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  1. Well these are the words I have heard many times in the way of an explanation. I respectfully disagree. These are just symanticsbut the USGA and R&A have the final word The point I was trying to make when I first posted the question about divots was if divots aren’t ground under repair why do we repair them? I don’t mean replacing the sod in the divot. I’m talking about maintenance crews filling them with sand & seed or players that have sand & seed on their carts filling the divot. Either it’s GUR or it isn’t.
  2. I was the forecaddy on the #10 Hole at The Masters, for several years. At the end of each round the prepare the course fo the following day’s round. Part of these preparations are to fill all fairway divots with a green colored mixture of sand, seed and fertilizer. Each hole has a USGA or PGA Tour rules official assigned to each hole. Every year I would asked my assigned official “if they repair these divots after each round, why aren’t they considered ground under repair? I never received a palpable answer. Mostly just humma, humma, answers. Typical USGA and PGA Tour answers, because we say it’s not GUR. JLC4Glf
  3. I’ve been playing with the same bunch of guys for the past 28 yrs. The “Gaggle” consists of 16-24 guys, handicaps from 5-36, ages 44-86. We play every M-W-F, 0730 at The Golf Club at Hawks Prairie, Lacey, WA. We have a random draw for 3-4 man teams. Each player plays from the tee he prefers and handicaps are applied accordingly. We play ready golf and apply some “Gaggle” rules to speed up play. There are no mulligans and no gimmes, we putt everything out. All OB’s are played as lateral hazards. Because we live in the Northwest we play preferred lies (no more than 6”) throughout the year. It’s great fun, if you would like to join us you can reply thru this website. JLC4GLF
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