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  1. I decided to go for the Cobra. Not a bad club. Wouldn't really call it a long club. Has nice impact feel though. Hope it doesn't break (seems extremely thin/ fragile). Will report back with some more meaningful insight..
  2. Haven't hit the Epic Flash driver yet but I got the fairway and it's wonderful.
  3. Yes as far as the big-brands technical advancements it seems like Callaway beat out Taylormade this time around. I'm interested in at least testing out the new Epic; new M-series, not so much. And right everyone is probably wanting to hit the G410 just to see what the deal is. By looks alone (which I know means nothing) I'm happy sticking with my G400 but will want to try the G410 and compare.
  4. I have G400 but would love to try the Srixon. What shaft do you use
  5. Guessing the actual score seems absurd but Players: Tiger WoodsMasters: Brooks KoepkaPGA Championship: Cameron ChampU.S. Open: Tony FinauBritish Open: Francesco MolinariFedExCup: Gary Woodland
  6. Callaway Epic Flash/ Epic Flash Sub Zero? Cobra King F9? Taylormade M5/ M6? Ping G410/SFT/LST? Also Tour Edge EXS? Titleist Ts2/Ts3? Discuss!
  7. Any information on when these will be released to the public (if at all)?
  8. Is it really an either/or? Both are important. I think for beginner golfers getting the form right, mechanics of the swing, hitting it flush, good angle of attack, these are all the things to focus on. Swing speed and club fitting become more important for mid level golfers who can hit it straight consistently and are trying to make their game more competitive.
  9. Here's my bag. Lots of Callaway, PING Driver and Hybrid, Cobra Wedges and Never Compromise Putter. Don't have any issues with the clubs, still working on my swing (playing for less than 1 year). Have been practicing every week and really loving this sport. 10.5 Degree Ping G400 Max Driver with Matrix X-Stiff RUL60 Shaft Callaway Rogue Sub-Zero 13Degree Metal with Stock Evenflow Shaft Cobra Trusty Rusty 52*, 55*, 59* Wedges and Never Compromise Ray Tau Blade Putter
  10. Very true. Great camaraderie on the course, but playing solo and just taking solace in the natural beauty, the colors of the changing trees, the crack of a ball well struck... hard to go wrong either way.
  11. Haha. Good post. I would also like to change my answer as I'm figuring out more what I like. I think I am actually a bit snobbish and prefer three companies: Ping, Cobra, and Callaway. Ping for metals, and Cobra and Callaway for irons and wedges. And I don't think I've tried enough putters to have a strong preference there yet. I don't know what that says about me overall as I have not been a fan of the Titleist and Taylormade clubs I've tried, although objectively I know they are very good.
  12. You are right! And fortunately they are moving the TOUR Championship up a few weeks to avoid this issue in the future.
  13. The original question was how much credit/blame do the players get. How much blame does the captain get. Now how much should they get. I think realistically, the thirds are probably pretty close. Most people who are blame hungry know better than to dump all of it on Jim Furyk, but comparing how much his captaining choices get talked about vs the play of a random single player, say Rickie Fowler or Webb Simpson, the result is pretty clear. I think only if you have a player who absolutely bombs (and maybe this year Reed or Mickelson or Woods came close) and utterly falls short of expectations, will they get thrown under the bus the way the captains do. Before the event "Furyk's pairings were a touch of genius" After the event, the same people talking about the same picks and pairings "OMG how could you have possibly put those two people together. Worst captain ever." I'm not saying I think this way, but it certainly happens
  14. I think each of these three factors is probably equally responsible for influencing the result; meaning the captain is bearing more individual blame when compared to each player on his own. That being said- I think in general we have a problem with this lust for assigning blame rather than just viewing it as a sporting event where one team will win and the other will lose. This year especially, people are trying to place blame or find a reason for the American loss as we were the strong favorite going into the event. To me, however, this means that we need not point the finger but investigate why our prediction was wrong. The prediction was wrong, the result was not wrong. I think the prediction of Americans winning was the result of people being excited about the individual players and their success on the PGA tour. American golf fans seemed to think (or want to believe) that this would overpower the 'European course setup' and the better camaraderie of the European squad. Moving forward, I'd hope the 2018 Ryder Cup will be a sobering reminder of the 'other factors', and people will be less apt to put big faith in the US during away years even when we have the biggest hitters. Even as a US fan, it was easy to enjoy the Ryder Cup and the great play by most of the Europeans, and a few of the Americans. The best part of being a fan of professional golf is you don't have to root against half the players on the field. When I watch a normal PGA Tour event, or a major, I'm rooting for everyone, and against (almost) no one. I just want that chip to drop in, irregardless of who chipped it. I think people have trouble bringing this attitude to the Ryder Cup, but at the end of the day it's just golf. It's not good for anyone when fans start cheering for bad shots, or even worse actively trying to distract the players. I didn't vote in this poll, but I might have if one of the options was to blame the fans for having such interest in assigning blame
  15. Man, those putter covers are beautiful. How do you like the PXG irons?
  16. I think my next iron set will have to be Ping! Let me know how the 210's compare. Thanks
  17. I asked this on another forum and got some really wonderful, simple responses. Every day on the golf course is different, every day is a new challenge. Golf can’t be perfected. Knocking down a sand wedge from 75 yards; watching it bounce and stop on the green. Golf requires focus and time; two things that seem to be going extinct. That one great shot where everything falls into place. Flushing an iron shot. The sound of a compressed ball. Finding yourself alone on the course at twilight. Walking to the fairway after a well hit tee shot. Forget the bad shots; life’s too short. The great outdoors: natural beauty, the sounds and smells and solitude. Holing out a chip or making a long putt. Spending time with friends and family and meeting new people. The joy of helping others enjoy their time on the course. Hitting a shot exactly the way you want to. Enjoying a good drink and cigar outdoors. Golfing in the fall, surrounded by autumn colors. Being able to improve with practice. Being alone, yourself against the course, and forgetting about the rest of the world. Hitting a 6 or 7 iron into the wind and penetrating to the target. Playing for the rest of your life. Golf builds self-esteem but is also humbling. Happy accidents. So...What is your favorite thing about golf?
  18. Dry Tortuga

    NFL 2018-19

    I agree. He's a good guy and I'm happy for him. The Saints have such a smooth offense, whenever they score 40 points or more I'm never surprised. The challenge for them is going up against the top teams in the NFL, where they sometimes waver. Big games to watch this weekend are Pitt v Cinci and Philly v NYG. Steelers and Eagles SHOULD be having winning seasons but both have had a less than ideal start. Hoping for big wins for these 2 PA teams.
  19. I think Tiger and Phil will be picked for many reasons. I hope the other 2 are Finau and Kisner. No wins but lots of great golf. I don't see a reason BDC has to be picked... it's not based on rankings alone.
  20. Those are the hot launch? I think the Exotics are better and not crazy expensive.
  21. I would not say that taking a break is a form of practice. If you are like me and have taken long breaks of many years, it is certainly the opposite of practice. But I do think taking breaks can be helpful in not burning yourself out, waiting until you really want to play again, and long term keeping the love of golf alive. So not 'practice', but beneficial to some degree.
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