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  1. I don't think the clubs are going to fix my slicing issues, but my boss has a set of Taylor made m-2 irons. Once in a while I'll hit them when I golf with him, and i generally seem to hit them further. Not necessarily always more accurately though. I've never heard of video video lessons, but I'm going to heavily consider it. The problem is I don't believe there is anybody in my area who gives lessons. (Small town in PA in case nobodies gathered by now. ) the only really good golfers i know of that would potentially be able to help me, wouldn't take the time to do it. Either because I'm not a member of any courses, so in their minds I shouldn't be golfing on them, or because it's just a pain to them. Sadly that's the nature of the area I live in. I honestly believe that my swing issues are directly related to my knee. Before I injured it, I could get 230+ yards off the tee fairly straight, pretty regularly. I didn't take it as serious then, because I was also involved in other sports. After the surgery, my usual swing/weight transfer really aggravated it. (Also my left knee.) So i changed my swing, keeping more of my weight back. I lost distance doing so, and acquired a lovely slice, but the knee likes it alot more. Even now I can tell the next day after golfing if I've let too much weight forward on my release, because my knee swells up for a good day or two.
  2. Also, if this is any help at all, I fight a very nasty slice. Always while driving, and usually with lower irons and woods. I've actually never hooked a golf ball in my life. I know it's my swing, (I've been working to correct it, but it's tough without someone capable of critiquing being there to watch.) Just thought maybe it'd help somehow
  3. To answer questions, I'm a 6 foot tall male, (pretty arm lanky,) and right handed. I have no clue one swing speed, but i typically can hit my 7 iron accurately anywhere from 100 to 130 yards (If I catch everything absolutely perfectly. ) I've gotten very friendly with the 7 iron because I said I hitwoods and low irons poorly. I used to be fairly athletic, but with the knee reconstruction ive given up alot of the sports I used to play.
  4. Hi all, about 2 year ago I posted here about help with golfing with a bad knee. Good news is you all helped! Bad news is you all helped, and now I'm hooked.... and getting better. I've been golfing with a set of Wilson ultra irons my uncle gave me. They're at least 10 years old, if not more. I don't tend to use fairway woods as I hit them poorly. So my biggest concern is irons, and possibly hybrids. (Never ventured into them yet.) My question is what rout would anyone recommend? I don't golf on a league, or even regularly at the same course, so I have no clue of what my handicap may be, but i do know I've been hitting pars/birdies alot more regularly. And ive been golfing 9-18 holes at least twice a week. Usually I hang around the boggie and double zone. Would upgrading Help? I don't expect a set of clubs to take 10 strokes off my game, but i do realize I'm using some fairly outdated/cheap irons, and I've been playing often/serious enough to justify the cost. I just don't have any pro shops or people in my area to help. That's the next issue. There is nowhere within a 2 hour drive where I drive that I can test hit clubs. So I really hate to pay alot for clubs that either make no difference or I don't like. Ant input is greatly appreciated because as I said, I don't exactly have advice at my ready.
  5. After seeing that picture I very much have to agree that's what's going on here! Ive only hit them in my yard and they don't feel horrible, have to take a couple next time I'm on the course and see how they really do!
  6. This is all thats on them. All the irons are this brand, 2-9. It came with a 1, 3, and 5 wood that are Callaway.
  7. Hey everyone! My neighbor just gave me a set of clubs and said he knew nothing about them. All thats on the clubs is z/4, then down below it between two little stars is Z-IV oversize. I don't mind the way they hit, I'm just very curious as to what they actually are. I'm pretty sure they aren't gigagolf, and I can't find anything on the internet.
  8. Hey all, I played my first 18 holes yesterday after all the trouble with my knee. With all the advice I got here, I'm pleased to say that my knee feels fine!!! Now I just have to get my game back together with all the changes. Yesterday was fun, and I'm glad ive found a way to stay in golf, but it was far from pretty lol.
  9. Thanks for all the replies! I iced and elevated it lastnight because it started swelling, and painful to fully straighten. (Although ill take painful to straighten over completely unable to straighten like before my surgery.) Thismorning is about the same. I'm hoping I just overdid it and didnt re-injure anything. As far as cletes go, I don't use them. I had a pair of soft cletes, but after the surgery I was told just to use a good pair of sneakers. I'm sure my drive swing is far from perfect. (Along with all my other swings.) As I said, ive only been golfing seriously for about a year. Id love to have someone watch me, but I dont know anybody personally who is knowlagable enough right now. So ive been watching lots of videos lol. I will definitely consider a good brace, along with all the other advice so far! Now I just have to wait for my knee to calm down... Then ill hit the course and see what I can do.
  10. Hi all! Ill start by saying that i hope this is in the right place, and I know that its been talked about and answered numerous times. So i will appoligize in advance. Last year I had a lateral meniscus and acl repair of my left knee. The minuscus was torn for a couple years and would occasionally displace itself. Id just always get it back in place. (I always thought I had a loose knee joint until it totally have out and I had the surgery. Then I learned a knee can't really just be loose.) Anyway, the surgeon told me that my left knee is pretty shot. He repaired what he could but it wasn't pretty. Just bad genetics I guess because I never had an injury bad enough to cause all this greife, and I'm only 25. I took to golf because I thought it was one of the only sports I could get heavily into with a knee on borrowed time. Ive played for about 3 years now off and on, but this year I've taken it much more seriously. Turns out I couldn't be more wrong. I should have researched first. My first couple games this year didn't bother me, but the last few have really made the knee in my lead leg hurt. (Thats the knee I had surgery on.) To the point of walking being fairly painful. My question is, what can I try to change? Or am I better off just not golfing? I hate that option because as ive taken it more seriously, ive fallen in love with the gane. I'm sure lots of people have this problem. I asked my surgeon, and he basically told me he doesn't know anything about golf, but if I injure my knee again ill need a replacement by 35.
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