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  1. Dry Tortuga

    2018 Ryder Cup at Le Golf National - Paris, France

    I think Tiger and Phil will be picked for many reasons. I hope the other 2 are Finau and Kisner. No wins but lots of great golf. I don't see a reason BDC has to be picked... it's not based on rankings alone.
  2. Dry Tortuga

    New Iron Set Recommendation

    Those are the hot launch? I think the Exotics are better and not crazy expensive.
  3. Dry Tortuga

    New Iron Set Recommendation

    Tour Edge clubs are worth checking out.
  4. Dry Tortuga

    Taking A Break - A Form of Practice?

    I would not say that taking a break is a form of practice. If you are like me and have taken long breaks of many years, it is certainly the opposite of practice. But I do think taking breaks can be helpful in not burning yourself out, waiting until you really want to play again, and long term keeping the love of golf alive. So not 'practice', but beneficial to some degree.
  5. Dry Tortuga

    What Does Good Impact Feel Mean?

    When the swing feels effortless and the impact is crisp and mostly frictionless. Slight compression in the sound, letting you know you made square contact.
  6. Dry Tortuga

    Practice vs. Playing

    I personally don't think there is anything to be gained or understood by saying "This is how much you should practice vs play". I think it varies widely across the spectrum. I do think newer players should spend more time on the range learning the body mechanics. When they start spending more time on the course it is less frustrating.
  7. Dry Tortuga

    Are you a brand snob?

    I used to think Cobra was King but I think with this latest generation of clubs they have been eclipsed by Ping and Callaway. This is just based on the clubs I've tried. Hard to go wrong with the big brands like Titleist and Taylormade. I think with 'other' brands like Nike for example, there are good clubs but it's much more of a search/ trial and error. All that being said I think a great player can hit a great game with very standard/ cheap clubs, and a bad player will shoot a bad game with the best clubs on the market.
  8. Dry Tortuga

    Playing Golf With Fewer Clubs?

    I'm a beginner & don't have the consistency or knowledge of distance to distinguish between a 5 iron shot, 6 iron shot, and 7 iron shot... so I keep my bag slightly lighter and just carry a 6 iron. It is actually one of my favorite clubs. I own a driver but still don't have the skill to hit it with any consistency... so I use it on the range but not the course. So I'm left with a 10 club bag, 7 of which are 'shorter clubs' and it suits me just fine right now. Maybe when I get better I will add those few long clubs I'm missing. Maybe not.
  9. Dry Tortuga

    Dry Tortuga

  10. Dry Tortuga


    Currently in Washington DC Although have lived in several states on both coasts
  11. Dry Tortuga

    What are Your 2018 Golf Goals?

    To try to make it to the range as many Saturdays as possible and keep developing the consistency of swing. Being able to hit the ball squarely is so important and with practice I am gaining that consistency. My goal by the end of 2018 is to have set the a solid foundation that I can build upon in years to come.
  12. Dry Tortuga

    You're Down to 4 Clubs in Your Bag...What Are They???

    3+ Wood that can be used off the tee and fairways for longer holes 6 Iron for mid shots Pitching wedge for approach Putter (I don't think I'd be very good at putting with a wood/hybrid as others have said)
  13. Dry Tortuga


    Just wanted to introduce myself here. I'm a 31 year old golfer in the USA. I came to the sport in my teens, returned briefly in my mid 20's, but it wasn't until very recently that I really dove in and committed to it. As a result, I am finally developing some consistency and ability to hit the ball squarely. What a wonderful feeling. I'm putting together a new bag of clubs and really happy with the great options out there. I still need a good set of irons and will probably post here asking for advice. The two brands I've tried Callaway Razr and Tour Edge Exotics. The Callaway feels solid if a bit simple but effective. The Tour Edge was harder and slightly less forgiving, but a better arc and longer shot when hit properly. What does everyone here play? I've been seeing a lot of TaylorMade M series. What exactly is the difference between M1-M4? Do people have a preference? Thanks in advance for all your help. Happy to be here.

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