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  1. I was sure it is me need to take a lesson . just thought id ask. thinking maybe the club was to long. apparently shaving is shortening the shaft. thought id try choking up or stand further away. . THANK YOU all for your input
  2. Hello First Id like to say I am so happy Found this site. Sorry get to question. I am new to golf, trying to learn. I have a used Tailor-made R580 driver would like opinions and reviews. But I slice REAL bad. I talked to one golf store about used Drivers and they mentioned something about "shaved shafts" ? supposed to help fix a slice? Opinions? Is this something I can have done to my 580? should I try? or just take lessons ??
  3. Thanks that was what I wanted to know for sure
  4. Saw a LPGA tournament where a woman did her practice swings , walked up to the ball, swung and missed the ball! is that counted as a stroke?
  5. Concrete truck driver from St. Louis area
  6. Hello Steve Rath here hope to learn a lot in here ! Hope everyone is patient with my inquiries
  7. Safarilvr


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