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  1. I will record a video tomorrow and let you see, I’m guessing you are wanting me to not bring my hands so far inside. In the past when I’ve reached with my hands I’ve been over the top and hit fat a lot. thanks for your feedback.
  2. I've been Playing Golf for: 6 Years My current handicap index or average score is: Low 100s My typical ball flight is: Inconsistent especially with my irons. My Irons are just not good. The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: I'm trying to turn more in my backswing and get away from a sway backwards and a sway forwards. My swing thoughts have typically been with swing path and my hands. Now I've changed to just focus on the rotation of my hips. The first move I feel in my backswing is my hips turning back and letting everything else follow. After my hips get going I'm just letting everything go and not having any thoughts. This has seemed to help me swing more natural and less "forced". I've had success with my driver recently but I have really struggled with my irons. Videos:
  3. Hey Guys, been a silent follower for the most part for the last couple of years. Really struggled with my game for the last few years. When I first started learning, I had an instructor that made me think I was supposed to sway and I developed all kinds of bad habits. This entire year I’ve tried to get myself into a centered pivot and I’ve worked on swinging in-to-out. I’ve developed the idea that the more I concentrate on my “swing” and my path that I’ve getting more inconsistencies. More specifically, as I would take the club back my focus would be on my arms and eventually, I’d sway back and up and because my focus was on my arms I couldn’t really control this movement. I figure the club is not moving how I want it to because my body is not moving properly. As a result I’ve tried to focus on getting my body to move better. For example, in an effort to remain more centered in the backswing, I’m starting my backswing by turning my hips and letting my shoulders and arms follow and fall into play. I’m trying not to focus on my arms or hands. I feel like by focusing more on something other than my arms, hands, and club that I’m creating better tempo and not over swinging. By starting with my hips I’m very much remaining centered in my backswing and have created more consistency. When I watch on video, you cannot visibly see the difference in the start between my hips and my shoulders but I can feel it for sure. I’m curious as to the thoughts of those that know way more than I and if I’m finally headed in the right direction.
  4. It does but I don’t know how to post slow motion videos. It will be okay, I will figure it out or I won’t. No worries.
  5. You didn’t see the second video?
  6. Anybody have any ideas what I might doing wrong here. Practice tonight sucked but I tried to stay more shallow in my backswing and to focus on coming from the inside. I’ve also thought my weight transfer is to much.
  7. Here is a better shot of my swing on youtube. Looking forward to your feedback. I've recently tried to get my hands more out in front of the club head as I felt that due to releasing the club to early was causing me to hit fat.
  8. IPhone 6S...Not sure why its such a crappy download. Will redo tomorrow.
  9. Thanks. I will record with the video camera tomorrow and post a higher quality video.
  10. Hey guys, long time follower here. I've reached the point in my game that if I don't get some help I will be breaking my clubs and throwing them in the fire pretty quickly. This year I've been struggling with bigly with my swing and I'm struggling to hit the ball solid. I will think I've got it figured out and then bam! super fat and super thin comes back. Would really appreciate some feedback and I'm looking forward to being part of this community moving forward. Love this game and really don't want to stop. I've been Playing Golf for: 3 Years My current handicap index or average score is: 105ish My typical ball flight is: Inconsistent The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Thin and Fat, Sliced and Hooked Videos:
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