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  1. FrivolouslyWasted

    Wedge gapping

    Good god lofts are getting strong. That pitching wedge has nearly the same loft as my 8-iron, which is 42 degrees. I’m currently waiting for my 60 to arrive. I think I’ll see about bending my SW a degree strong and going 50-55-60 through my wedges. Next step will be to secure an upgrade to my 50 and my bag will be all filled out. I still want a 62 though, just because everyone says it’s a bad idea. That said, my wedges were uncharacteristically poor today, so y’all might be right.
  2. FrivolouslyWasted

    How often do you buy new irons?

    I’m not sure if I’m ever going to buy “new” irons. I’ve gotten so thoroughly hooked on playing my vintage blades I might just keep stockpiling sets of those and rotating them out. They can be had so cheaply, and you can find some in really good conditions. I recently got a set of 1989 Wilson Staff Goosenecks in literally mint condition for under $100. And then my impatient, dumb-ass went and played 9 with them sans covers and chattered them up. I’m still kicking myself. They were perfect before I got ahold of them. Lesson learned, I guess
  3. FrivolouslyWasted

    Wedge gapping

    Thanks for that tip. It’s probably going to be a while before I can afford brand new, fitted equipment, but I’m going to commit this tidbit to memory for when that day comes. Right now I’m in the process of upgrading from considerably older secondhand wedges to unused equipment that’s a just few years old. I ended up getting a “new” Cleveland 588 RTX 2.0 60-degree on the bay. Hopefully it will arrive in time for my off days so I can go test it out
  4. FrivolouslyWasted

    Wedge gapping

    I ended up outbid on the 62 and got a Cleveland 60 instead. Like a child though, the more folks say I should avoid going over 60 degrees the more I want to get an outrageously lofted wedge. I have no fear when I’m standing over the ball with a lob wedge in hand. As much as I do wrong on the golf course, the lob wedge usually goes right for me. This is what I really need to do. I’ve never used a launch monitor. It would be nice to get some real, measured data rather than my clumsy estimations on the course
  5. FrivolouslyWasted

    Wedge gapping

    I know it will be different for me, but what kind of yardage gaps do you get with that setup?
  6. FrivolouslyWasted

    Wedge gapping

    You’re right that it becomes a greater gamble as you try to get increasingly fancy with your wedge play. And I am still a high enough handicapper that chunks, blades and shanks do happen from time to time, but in general my wedge play is probably the best aspect of my game. I’m never scared to attempt a 10 yard flop over a bunker with a wide-open face with my current, mediocre 60 degree. Its probably uncommon for a high handicapper, but the lob wedge is probably my best club. I can’t count how many strokes mine saves me I do currently carry a 60 and have considered having my SW bent to 55 and going 5 degrees across the board
  7. FrivolouslyWasted

    Wedge gapping

    I haven’t nailed those numbers down solidly yet. The range I frequently visit isn’t the most sophisticated. There’s another nearby that’s a little better. I might do a little work out there
  8. FrivolouslyWasted

    Wedge gapping

    How much is too much? I play old school irons with traditional lofts, so I only carry 3 wedges. PW is 50 degrees, sand wedge is 56, and I’m thinking about getting a 62 lob and keeping 6 degree loft gaps between them all. Are these gaps too big? I’m not a great golfer, but I’m getting better as I’m practicing and playing more than I have in years. I have tended to be fairly solid with my wedges, though. As a kid that was the one thing I could practice in my yard, so I did. Often. Right now, my distance control is a little rusty. This is my first year back from an extended break. I’m assuming that will be a key thing to shore up. I reckon the larger gap will create more in-between shots. Does anybody play with such large gaps between wedges, and if so, does it work out ok or would you discourage it?
  9. FrivolouslyWasted

    Best Place to buy 2nd hand golf clubs

    I am a poor man who enjoys the rich man’s game of golf, and I’ve had a lot of success on eBay. I got a Titleist 913F 3 wood for $40 in nice condition and it works wonderfully for me. I’ve purchased several classic iron sets and have gotten some steals. I got a set of ‘89 Wilson Gooseneck irons in mint condition for <$100 shipping included. My current gamers are Wilson FG-17s I got 1-9+SW for $25 plus shipping. Nice condition. Grooves are still sharp enough I can spin the hell out of the ball. They were up for a month and I was the only person who even made the minimum bid. So yeah, I’m a big fan of eBay right now.
  10. FrivolouslyWasted

    Does anyone still collect old classic clubs?

    Got the FG-17s in and they’re beautiful. 1-9 and a sand wedge for $25. What a great club to strike. Puring one is the best feeling this side of heroin. Now I’m awaiting a set of ‘89 Goosenecks that appear to be in really superb condition. I’ll hopefully be able to play a round with them next week. If they have the added forgiveness a lot of reviews have indicated, they may become my primary irons until my swing becomes consistent enough to really take advantage of these FG-17s
  11. FrivolouslyWasted

    Does anyone still collect old classic clubs?

    I have recently developed an addiction with collecting old Wilson staff blades. Got a set from ‘66, another from the 73-75 line with the screw-in weights and am awaiting a set of FG-17s from the early 80s. I’ll be spanning a full 3 decades of legendary Wilson equipment. My my favorites are the 73-75 models. I’m in love with the Art Deco styling of them. Thinking about pulling the trigger on a second set so I can play the first ones without guilt. I also desperately want a set of the ‘71 button-back models. Another piece of golf club art.
  12. FrivolouslyWasted

    FG-17 Staff Tour Blades

    They look really nice and that seems pretty fair. My gf would beat me with them if I got them right now though. I’m going to have to hold off, but if they’re still around in a few months I might pull the trigger. Thanks for the info and the nice work
  13. FrivolouslyWasted

    FG-17 Staff Tour Blades

    I shouldn’t even ask this, because I’m pretty sure my gf will kill me if I buy another set of old irons, but are these bad boys still available and if so, about how much was the shaft and gripping cost?
  14. FrivolouslyWasted

    Questions for the Wilson Dynapower experts

    I had never heard of hard stepping. Just looked it up. Interesting. Perhaps that’s the explanation
  15. I’m pretty sure every set of irons I own is older than I am. My last round was played with a set of Wilson Dynapower irons that I think date to 1966. Now I just need to get good enough to hit them consistently well.

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