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  1. I am far from an NFL guru, but I was not surprised by the Bucs win. I followed this season more closely than ever before (mostly because there's nothing else to do) and I feel like I really saw the Bucs evolve from a rag-tag band of mercenaries at the start of the season to a well oiled machine by the end. Brady played well, but more than that was a coach, and all season kept the guys motivated and focused. The receivers he brought along obviously showed up when it mattered. Love or hate AB, he is a quality WR. And lining Gronk up on the end of the line was the exact right move vs
  2. Also here's that Cobra Wedge (55*) that has seen better days, but I still take out on the course sometimes because it's so awesome
  3. Way too cold and snowy to play golf so might as well post some gear pics! I played like a madman last summer. Broke 100 at the beginning of the season, broke 90 towards the end of the season and overall got much closer to knowing my swing and game. Got some nicer gear too! I haven't tried all the new 2021 drivers, but nothing I've read suggests a significant improvement over the previous year, so I'll likely be sticking with the Epic Flash. I use the fairway metal off the tee more often than the driver actually- it goes pretty much just as far and my miss is smaller. 2021 WITB
  4. I love all the replies to this thread. In troublesome times it's so nice to have these activities that provide meaning and stimulation.
  5. Thanks for the update! Both of those putters are looking sharp, especially that new Del Monte! Let us know how it rolls
  6. Dang! Beautiful bag! How do you like the Cobra Wedges? I have some old Trusty Rustys and they still hold up very well. I actually still game the sand wedge (55 just like yours- I need to post an updated WITB on here). Can we see the putter?
  7. I decided to go for the Cobra. Not a bad club. Wouldn't really call it a long club. Has nice impact feel though. Hope it doesn't break (seems extremely thin/ fragile). Will report back with some more meaningful insight..
  8. Haven't hit the Epic Flash driver yet but I got the fairway and it's wonderful.
  9. Yes as far as the big-brands technical advancements it seems like Callaway beat out Taylormade this time around. I'm interested in at least testing out the new Epic; new M-series, not so much. And right everyone is probably wanting to hit the G410 just to see what the deal is. By looks alone (which I know means nothing) I'm happy sticking with my G400 but will want to try the G410 and compare.
  10. I have G400 but would love to try the Srixon. What shaft do you use
  11. Guessing the actual score seems absurd but Players: Tiger WoodsMasters: Brooks KoepkaPGA Championship: Cameron ChampU.S. Open: Tony FinauBritish Open: Francesco MolinariFedExCup: Gary Woodland
  12. Callaway Epic Flash/ Epic Flash Sub Zero? Cobra King F9? Taylormade M5/ M6? Ping G410/SFT/LST? Also Tour Edge EXS? Titleist Ts2/Ts3? Discuss!
  13. Any information on when these will be released to the public (if at all)?
  14. Is it really an either/or? Both are important. I think for beginner golfers getting the form right, mechanics of the swing, hitting it flush, good angle of attack, these are all the things to focus on. Swing speed and club fitting become more important for mid level golfers who can hit it straight consistently and are trying to make their game more competitive.
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