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  1. Thank you! That makes sense. I’m swinging Srixon 785’s and was recently fitted at 3/4” longer than standard. I have noticed being much more upright than my old crappy clubs that were standard length.
  2. I see what your saying. Could you explain how backing away front the ball and bending more would provide a benefit? Second question, I’ve really tried to focus on having a better path to the ball that is more inside. With guys that you all teach that struggle coming over the top, is that a swing thought they’ll have forever or is that something they have to practice and it becomes “muscle memory” at some point?
  3. Based on these swings these are the most pressing issues that you see? how would you go about getting the faces closed?
  4. Thank you. I’ve invested a lot of time to find more consistent movements. I agree that “feel isn’t real” It’s really relative to where it’s changing from. I was just curious about the potential reason why I was hitting leading edge.
  5. Thank you! So I’m curious about the impact of bowing and cupping on the bottom of my swing. When I feel that I’m at a bowed position I top the ball more regularly. When I feel that I’m cupping more at the bottom I am able to make great contact. im a 35 handicap because of a i’never mastered my slice but 2021 will be my best year yet. Plus my short game has sucked. I’m learning through that stuff so I hope to be low 90s by May. im definitely a little Toe heavy in that video.
  6. There are two links in the members swing thread found here.
  7. Thank you! overall, I’m trying to get more consistent with my backswing which I’m accomplishing. Just need more reps and time doing the same thing and carry the same moves throughout my bag. In my downswing, I have a tendency to come over the top and I’m working on that. Kind of close to having a neutral angle of attack. When I take a few days off I’ll go back to practice and I’ll hit everything off the leading edge and I have a hard time getting the ball in the air. Then I try to create that feel that I’m cupping the wrist and i start grooving but’s it’s weird
  8. I completely understand what your saying. I’ve tried to upload a video but I can’t get the clip download without going through YouTube and it’s on my phone. Attaché is a clip of where my wrist was right before impact. Obviously it’s bowed slightly. I had no swing thoughts on this swing other than swing inside out in my path. what I was saying in the OP was that I felt as if I could not bow the wrist or I’d end up tipping the ball and I had feel that I was cupping my wrist. So I suppose I had an excessive bow at this point when the feel was that I was cupping. i am th
  9. Oh yeah, I usually shoot around a 100. Didn’t play much this year and tried to build more consistent fundamentals. Got some lessons and got fitted. Studied the swing a lot. i haven’t played since August so that’s probably night right... hopefully not anyways. 😂
  10. what do you mean “If you’re a 35”? okay, do my best to get some quality videos.
  11. Yeah I’ll try to post a video on Saturday. We have a game tomorrow so I won’t get to swing until after midnight. My grip is neutral to weak. Pretty close to Ben Hogan’s grip by the left hand is more in the fingers. It just doesn’t really make sense to me that I’m topping the ball with a bowed wrist where as when my wrist is more flat or even cupped somewhat. i feel like I’ve got to be very conscious to not let my wrist bow on the way down and jerk the Handle without being the club head and then at the bottom it’s feels cupped but I don’t believe it is.
  12. Hey guys. Love reading stuff here and I’ve caught the bug. Been busy coaching this fall so I haven’t had a chance to play but hoping to hit low 90s this spring or so. So we’ve already established that “feel isn’t real” but I wanted to describe a feel and get some more experienced peoples thoughts. I recently purchased new Srixon 785 irons that are 3/4th an inch longer. I had trouble with flipping so I learned to bow my wrist at the top and at impact. As I’d keep my wrist bowed I’d top the crap out of the ball. I’ve adjusted now and the only way I can get solid contact
  13. I will record a video tomorrow and let you see, I’m guessing you are wanting me to not bring my hands so far inside. In the past when I’ve reached with my hands I’ve been over the top and hit fat a lot. thanks for your feedback.
  14. I've been Playing Golf for: 6 Years My current handicap index or average score is: Low 100s My typical ball flight is: Inconsistent especially with my irons. My Irons are just not good. The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: I'm trying to turn more in my backswing and get away from a sway backwards and a sway forwards. My swing thoughts have typically been with swing path and my hands. Now I've changed to just focus on the rotation of my hips. The first move I feel in my backswing is my hips turning back and letting everything else follow. After my hips get going
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