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  1. Good call, great price! Hybrids are (imo) much more suitable for a beginner, when I'm feeling a tad shaky over the big stick my trusty cobra baffler comes out. I have reg steel shafts thru my irons, all stiff graphite in woods/hybrids, seems a rather common set-up. I always found when introducing pals to the game, a centre-shafted mallet putter was easier to use, but again, stroke dependent. Cleveland classic are a good entry level putter in terms of look/feel/price balance.
  2. Agree that all the Ping gear is very user friendly, but only info I'v gathered from others. My old TB Burner plus irons took me from 19-10 hcap, since changing to TM CB 2012 iron my hcap's only crept up! Anyway, if you can find them (cheap) defo worth looking at, awesome at getting the ball airborne and not straying. Centre of sweet spot hits did jump 8-10 yards, but I think that was always a thing with ICT irons and maybe if I was used to hitting it regularly it wouldn't have come as such a surprise! Happy hunting! http://www.golfreview.com/product/golf-clubs/irons/taylormade/burner-plus.html
  3. Well that's that, never thought I'd have this chat with the GF to improve my golf game, but that's all the logic/proof I need. Will report back in, oh, 70 months. The 15 year old bro bombing it 30 yards past me gets tiresome after a while anyway. 🙄 Couldn't agree more with the take a break notion, even 30 balls in (reasonably) quick succession leave my back pretty tight, let alone the quality of the 'shots' after the first 5 or 6..
  4. Oh Tiger, how I wish you took the easy option. But then 'in the zone' tiger doesn't know how not to go for it...if if's and but's were candy and nuts.
  5. 😂Don't think so, but for what it's worth the bookies seem to think they're different people. Allowed me to put (losing) bets on both last weekend. 🕵️‍♂️
  6. Right, that's it, which one shot JFK...??
  7. Yes, know that feeling! At 3 down thru 12 last year, my opponent decided to chance his arm and tell me tipping my ball off the tee counted as a shot. Having a decent knowledge of the rules, I informed him that as my ball was not in play yet, anything other than an intentional stroke can/should be counted. I invited him to play his shot as I checked the actual ruling (yes, I do carry a R&A mini rule book, just in case!). Clearly perturbed that I knew the rules and wouldn't simply accept his 'loss of hole' theory, he proceeded to knock a ball OB right, then duck his provisional left into a hazard (in play for the previous hole, not even the one we were playing). I hit an 8 iron off the tee, then said I wasn't watching his shot, so couldn't help determine POE, to which he replied 'just pick it up'. We shook hands on the 17th. 👌
  8. Grillo is an Argentine, I'd have him on board alright, but not sure if the rules would allow!!
  9. Look at Rory's swing, then look at Gentleman Jim's. Now tell me, who has more (if any) competitive sub-60 rounds. Swings are pleasant to look at and defo helps, well, everything, but if comps were won on swing aesthetics, Erik Van Rooyen would surely be around world #1! 😜
  10. Darth_Fader

    Top Golf

    I don't know what top golf is, but daaang we could do with syphoning some of the non-golfers that the (rare) sunshine over here has drawn to golf courses 🤷‍♂️
  11. Not only that, they both have 5 letter second names, play golf right-handed, competed at multiple Ryder Cups... can't believe I've never noticed this before 🤯
  12. Obviously nothing can stop him going for a run in marine boots or something along those lines, or just picking up a niggle, but especially the way he came out of that bunker at 10 makes me think the (back) injury days are hopefully behind us. With Rory seeming half-interested, Spieth and a few more showing signs of waking up and a lot of good 'up-and-comers' from both sides of the pond, I'm as excited for the rest of 2018 as I've been for any golf season in quite a while!
  13. Exactly, even if the golf itself wasn't the best in terms of quality across the board, it's hard to argue that 16 pars and 2 birdies in those circumstances was stellar stuff. It's not 'popcorn entertainment' but seeing those still in the hunt come to very gettable par-5's and leave with extinguished hopes is (sadly) a huge part of the hunt and I must say that it was one of the most exciting weekends of a major in a long time, even if that Schauffle bogey took a lot of fun out of the last 20 mins. Either way, give me Tiger/Rory/Jordan in the hunt and Franky pipping the rest with one of the most composed displays of golf in a long time any day over, well, most other situations! Re Tiger,That was as good a chance as he had recently, true, but if he gets the sharpness back that flop shot comes off, or he bounces straight back with a birdie. He won't be a million miles off for the next few Masters/Brit Open if he stays fit & healthy IMO Indeed, especially around Augusta
  14. Hi all. So a stag/wedding week coming up at start of August. A certain Mr Woods getting all the casual golf fans whipped up this weekend means I thinik I might just about convince a few of the lads to have a game (or 3) over the course of the week. Obviously a quick google search throws up a few courses, was wondering if anyone had experience (good, bad or indifferent) at any golf courses in Czech Republic before.
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