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  1. Kaos

    Practice vs. Playing

    Some very good points and some great advice. Very much appreciate the input. My weakness is probably my driver to be honest and is the thing I hit the least on the limited range time I do. I could probably not impact my score if I didn’t have my driver in my bag at all but I need to get better with it. You all gave me something to think about so I very much appreciate it.
  2. Curious about how much you all practice vs. play. A little background about me since I am new here is that my goal is to get to scratch. I am 34 and taken golf somewhat serious the past 2 years - that is that I actually joined a club and played more than once a year. I used to play professional in another sport so never really played much golf but I was fortunate enough that I took lessons when I was a kid (around 7/8). Playing once a year or so from the age of 10 on kept me around a mid 80’s player, sometimes better, sometimes worse. About 3 years ago I tore my Achilles so got away from the other sports I was doing and got really into golf, joined a club, and in a league. My first handicap was around a 12 and since then I play on average 60-70 times a year with this year being more (about 40 rounds thus far). I never really practice other than getting to the course 45 mins or so before my tee time and warming up. I am a 3.8 currently (was down to a 2 last year before my kid was born) and trending lower - GHIN is showing my average round is 78. However, I think I have just got away without practicing from the muscle memory of a kid but I think I will need to put a bit of time in to get these few shots off now and get to scratch (if I can...). I recently got fit for all my bag and invested in all new clubs, which took me a while to get used to but I am shooting well again. I am a big guy (6f3, 220) but not long in my driver. I am probably around 270-280. I have a 3/4 swing as my full as I lose control otherwise. My driver swing speed was 118-120 at Edwin Watts, which seemed BS since I do not see that kind of distance so when I got fitted professionally I was around 100, which seems appropriate. I think I am long on my irons though as my 7 iron carries around 180-185 now with my new irons (about 1/2 longer than where I was before). Anyway, sorry for being long winded there, just trying to give an idea. Although I am a low single digit golfer, I consider myself very inexperienced so just looking for some advice on what I should plan for to knock the last 2/3 shots off. Thanks.
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