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  1. Thanks for the input everybody! I should know today just how far my wife's family is tied in down there. I know that a few of them play, and have played Pinehurst, so my fingers are crossed.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Hopefully with less resort traffic, I can luck into a time. Worst case scenario, I play one of the other great courses the area has to offer. I know plenty of people say they prefer #8 to #2 but having never played there, I wanted to check that one off of my list.
  3. My wife and I will be visiting her family near Raleigh over the week of Thanksgiving and are planning on a few rounds at some of the areas best known courses. The three I have my heart set on are Tobacco Road, Mid Pines and Pinehurst #2. The first two of those pose no issue with getting a tee time but Pinehurst is a challenge since we didn't intend on staying at the resort. I know that groups can call ahead the day before to see if they can get a tee time but that seems risky being the week of Thanksgiving. If I am able to get some assistance from a club member (wife's family thinks someone they know is a member) does that guarantee tee times further out?
  4. Embedded since I forgot that you could do that here.
  5. https://youtu.be/el_MJaYmzf4 Here are a few swings from my latest range trip. I still haven't gotten slow motion video per the above recommendations but it is on my to do list. As I hope you will see in the video, I am learning to get a little bit more involved in my lower body during my swing. My distance is definitely up some but my accuracy and ball striking has suffered a bit. I no longer chunk the ball as noted in my OP, but I am the owner of a lovely and frustrating two way miss. I am hoping that this is part of the process and will begin to improve the further that I go.
  6. I had my first ever eagle on the par 5 12th of a course local to me. Needing 3 iron off of the tee to avoid the meandering lake that crosses the fairway twice, I was left with 216yd into the flag. I pulled my 3 hybrid and striped a beauty of a fade to 3 feet. Hardest 3 footer of my life but it dropped.
  7. Last night, I played golf with the president of the company I am employed by for the first time. I had an awful front nine where I couldn't keep the ball in front of me off of the tee. I had a better back nine. I went 49-42 for a 91. Oh and no big deal, but I did have my first ever eagle on the par 5 12th. Needing 3 iron off of the tee to avoid the meandering lake that crosses the fairway twice, I was left with 216yd into the flag. I pulled my 3 hybrid and striped a beauty of a fade to 3 feet. Hardest 3 footer of my life but it dropped.
  8. I had my best round yet on Sunday. A +13 round of 84 (42-42) at my local track. This was with 36 putts, another poor performance in that regard. Also, this was the first round that I played without losing a ball. This was also my first triple free round and nearly was double free (only had one). All in all, I am thrilled that my game is heading in the right direction (minus putting). I attribute the scores to my much improved driving and generally playing within my abilities especially on par 5's.
  9. Absolutely. Always great to see other people local to me on message boards. I'm about an hour or so Northeast of the city. Near Kittanning.
  10. Understood. I'll get some video as you suggested ASAP. Are down the line and face on enough or are there other angles that are important?
  11. Those setbacks make the progress feel all the more sweet though don't they?
  12. Yes near Kittanning so i'm 2 hours or so from Golf Evolution. I've never been there though. Worth the trip?
  13. Absolutely. I am currently in the process of increasing my flexibility resulting from years of office work and needing to get back into something that resembles a shape other than a circle.
  14. I've been Playing Golf for: 12 years when I was a youngster but never took the game seriously. Back for a month after a 6 year hiatus with the intention of becoming the best player my abilities allow me to be. My current handicap index or average score is: 24 trending downward (only way it can go) My typical ball flight is: mid to high fade The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: the chunk This is a smooth 7 iron (typical carry in the 160 range). I am looking for any pointers on things to correct before they become hopelessly wired into my swing and thus harder to correct. Videos:
  15. I am just getting back into the game after a lengthy hiatus and am excited to share my improvements and setbacks with some like minded people. I am a high handicapper (24 currently) but I feel like I am on the verge of having a breakthrough. I look forward to chatting with everyone to keep learning and keep my love of the game at an all time high.
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