is traveling on the green, the less it will break. You can't use the same lines when putting a 10fter as you do from lagging distance.
  2. Chief Information Office for a wireless internet service provider
  3. Fairly easy decision for me, I lay up with a 5i and come in from ~125-145.
  4. Understanding how to separate the movements of my lower body and upper body. This made the most different to me. Until I worked this out, my pivot was not winding or corkscrewing into the ground very well.
  5. There is good chance you are stopping your body rotation and coming over the top. If your body rotation stops, then club can and swing dramatically to the right.
  6. I use a 4-iron, if I have quite a ways to punch and need to keep it low, I play it further back in my stance, de-lofting the club.
  7. I think flexibility is very important in getting distance on the course and probably the smoking gun here. I know some large players that can crush the ball, myself included. I am 6ft 250, largely carry my weight in the belly. However, I am extremely flexible. It doesn't prohibit my swing in the slightest. I'mactively loosing weight for other reasons, as I do want to be healthy and enjoy the game for as long as I can.
  8. I played a lot from age 6 into my teenage years. The course was my babysitter and I was a happy kid 🙂 I recently just got back into it after a 16 year lay off (maybe played 5 times during the period and could still average mid-80s), After a couple of years of softball, my swing was at an all-time low. I have spent that last 2 months rebuilding from scratch and have thoroughly enjoyed using this site as a reference for understanding certain aspects of the swing! Thank you, everyone and I look forward to contributing more.
  9. You are reverse pivoting and hitting the ball outside to in. Think about your spinal angle and weight transfer. There are a lot of good videos and drills on the interweb pertaining to these matters.
  10. The shaft was pointing 3ft above the ball.
  11. If I am hitting the ball well, I want as many reps as possible for muscle memory to develop. This would also depend if I was just in routine practice or if I was in the middle of a swing change.
  12. Looking at the second video, pausing it right when you start your downswing, The butt of the club is pointing over the ball. This is causing your swing plan to be off, going way outside, then you have to jerk it back in to hit the ball, causing you to slice.
  13. I believe there are 2 things you should fix before any other items. 1.) Increase your shoulder angle in your backswing. Notice your swing plane and shoulder angles are off at the top of the swing. 2.) You are too much outside inside on your swing. Keeping your right elbow close to the body on the downswing will help with this. Also, it looks like in the first video, you start real outside, this also caused your left arm to be at a different angle that your club head, which makes it very hard to square up at impact.
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