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  1. Thanks for this, very useful guide/video. Will definitely try out some of those tips next time at the range. Didn't even realise it was possible to play the other side of scratch, so thanks for the tip on that too! I probably hit a couple OOB most rounds which is my main frustration at the moment, ruins the scorecard! I know I could probably improve my scores if I just left my driver at home, but at the same time I'll never improve with it unless it's used.
  2. Thanks for the advice - mixed responses! I bought a used Cleveland Classic Custom XL in the hope it would improve my driving consistency. Apparently it's one of the more forgiving drivers in golf. I hit a couple hundred balls on the range, plus a couple of outings on the course and I must say I hate it! Going back to my Taylormade R7 and will probably get a few lessons to iron out any fundamental issues I probably have. Thanks
  3. I've recently got back into golf after about a 5 year break - currently playing off about +24 so nothing amazing. Ive had my driver for about 10 years now, a Taylormade R7 Superquad. Probably hit the fairway 1 in 3, but OOB 1 in 10! I'm thinking about upgrading, but wanted your opinions on how much you think a new driver could help me. E.g. have the developments in golf tech improved significantly improved over the last 10yrs that it could actually help me? Or not? If so are there any drivers you'd recommend for beginners, price range £150-200 Thanks
  4. Have tried a coat of nail varnish - looks much better. Thanks
  5. Think it is just the outer layer. Do you think that matters? Nope, no noise when waggled. Thanks
  6. Hello, First post on here but asking for some advice as a beginner. I have just purchased a 2nd hand set of Taylormade Irons, with graphite shafts. Upon inspection I noticed that on the 9 and PW, the top layer of the shaft seems to be chipped and peeling away (see pics) just above the hosel area. My question is, is this purely cosmetic, or is the shaft fundamentally broken and needing replacement? From what I have read so far, it seems like the graphite fibres themselves are still in tact, so I’m hoping it might still be OK. I even read I might be able to just paint ov
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