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  1. FrivolouslyWasted

    Ball Striking Is Improving, but Scores Are Not

    My idiot brain does this, I think. Played 9 yesterday and while I didn’t lose any OB or in the water, I did manage to place my drives on the bad side of almost every dogleg fairway I played. 1st hole - can’t miss left or trees block the green. So I snap hook my drive left. A few holes later, trees block the green to the right, and I push my drive right. The scores are starting to come down though. Perhaps I was being a bit impatient. I’m definitely reducing my really bad strikes, although bad habits still creep back in more than I’d like. Yet again I had quite a few really good strikes, just not enough club. Now that I’m gaining confidence in my swing, especially with my irons, I need to start turning up the power a little bit. Driver and wedges are probably what what I need to work the most now. I’m fairly content with the progress in my full swing irons and putting. I’ll probably get a net in the near future so I can work in the backyard through the winter
  2. FrivolouslyWasted

    Strong 3 Wood

    This is another one I’ve considered. I’ve seen legend of a 2 Deep from callaway, but I’m not convinced it actually exists, because I can’t find one anywhere.
  3. FrivolouslyWasted

    Strong 3 Wood

    Thanks for the input. That’s about what I expected to hear, which does kinda have me leaning towards strong 3. Basically I’d like to have something that could let me take two clubs out of the bag, and give me a little more flexibility to play around with different club configurations. That may not ultimately be feasible or worthwhile. I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled for a good deal on a secondhand strong 3 and give it a try. That said, mini driver might still be worth looking into simply as a replacement for the 460cc, which I struggle to find the center of the face on. It’s funny, I play tiny irons and I’m getting pretty decent at hitting them, but give me something with a huge face, and that’s just more area to miss on
  4. FrivolouslyWasted

    Strong 3 Wood

    I’ve been fairly interested since discovering them. How much yardage do you lose vs your full-size driver, and how well does it perform off of turf?
  5. FrivolouslyWasted

    Strong 3 Wood

    I’m interested in coming up with some alternate configurations for my bag. One thing that has kinda interested me are the mini-drivers, but it seems like if you’re going to shrink the clubhead and increase the loft, you should at least gain playability from the turf, but a lot of reviews I’ve read suggest that isn’t necessarily the case. Instead, I’m considering getting a strong 3, preferably with an adjustable hosel so I can turn it down to 12.5 degrees. My hope would be that I could replace both my driver and 3 wood with it, assuming I can find something I can hit well from the deck. This would give me a free slot in my bag I could then fill with a 5 wood, or another wedge, or whatever the course and conditions may call for. Has anybody tried this? How much distance do you lose from the driver to the 3+ and how much did you gain over a standard 3 wood? I’m hoping they would nearly balance out. The courses I typically play aren’t especially long, so if two whacks with a strong 3 are nearly equal to a drive + a standard 3w it might be efficient and give me more flexibility, but I don’t know. For those of you who’ve got a strong 3, any recommendations on a good model? Thanks
  6. FrivolouslyWasted

    Ball Striking Is Improving, but Scores Are Not

    Part of that is down to not solidly knowing my distances yet. I seem to always be a club short on my approaches. Sometimes I’ll strike the ball solidly, but come up short of the green. Occasionally I have the right club and make good contact but my aim is a little off and I miss the green left or right. In either of those cases I’m fairly content at having made good contact, even though I don’t get a stat to put on my scorecard. I’m trying to focus more on the quality of my strike than the outcome of the stroke. I expect that as I continue to become more consistent striking the ball, better results will follow. And my use of the term “strength” is relative to the quality of my other skills. I know I’m not a great golfer. My point was simply that my irons are, somewhat oddly, the thing I feel most comfortable with right now. I’ve been trying very hard to get better with them, and it’s starting to feel like I am As for the My Swing thread, that’s also on my agenda. Every time I go out I intend to film some strokes and make a thread, and I always forget about it once I get out there. I’m considering hitting the range after work today. I’ll try to remember to get some film there.
  7. FrivolouslyWasted

    Ball Striking Is Improving, but Scores Are Not

    I definitely had a few of those today. I’ll have to start tracking that stat as well
  8. FrivolouslyWasted

