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  1. To be honest it just works for me. Yesterday i was putting at the best i have ever seen my self putting, 1 putting 12 footers frequently throughout the round. I use to putt with a single overlap grip (my putting was poor) and recently changed it to having my index finger down the shaft (my putting is superb now) which definitely helped for me personally. I cant say the same for everyone but its just one of those things that benefit myself, same as the reason i dont wear gloves, i just feel there is no added benefit to wearing them for me personally.
  2. I am also a gloveless player. I guess it just works for me.
  3. He also claimed to have done it on his first ever round of golf. Clearly this is not possible unless he was playing mini golf lol.
  4. I personally have different grips for different clubs. For irons and drivers both of my thumbs run straight down the middle of the grip. For short game like chipping i have my thumb on my left hand straight down the middle of the grip however for my right hand the middle of the grip goes straight in between my thumb and index finger. For putting i have both thumbs straight down the middle of the grip but have my right index finger pointing out towards the bottom of the grip which personally enables me to control my distance better.
  5. I started as a 30 handicapper 2 years ago and it was a slow progress to get down for me since i was not keen on golf as i am now. When i started playing everyday for sure! Yes i am a 20 handicapper right now but i am going to get cut today to probably around 17 from 1 round. Today i shot 13 over with 2 double bogeys from some bad decision making, my best round (in a tournament), i missed two 3 foot putts because i wasnt concerntrating which would of both got me birdies. I can tell you that i was playing to my handicap a couple weeks ago and now im playing under which is always a great sign of improvement. If i be honest you should not really be practicing by playing 9 holes everyday like i started doing since it really only makes your course management skills and swing more consistent but if you have a bad swing already then your swing will be more consistent but still bad :p. If you practice on one part of your game instead of all of it at the same time you will definitely improve alot faster. So for me personally i saw a massive improvement from practicing every day. As said by Tommy Fleetwood on a youtube video you should practice half swings (chest to chest) when at the range since there is less room for error, it syncs things up, can learn more from a half swing, it will be easy for you to detect your errors and correct them in a half swing.
  6. To me it looks like if you freeze at the frame on your down swing at waist height you are not stable on your feet weight wise through the swing but looks like you try and correct it after impact, it looks like on your down swing your weight is shifting towards your toes which is one possibility of why you are slicing the ball and was the same for me and may be a reason you are hitting low left shots because you are trying to correct the weight transfer. Try feeling like you have more weight on your heels but not too much! This helped me personally alot. For the thins just keep your head down all the way through the swing. For the low lefts i can tell you that at the top of your back swing your club face is shut a ton which will normally make the ball start left since the club face at impact is shut. A way that would fix this is by making sure you hinge your hands when you get to about waist height in your back swing and make sure your swing is alot higher at the top of the back swing which will improve your distance if done correctly and stop the low lefts. All of this i have learnt myself and benefited from. I hope i can atleast imrpove one part of your game and possibly more!
  7. Sometimes mate, more with the driver though. It only really pull fades when i aim left 😛
  8. have posted a thread on my swing if you could check it out mate
  9. This week i started to fade the ball for some odd reason causing me to only go 3 under my handicap in the last competition i played when i know at the way i was playing last week i would of shot 10 under my handicap. Was wondering if i have fixed this or if anyone sees anything that could be a potential problem. I've been Playing Golf for: 3 - 4 years My current handicap index or average score is: 21 Handicap My typical ball flight is: High The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Very recently i have been fading the ball however i watched a couple videos on youtube and seem to have fixed it.? Videos:
  10. havent played good in a competition in a while and i havent played in a competition in a while since it has really only just got to summer in the uk + i have school aswell, in august there will be a lot of comps so u should see my handicap drop right down
  11. -2 under par means i got a par on 7 holes and a birdie on 2 holes since i played 9 holes if you want to look at it theoretically, no double bogeys.
  12. will definitely do that soon Thanks for clarifying and you are right by the way because my putting and short game is very good, the only thing that makes me a 22 handicapper is my driving where i hit it wide into the trees sometimes and then have to waste another shot to get to safety. Today i played 9 holes and went -2 under par, everything was perfect so i can see huge improvements.
  13. Hi everyone im new to the site and ive recently made the decision to start playing golf everyday, have stuck to it for 2 weeks and plan to carry on. I really want to improve my game alot so came here to see what drills everyone recommends which will dramaticly improve a specific thing in my game rather than me just going round everyday not improving too much. For example, the drill where you place two tees either side of your ball on the putting green, i was wondering if someone could clarify that one up for a start so i know what it improves and how to do the drill talked about. If everyone can let me know some drills like this in that format, it would really improve my game and i would greatly appreciate it. Thanks. 🙂
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