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  1. What’s an award? Is that one of those symbols that shows up in the awards box under a persons comment? How do I submit it?
  2. I was referring not to the average, but the top guys that were amount the longer hitters. Heck even I can do 113 if I go at i, just not average it. I’m sure the average back then was below 113 due to shafts and golfers being less focused on conditioning, but there were longer hitters getting close to 120mph.
  3. Usually around 10-20 feet. I usually leave it a couple inches short or long for birdie. Example, I might stick 8-9 approach shots <20, and another 2 within 8 feet and only come out with 3-4 birdies.
  4. Well my course is a par 70 with only 3 par 5s so it is a bit easier for me. It’s rated 71 with a slope of 132 andI usually score around 73-74 ish. That being said, I don’t birdie many holes since I never make my putts. I usually birdie the two par 5s that are under 550, but there is one that is 590 and is pretty challenging. I had one round where I finished with a 68 with two bogeys, two birdies, and an eagle on one of the par 5s. What sucks is I still lost a ball..
  5. Yeah that’s what I did as well. I swing pretty fast (110 mph driver) but still don’t play a 3 iron just because I hit my 3 hybrid just a tiny bit more consistently. Main reason to have it is for consistent launch and workability. Good job on your swing, that’s pretty damn good lol.
  6. You’ll definitely like that choice, it’s just so forgiving and easy to hit while being long at the same time. Btw, you might even want to consider dropping the 3 iron depending on your swing speed/how well you hit it...
  7. I actually remember someone doing an experiment like this using old videos along with videos of current pros using old clubs. IIRC they concluded that he majority of player were around 120 mph based on distances and frames per second. Not sure how accurate this estimate is, but it seems pretty close..
  8. I currently use the Aeroburner and while I love it, it is not very forgiving. To get the proper launch and spin you really can’t miss the sweet spot. The g25 is very forgiving, as with most Ping clubs. M2 is alright but I wouldn’t recommend it because of the feel being a bit odd. if you are willing to fork out about $90-100 I would recommend the Callaway XR hybrid. All of their woods are very forgiving and the hybrid is no different. i currently use the 4 wood and Nothing beats the forgiveness + distance. Hopefully this helps narrow down your choices a bit. Of course, if you hav
  9. Technically Day 1, but I’ve been to the driving range/course/tournament every day this summer, except two. But since this is my first day on this forum I’ll say day 1. Had a tournament today, and I guess he practice part was working on the range before teeing off, and trying to trust my release on drives. Btw, could you approve this post iacas? Thx
  10. 78 in a tournament. Couldn’t drop the birdie putts and had a double when i went into a hazard and drop was fescue. Oh well. Did have a sand wedge spin back ~15 ft and rest a couple feet from the pin for birdie; that felt good
  11. Hmm.. 5 is not bad but 4 is a challenge on some courses. Here’s a rundown: 4 wood ~220-260 off tee/good for par 5s. I usually stop within 5 ft, unless i try not to. Driver off deck is long, but less control. 7 iron ~160-185 good for long/medium par 4s. Can high cut/stinger draw based on distance. 50* <130 good for short 4s and approach. Also versatile from rough, chipping, and bunkers. Putter
  12. A Gap Wedge

    A Gap Wedge

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