    Ball Striking Is Improving, but Scores Are Not

    I really do need to get that book. I’ve heard so much about it on here. Shaking off previous holes is something I’m working on right now. I felt I improved on that over my two rounds this week. I do tend to be extremely self-competitive and I can get tilted, to borrow a poker term, during a round. I’m trying to work on my mental game as well as my physical game, and I think I’m making progress there. As to your first question, I’m not quite sure what you mean. I’ve been trying to build up my swing, so I often have a different focus from one practice session to another, depending on how my previous session went. I’m thinking about splurging for a few lessons soon. To this point I’ve been pretty much self-taught, so there’s a huge amount of trial and error involved in trying to analyze my own swing and make successful tweaks. Sometimes I have an idea that takes me in the wrong direction. Lately I’ve been focusing on shortening my backswing and rotating more from my lower spine, where my rotation had been mostly arms and shoulders. These two things seem to have made a huge leap forward. My head seems to be more stable and I’m able to keep my clubhead on path. With my swing seemingly improving, I think a lot of my problems may come at address. Maybe it would benefit me to figure out a good, constant pre-shot routine and perhaps slow down a bit sometimes. If I’m doing something basic like standing a little too tall, it shouldn’t surprise me when I blade one. Not a lot. I typically track fairways, greens and putts on my scorecard, but not nGIR. Maybe I should add it. I had a couple of greens yesterday and managed to card a birdie. I didn’t manage any GIR today, but had quite a few that came close, plus one that was perfectly struck but I didn’t club up enough for the stiff wind, and another that was struck perfectly off the tee and did make the green but was a provisional after slicing my first into the woods. How close is considered nGIR?
  9. After really struggling to find consistency with my ball striking over the past few months, I’ve seen some marked improvement over the last couple of weeks. I’ve put a lot of work into my irons and it is really showing, and I’ve found myself in a rather unusual position. I’m a high handicap player playing with classic muscleback irons and my iron play is definitely the strongest part of my game. Today I really saw some improvement off the tee too. I had been struggling mightily with my driver, but today I hit 11/15 fairways, including 10 in a row, after hitting only 7/13 yesterday (on a different course, obviously). My problem is while I’m definitely getting better at striking the ball, I can’t seem to avoid meltdown holes - at least 2 or 3 a round. I’m having fewer severe mis-hits, but when I do have a bad stroke, it seems to always find the worst possible place on the course. Even when I do seemingly everything in my power to take the worst outcome out of play, my ball occasionally decides to home in on exactly the thing I’m putting all my effort into avoiding. I can’t figure out if it’s just bad luck, or my head f***ing with me and making me do the thing I most want to avoid. TLDR: my game feels like it’s really getting better, but my scores are not. I’m trying to learn to avoid making mistakes at the worst possible times. How do y’all keep the hazards and worst case scenarios from f***ing with you pre-shot? I just can’t make it through a round without at least a few disasters along the way and it’s making me crazy.
  10. FrivolouslyWasted

    Callaway X20 Irons

    I have a set with a blue x. There was also a “tour” version. Perhaps those had a black x? I don’t know, but you could probably dig a bit and find out. Cant really tell you much about the grooves. I don’t know a ton about all that.
  11. FrivolouslyWasted

    Wilson Progressive Irons

    Sad to hear that. I’ve been a bit intimidated by the razor sharp leading edge of them. It’s the sharpest I’ve ever seen on a golf club
  12. FrivolouslyWasted

    Wilson Progressive Irons

    Are you referring to the ones with the removable weight port? I love the Art Deco look of those clubs, but I havent really hit my set yet.
  13. FrivolouslyWasted

    Help identifying old Wilson staff 1 iron

    Oohhh, those are pretty. I’ve been coveting a set of buttonbacks, among a few other Wilson staff models I’d eventually like to add to my collection
  14. FrivolouslyWasted

    Help identifying old Wilson staff 1 iron

    It is a custom shop buttonback. 1971-ish. Those alphanumeric stampings give it away, along with the lack of a button. I’ve had my eye on a custom 1 iron from the 73-75 line that lacks the removable weight port
  15. FrivolouslyWasted

    2018 Ryder Cup at Le Golf National - Paris, France

    It’s corroborated by one of the coaches on the team. Basically everyone he played with in college says he’s a scumbag. Most of the players on tour dislike him. Maybe there’s something to it?

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