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  2. Anyone have knowledge on the Concord Renovation by Rees Jones? As of Today (7/9/18) it appears no work has been done. Also stopped by Grossinger's and noticed the course is being kept in excellent shape. Any news on that, or just maintaining to prevent more work/expense down the road?
  3. I recently swung by the Grossinger's and noticed that the course is still being maintained meticulously...Does anyone have any insight as to a possible reopening? Or am I correct in assuming it is still being maintained to prevent a costly renovation down the road? I also noticed that nearly no meaningful work has been done on the Concord Monster, which is said to be under renovation by Rees Jones. Does anyone have a better idea as to the time table of this renovation and the reopening? Won't be for another 2 years the way things are looking...
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